Continuing When Feeling Detached From Your Twin Flame

It can be difficult to continue the spiritual journey when you feel detached from your twin flame and in a longer period of separation that’s perfectly normal.

Twin flame separation goes through periods of turbulent emotions and sometimes there’s a lull in energy. This sense of detachment can leave you feeling drained and without any drive to move forward. It can be hard to see a future in union when you don’t feel connected to the person who is supposed to be the other half of your own soul.

What Does Feeling Disconnected Mean?

It can be difficult. It can be confusing. It’s definitely time to remember that this is often part of the twin flame journey and in order to reach the end of that path, you both need to go through this process of growing and development.

Sometimes that happens best when you’re physically apart and focusing inward. You are never truly alone in this journey, and there is a reason for the detachment. You are both connected on the higher spiritual levels and this is all playing out as you both planned.

It doesn’t mean something has gone wrong. It doesn’t mean union won’t happen. It doesn’t mean either of you has given up. This is exactly where you both need to be.

While easier said than done, try to see it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. This is a time to focus on your own growth and development. This is a time to find out what it means to be whole and complete within yourself. In doing this, you’re going to help your twin do the same.

Why Is Your Twin Flame Shutting You Out?

It’s perfectly normal to experience at least one period of separation in the earlier stages of your journey. Your twin might seem distant, uninterested or entirely shut you out (and even block you).

They might give you (and themselves) a reason for this that suits their physical understanding of a normal relationship if they’re not yet awakened to the journey but the real reason is different.

Soul Shock Self Defense

Soul shock for a twin flame runner is spiritual whiplash. The overwhelming energy of a connection they don’t know how to handle can cause them to act in self-defense.

twin flame soul shockThis manifests in different ways but when they’re overwhelmed by the intensity of the connection to you then, ironically, it can cause them to detach from you.

This is perfectly normal and a pattern I see happen time and time again. It will pass.

They Could Be Mirroring You

You might not be consciously aware of it but twin flames mirror each other and this includes reflecting the worst part of ourselves that needs to be worked on. If they appear to have a fear of commitment or a reluctance to accept the path you’re both on they might be mirroring your own unreadiness.

This is a difficult lesson to accept. Most people who do read this kind of advice are quick to dismiss it but it’s an important one.

Part of what makes the twin flame journey so difficult is being faced with the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to confront. Once we accept this and are willing to work on it, that distance will begin to break down.

They Are Simply Distracted

It might just be that you’re overthinking things. If your twin isn’t yet awakened to the journey (or perhaps they’re heavily focused on some form of self-improvement) it might just seem like they are detached.

Sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what is going on or what their motivations are.

A False Twin Flame is Involved

The other possibility is a false twin flame is involved. Either on your end or theirs.

This could be a soulmate preparing one of you for the next stage. Painful in the short term but actually a force for good on your path.

It could be a karmic causing confusing energy and simply delaying your journey and causing them to detach from you because they think it’s a positive connection.

The false twin is a distorted mirror reflection of your true self and divine purpose. This false image can be so convincing that it’s easy to get caught up in the illusion.

Twin Flame Withdrawal Symptoms

Twin Flame Withdrawal SymptomsIf your physical connection is severed abruptly (even if you are the one doing the severing) it can be painful for both of you and withdrawal symptoms can set in.

These are often temporary and (similar to external signs and syncs) are course correctors trying to get you back on track and focusing on your spiritual path.

  • You might feel confused and disconnected from the intuition that usually guides you. You might feel like you’re walking through life in a daze.
  • You might start to doubt yourself, your twin or the journey you are on.
  • You might feel like you are not enough for them or blame yourself for some perceived slight you did to harm the relationship.
  • You might feel too afraid to do anything for fear of making things worse.

These are temporary and will pass. The most important thing is to stay connected to your intuition and the truth of your journey. Focus on the things you know are good for you.

Not the external connection with your mirror soul but the internal connection with your true self. Focus on goals in other areas of your life. Focus on healing, confronting old wounds and moving forward. The journey is never easy but it’s worth it. The rewards are great.

Twin Flames Not Talking to Each Other Can Be Good

I know it doesn’t feel like it but twin flames not talking to each other can be a good thing. Removing turbulent energy and emotion from the physical part of your journey can free up your time and energy to focus on the things that need to be done.

It can give both of you the space needed to grow so that you’re actually ready to come together finally.

I know it isn’t what you want to hear. I have been in this position myself. You want an easy answer and, while I do offer some advice on what to do next, there is no easy answer.

Maybe you can take some solace knowing that a little silence in the short term might bring you towards union sooner than you expected. It might be exactly what you both need to come back stronger than before.

I’ve actually written about what to do when your twin flame doesn’t talk already.

From Detachment to Union: What Next?

Remember that the journey isn’t just about your twin flame. It’s about you.

If you are a twin flame then you already have the strength to continue when things can seem painful. You already know, deep down, that you need to continue to work on yourself. Even when you don’t feel connected to your twin.

You don’t (and probably can’t) completely ignore your emotions. Don’t strive for perfection just do your honest best to focus on the things you can actually control. You likely already know what this is (or I can offer some guidance with Twin Flame coaching).

While it can be hard to see light at the end of the tunnel when you feel completely detached. It can completely drain you of motivation and energy if you allow it but the simple fact that you are a twin flame means you are able to deal with this. If you’d like some guidance, let me help with a twin flame reading.

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