Twin Flame Marriage: 19 Signs of Spiritual Marriage

If you’ve connected with your twin flame you already know that nothing else matches that intense connection you share but you still want to walk down the aisle and celebrate this love with your friends and family.

I’m constantly reminding people that twin flames are not normal relationships so how does twin flame marriage look? Is it different?

Do Twin Flames Need to Marry?

twin flames marriageTwin flame marriage is a sacred event, one that is spiritually recognized and blessed by the universe. I answered a question a while ago on whether or not twin flames get married and the main takeaway is this:

A twin flames connection is unlike any other and when it’s a romantic connection (which is most often the case) they can absolutely marry. This level of connection goes completely beyond marriage so marriage is common, but not required.

A lot of people disagree about what twin flames are (and what they are not). This will always extend to marriage and there are people in both camps who will tell you that it’s predetermined and others who will tell you that it never happens. In my experience, my twin’s experience and in a lot of stories I see – it’s entirely up to the both of you.

I think the connection between two mirror souls goes beyond the need for a normal marriage but (in my experience) they often do. Not because they have to but because they want to.

Twin flames are on a whole other level than most ‘normal’ marriages but there is so much positive energy at an event celebrating this kind of love – I want an invite to yours!

No, seriously. Put me down for a plus one.

Signs You Are Marrying Your Twin Flame

Any time I talk about external signs I keep adding this disclaimer, and this is no different.

Take signs as a guideline and not a hard-set rule. Every spiritual path is different. You might see different signs and not be consciously aware of seeing these ones. Don’t judge yourself, your twin or your relationship purely on external signs you do or do not see.

At the end of the day, twin flames are more attuned to their intuition than most. Trust yourself.

Sign One: You Just Know

Speaking of trusting yourself, that is a sign in itself. Just knowing that you are marrying your twin flame is an obvious one.

It’s common to doubt yourself and question your own intuition. That might be exactly what brought you here. twin flames are constantly in a dance of growth and evolution and if you’re questioning your intuition, that’s actually a good sign.

But if you meditate on how you truly feel, your intuition knows the difference between a false twin flame and marrying the real thing.

You might have heard the old cliche when you know, you just know. This is certainly true for spiritual beings so incredibly attuned to their inner guidance.

Sign Two: You Have an Unbreakable Bond

When twin flames come together they often describe the feeling as an unbreakable bond as if they had known each other forever.

That’s because this is actually true.

If you’re at the stage of marrying on the physical plane then it is very likely you’ve come together and apart over multiple lifetimes. There is an intensity and familiarity of twin flames that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you marry your twin flame, you are not just marrying somebody who is perfect for you – you are merging two halves of a soul back into one. This is a sacred and spiritual union that is unlike any other.

Sign Three: Synchronicity Abounds

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently coincidental but are connected by meaning or symbolism. Anyone can receive this kind of message from the universe but mirror souls are especially attuned.

We often talk about twin flame number patterns but these syncs can go beyond that. Maybe you’re crossing paths with someone who reminds you of your twin or a complete stranger starts talking about their favorite hobby. Perhaps your song (or your wedding song) plays in a coffee shop as you walk in.

Strange coincidences are often the universe trying to get your attention and I believe most of these go right over our conscious minds and are only noticed in the subconscious.

Sign Four: You’re in a Constant State of Flow

When twin flames come together there is often an immediate and intense flow. This might be sexual, emotional, creative or all of the above. Remember that a big part of this journey goes beyond a simple romantic connection. You’ll both push each other to perform in every aspect of your lives.

You’re in it to win it. You’re driven and productive at a level you never thought possible. This is a twin flame power surge that lasts a lifetime but can take some getting used to.

Sign Five: You’re Feeling More You Than Ever

This is a sign that you are really coming into your own power as an individual. twin flames often bring out the best in each other. As you merge together, you also begin to merge your energies and talents.

You might find yourself taking up new hobbies or interests and feeling more authentically like ‘yourself’ because you are running with your other half.

Sign Six: More Compassion

One of the beautiful aspects of twin flame love is the unconditional love and acceptance that comes with it. This extends both internally towards yourself and externally towards others.

Mirror souls are able to see the best in each other but this spills out to others around them. This means less stress, more patience and more understanding. Part of how this bond improves humanity as a whole.

Sign Seven: You Become More Telepathic

Twin Flame TelepathyTwin flame telepathy manifests in many different ways, often without either of you being consciously aware of it unless you’re actively trying to use it.

Marrying your twin flame (usually) means spending more physical time together which means this bond develops even further. You might find yourself just knowing what the other is thinking or feeling without any words being exchanged. Sometimes thoughts and images will be transmitted between you both.

This is a sign that your energies are merging and you are becoming more in tune with each other on the higher levels.

Sign Eight: You’re More Intuitive

Talking of already impressive traits becoming even more pronounced, you’ll feel more led by your intuition or your ‘gut feeling’ in other aspects of your life. Not just your marriage.

This might manifest as dreams, premonitions or just a strong sense of knowing and can lead you to make some very beneficial choices and opportunities you hadn’t considered before you were married.

Sign Nine: You’re More Forgiving

Similar to sign 6 but I felt it was important enough to warrant a slot by itself because I believe true forgiveness is one of the hardest things we can do but it pushes all of us forward.

Twin flames have the ability to forgive themselves, their twin and even complete strangers for almost anything. This might be because they’re able to see the bigger picture and understand that everything happens for a reason.

They also don’t tend to hold grudges as they know that this only hurts them in the long run. As your twin flame bond grows, so does your capacity for forgiveness and love.

Sign Ten: Deep Connection

The twin flame connection is all-encompassing. You’ll feel the bond physically, mentally and spiritually (even if you’ve never considered yourself especially spiritual before).

It won’t feel like any connection or relationship you’ve ever had.

This connection goes beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. You’ll feel like you can share anything and everything with your twin flame and they will understand you completely. There is never a need for explanation or justification because the bond is so strong.

Sign Eleven: A Feeling of Home

The twin flame energy can be hard to explain and this feeling is a strange contradiction. It’s a difficult feeling to put into words but if you’ve felt it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Getting married to your twin flame is a strange combination of energy driving you forward and this safe feeling of ‘home’. You’ll feel like you’re finally somewhere you belong.

This feeling is especially strong if you’ve spent a lot of your life feeling lost or searching for something without knowing what it was.

Sign Twelve: You’re More Centered

As twin flames merge together, they become more centered and balanced. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more challenges in your twin flame marriage but you’ll be better equipped to deal with them.

You will both find yourselves being less reactive and more responsive in any area. There’s a buffer between external situations and an emotional reaction. Small problems won’t seem as big as they once did.

Sign Thirteen: You Had a Journey Together (and Apart)

Often (not all the time) you’ve been through at least one difficult separation stage and given each other space to grow and heal.

This might mean you’ve been on again off again or had some big emotional rows in the past but it’s led you both to this point. Twin flames know that they need to go through these tests in order to grow and develop.

This journey is what makes your bond so strong, unbreakable and long-lasting.

Sign Fourteen: Plans Align

The closer you get to union, the more your plans align. This doesn’t mean that married twin flames have to spend every waking moment together (far from it) but you’ll find easy agreement on the main things that throw some couples.

  • Financial goals and plans.
  • Whether or not to have children.
  • Where and how you want to live.

This doesn’t mean you won’t argue. You can disagree over the small things but the big things will be a breeze.

Sign Fifteen: The Wedding Seems Less Important

Twin Flame WeddingI don’t mean to take away from your wedding but part of being able to understand the bigger picture is that the wedding doesn’t seem as important.

It’s a beautiful and momentous occasion but it’s not the be-all and end-all. It’s a wonderful chance to celebrate your love with other people in your life but mirror souls understand their marriage is about much more than just a day or even a lifetime.

This is about something much, much deeper.

Sign Sixteen: You’re More in Love Than Ever

As twin flames merge and become one, the love between them becomes stronger than ever before. This isn’t a physical type of love but it’s the most intense and all-encompassing love you will have ever experienced.

It goes beyond anything that can be put into words. It tends to blow all your past experiences out of the water.

The longer you are together the better you are at handling this intensity but it does only grow as time goes on.

Sign Seventeen: Express Yourself Easily

With twin flame energy, there is never a need for explanation. You can simply express yourself and the other person will understand what you’re saying without any further clarification needed.

There’s a level of understanding that you simply don’t have with anyone else. In the same way, we don’t struggle to understand our own thoughts, we don’t struggle to understand the other half of our own souls.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never have misunderstandings but overall, this level of communication is much easier than with anyone else.

Sign Eighteen: Your Dreams Merge

As you both come together, your dreams merge too. Twin flames communicate in dreams long before you’re at the point of marriage but as you come physically closer this becomes a norm.

You might dream about your twin, see syncs within your dream or even share dreams.

As humans, we still forget most of our dreams (this can be helped by actively keeping a dream journal) but our communication is the most open and free at this level.

Sign Nineteen: You’re More Passionate

I wrote about twin flame sex and I’m really not (just) talking about the wedding night here. Twin flames have the capacity to be incredibly passionate beings and that’s only amplified when they’re physically together.

This passion extends to any aspect of both of their lives and everything is experienced more intensely for it.

Can You Marry Your Twin Flame?

You certainly can even though that can sometimes feel like a far-off pipe dream during the more difficult periods.

Both of you not only meeting on the physical level but actually becoming aware of the journey is an incredibly rare and special event. If you’re faced with this, you owe it to both of you to fight for it.

This doesn’t mean that everything will instantly unfold for you. If you’re looking for guidance on how to help things along my advice is to follow your own inner intuition and the external guidance of the universe. I can help with a twin flame reading to unlock some further guidance.

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