Why is One Twin Flame Awakened? What Now?

Why is one person the awakened twin flame? Why is it you? What happens next?
The spiritual awakening is one of the twin flame stages that can be the hardest. It can be a confusing and difficult time, but it is also a time of great growth.
The hardest part is that often only one of the twin flames is actually awakened. This leaves the other feeling very much alone. The more we can understand what is going on and why – the easier it can be.

Why is One Person the Awakened Twin Flame?

Before either of you started this lifetime, you had agreed on which one was going to awaken first. Your higher selves have a plan for the path you’re on and, for whatever reason, you both knew this was the right choice.
Twin Flame AwakeningMaybe you needed a little longer to work on something. Maybe they need the extra help and you going first allows you to support them. Every journey is unique. It’s hard to say exactly why you are the one to awaken first but there’ll be a reason that serves the two of you.
Twin flames are spiritually evolved people. They’re more able than most even when they’re not actively trying to tap into this potent energy. The physical realm can get in the way. Slowing down their progression and delaying your reunion.
Twin flames are still highly spiritual beings. They come into this world with more ability than most. At some point, twin flames are going to awaken.
Sadly, this doesn’t mean that both twin flames will be ready or willing to accept what’s happening. Usually, one twin is very far behind on the spiritual path. They might not even accept the idea that this kind of connection exists. Let alone the idea that they are one.
If you combine that with the sheer intensity of the connection? Hardly surprising that your separation phase can be difficult.
Your higher selves know exactly what is happening. If you understand the journey then you’ll understand the logic of what is happening.
Emotions can still run high. We can’t reason away the hurt or pain.
Remember this. If your twin hasn’t awakened to the journey, this does not mean things are stagnant. They are still furthering themselves along the path. Their subconscious still guides them even if they’re not aware of it.
You, on the other hand, are very much aware of what’s going on. It can feel like you have one foot in each world – the spiritual and the physical. You understand your twin’s journey even if they don’t and this can be difficult to reconcile.

What to Do When You’re the Awakened Twin Flame

Twin Flame Awakening

If you’re the one reading this it’s very likely you are the awakened twin flame. It can be tough to know what to do to further things when they don’t even acknowledge the journey.
The key is to stay focused on your own spiritual path. It can be easy to get caught up in trying to help or fix the situation but that’s not your job. Just because you’re more aware, it doesn’t mean you’re responsible for fixing things.
I say this so often I sometimes feel like I’m repeating myself. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s the best thing you can do.
I’ve talked about how to awaken your twin flame faster and we cover specific techniques during Twin Flame coaching but underpinning all of that is that one idea.
Part of twin flame progression is learning to let go. It’s not about trying to control the situation or the other person. It’s about learning to detach with love and let go of the outcome.
This is a spiritual journey and it cannot be forced forward.
No amount of twin flame signs or synchronicities is going to make your twin flame wake up if they’re not ready. These signs can guide us. They can offer a course correction if you’re focused on the wrong area.
And these are important too.
The other side of this coin is we fall too far into ignoring the journey and wait for things to improve on their own.
Find the middle ground. Focus on your own spiritual path. Meditate, evolve, and follow your intuition. Do the work on yourself to heal your traumas and release your limiting beliefs. But also, don’t completely ignore the fact that you have a twin flame.
If external signs (or your inner intuition) are telling you it’s appropriate then reach out. Just remember this is their journey too. They have work to do and they might not be ready yet.

Do Both Twin Flames Awaken? What Happens?

At one point, yes. Both twin flames will awaken.
The universe wants twin flames to reach union. It will constantly push both of you (sometimes kicking and screaming) down the path toward healing and spiritual awakening.
It’s very common that one twin is awakened before the other. Don’t judge your journey (or your mirror soul) on this. Remember, it happened because you both agreed it was the best thing for your path together.
While twin flame failure is absolutely a thing in a single lifetime – the sheer fact that you’re aware enough of your journey to be here means you have an incredible opportunity to make it happen this lifetime.
Once both of you awaken things start to make a lot more sense and progress more rapidly. it doesn’t mean you’ll both immediately reach reunion but a separation becomes less painful and your journey becomes more about the progression and healing to improve.

Can You Feel Your Twin Flame Awakening?

There are signs your twin flame runner is awakening but remember that every journey is unique and you may or may not see these signs. Don’t look to them as the only guidance but an additional extra if you do.
It’s likely you’ll notice when a runner awakens. You’re likely spiritually evolved enough to be able to tell the difference but the best guideline is your own intuition. They might have entered the surrender stage in a different way than you’d expect. They won’t immediately be calling you when they awaken but there will be a definite shift.
Heck, they might not understand it themselves quite yet. They’ll know something is different but it isn’t like just flicking a switch.
If you feel something has changed in their energy – trust that.
Check-in with your twin flame when it feels right but don’t force the issue. It’s not your job to push them along the spiritual path or make them face their shadow side.

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