What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like?

What does twin flame energy feel like, you might be asking yourself. And if you are, then you’ve most likely gained awareness of the fact that you might be or are a twin flame yourself. If so, then you have experienced twin flame energy for all of your life and because of that, it might be difficult to pinpoint it.

Twin flames have an unbreakable energy bond between them. It’s their soul contract, encoded into their souls ever since they are incarnated into their human experience. Awareness of that soul contract comes online with their awakening and remains online even during separation and no contact situations. The twin flame energy cord remains strong, and it acts as a bridge between the twins which facilitates constant energy exchange. In that sense, twin flames function as a team dynamic in which each one fuels the other and both fuel their connection.

Can My Twin Flame Feel My Energy?

Unbreakable Energy Bond

The first thing you need to know as a potential or for sure twin flame is that the spiritual or energetic bond between twins is an unbreakable one.

While some who find the journey too challenging exert their free will and put the progress towards union on halt for whatever duration of time, there’s no way to deprogram their soul codes. They cannot undo the existence of the twin flame soul contract and thereby cannot sever the twin flame soul bond.


Once twin flames go through the awakening process, they gain awareness of their twin flame status and of the existence of their twin flames. Awareness of that unbreakable energetic soul bond also helps to strengthen the twin flame energy as an experience, a presence, and a bond.


Awareness of experiencing the twin flame energy will get started with realizing that you’re on this journey.

Once that realization sets in, you’re likely to start to detect various ways in which you’ve actually been experiencing the bond without realizing it. You might have always known that you’re never alone, or could have felt comfort radiating towards you from some deep and yet unknown corner of your heart. When you were feeling low, you might have suddenly felt a boost of your energies without being sure what had caused it.

All of that is part of the twin flame experience, and it gives each twin the comfort to feel and maybe know on a subconscious and/or conscious level that they’re never alone and always supported. In a way, any twin’s life is in fact a twin flame experience since whatever the twin’s experience is a twin flame experience through their soul bond.

Once the realization sets in, the experience can become much more nuanced and rich, even if you haven’t yet manifested your twin in the 3D.


The presence of your twin flame energy is something that might start out as dream encounters or it could be even more subtle and be present only in the spiritual realm in the beginning. It goes on while you’re not aware of it as well, but once you do become aware of it, it gains traction and can manifest more fully.

You might experience the presence of the twin flame energy as spiritual or dream encounters during separation and interactions and even through telepathy. It’s going to be an energy that is always there, supporting and guiding you, building you up when you’re feeling down, embracing you when you’re feeling alone or suffering. The very presence of your twin flame’s energy will always be a source of comfort, joy, and fulfillment.

Once you’ve gained the awareness of that presence, it will most likely grow in intensity and exercise more and more of a pull towards either manifesting your twin in the 3D or embarking on the process towards union vibration.


Awareness of the energetic bond between you and your twin is going to be both challenging and comforting at the same time.

The reality of the twin flames bond can become somewhat triggering and challenging because the twin flames can never be unbound from one another. While twin flames are aware of that truth deep within, some find the conscious awareness of that fact somewhat troubling or perplexing. It could make them even fear the journey that is ahead for them.

It can trigger all sorts of shadows just as much as it can work to heal a multitude of wounds. Because of how solid an energetic bond it is, it will always exert its influence on twins for them to embrace their journey. It’s that bond that will always whisper sweetly into their minds and hearts and pour out unconditional love the higher the vibration of each twin is. This is the most solid foundation for both personal and team growth and development.

In some cases, the intensity of the bond drives one or both twins into denial or escapist behavior, meaning the runner and chase dynamic.


Once twin flames become aware of their twin flame status and gain awareness of their twin flame experience and bond, that awareness will never go away. Even though they might be in separation, the twin flame energy will feel like the unbreakable, solid, and everlasting energetic foundation it is.

At times, feeling their twin flame’s energy could come through as overwhelming, driving a twin flame further into the runner and chaser dynamic. Other times, it will serve as guidance and support for them, even if they are delaying or putting on hold their twin flames journey towards union.

But have no doubt, a twin flame will always be in energetic contact with their twin flame. They will always feel that bond and those twin flames energies, no matter how long they go without being in contact or how much physical distance they might put between them and their counterpart.

twin flame energy exchange

Twin Flame Energy Exchange

The Bond

The twin flame bond or cord is a bit like a telephone line between souls. Whether you’re aware of its existence or not, it will always be there and act as a bridge between twin flames.

While it can be strained during separation, it never breaks. Because it never breaks, it can act as a line that can suffer from a lot of static noise. It’s very likely for the bond to experience a lot of unintentional exchanges while the twin flames aren’t yet consciously aware of their twin flame status, but also after they’ve gained that twin awareness but haven’t yet gained as much control over their input and output.

An Open Line

The spiritual line of telepathic communication between twin flames is always active, but the more aware and higher frequency a twin flame is about it and its uses, the better the twin flame will be able to make the most of it. It can lead to higher and higher frequencies of telepathy.

But the bond doesn’t simply act as a line of informational communication. It also acts as a means for energy to travel from one twin flame to the other. It can be a means of exchanging healing, comforting, loving energies, but it could also serve to get across less high vibe things.

That’s why it’s very important to become aware of the bond and make your consciously aware decisions about your journey. Though your twin flame will never be able to have truly negative feelings about you, they can send across mixed signals and weird energies out of lack of skill or control so without meaning to do that.

Can You Shield Yourself from Twin Flame Energies?

For one thing, there’s never a real reason to shield yourself from your twin flame. The basis of your unbreakable soul bond is that of unconditional love. They might be in denial or confused or unaware of it, but the reality is there nonetheless.

What you can and might want to do though is to learn how to filter things from your constant twin flame energies exchange. The line of communication can never be broken, but it can be turned down in volume.

You may want to do that at times, if your twin flame is not yet aware of your bond and thereby sending a lot of static noise your way, or if your twin flame is choosing separation and may be experiencing some very trying and triggering times that send out an exhausting and triggering alarm signal through the twin flames bond.d

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In Short

If you’ve wondered “What does twin flame energy feel like?”, then you might be or become aware of the fact that you’re part of the twin flame journey.

The reality of the twin flame journey is that twin flames are always connected and always exchanging energies. That can be both triggering and comforting for the ones on the twin flame path, but it’s an unshakable reality nonetheless.

Awareness of the twin flame bond and constant exchange can help each twin flame grow and develop themselves and their bond, thereby improving the nature, frequency, and intensity of the twin flame exchanges.

When things get too intense or demanding, they can also learn to turn the twin flame exchange to a lower volume, though it can never be put on mute. It’s a matter of learning to adjust and adapt to the flame and integrate it harmoniously into your day to day human experience.

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