12 Ways to Stop the Twin Flame Connection Being Too Intense

I’ll be the first to say it – the twin flame connection can be too intense (at times) and this can actually slow your journey down. I thought I’d put together a quick and easy list on how to use the strength of the connection as a benefit – not a problem.

The intensity of a twin flame relationship is amazing in so many ways. Life-changing. When that intensity starts to stop us from furthering our journey to union that’s when it becomes a problem. The answer is almost always to bring that focus internally.

Sometimes the intensity can give us spiritual whiplash and cause more harm than good. Twin flames have to deal with more energy than most people and this can take some time to get used to.

So what can you do and how can this help your twin flame path?

How to Stop The Twin Flame Connection Intensity

Number 12: Focus Inward

If you’ve heard me say anything about twin flames, you’ve probably heard this one before. But for good reason.

It’s important to focus on yourself first. This is not an act of selfishness, this is an act of self-preservation. It’s also an act of helping your twin and your journey together.

Both twins have work to do (that’s why we have twin flame separation, to begin with) and in order to continue your journey together, you’re going to need some time apart to learn to work within.

Neither twin has more or less work to do than the other (despite how it can seem) but the one dealing with the intensity (this is most likely you) might struggle to keep their emotions from getting in the way.

The twin with the twin flame connection that feels too intensely can’t do anything for their twin until they’ve taken care of themselves.

Number 11: Take a Breath

There are points (especially early on) when your twin flame is going to frustrate you. The entire journey might frustrate you more than you ever thought possible.

The intensity of the twin flame connection means a lot of energy between you but we also need to be mindful that union is rarely reached overnight.

There are absolutely things you can do to help speed up your journey (this list is a good start) but you sometimes need to take a breath and be patient with your twin and the journey.

I know, easier said than done but the next step will help that.

Number 10: Meditate

twin flame meditation

Speaking of taking a breath, twin flame meditation is possibly one of our most important tools.

Not only will it help you remain calmer during intense or frustrating moments of the journey but it actively helps your self-improvement physically, mentally and spiritually.

Whether you take a general approach to meditating or use my specific guided twin flame meditations from the twin flame coaching (here if you haven’t seen them) it allows us to bring the focus inward and creates a buffer between our emotions and the intensity in our day-to-day life

Twin flames stand to benefit from meditation more than most people do as it gives you greater control of the bond between you both and it’s one of the easiest ways to trigger your twin to focus on their own journey.

It’s a way to feel connected and guide each other even when physically separated.

Number 9: External Guidance

Both twins on the higher dimensions and the universe as a whole want you both to come together and reach union.

This means that you can also lean on the external to help with the intensity of the connection. If it’s getting too much and you’re plagued with doubt and uncertainty – let the universe shed some light for you.

I’ve talked about using the Tarot for twin flames and I offer readings to try and help people navigating their journey but even a quick spread yourself can help keep you relaxed and focused on where you need to pay attention.

Tarot readings in general can help guide your life in different areas. If you do use the to focus specifically on the twin flame journey (which is fine) just don’t focus too much on the short-term problems. Focus on what you can do to further yourself to union.

The Tarot isn’t the only place you’ll start seeing guidance during intense moments. Almost every twin flame I’ve spoken to has seen twin flame numbers and other strange synchronicities guiding them onward. From dates and times to phone numbers and addresses, when patterns keep emerging they’re trying to keep your attention in the right place.

Number 8: Understand the Journey

Some parts of the twin flame journey can seem overwhelming even when you do know where they’re coming from. The more you understand the journey, the more prepared you’ll be to cope with the intensity.

Keep an open mind when learning about twin flames. There are some things we all agree on and some things people disagree on. Learn from anyone who find you resonate with and understand as much as you can.

Again, take your time with this. You don’t need to understand it all overnight.

Number 7: Don’t Judge Your Twin Flame (or Yourself)

I see this one far too often.

Don’t place unfair expectations on yourself, your twin flame or your journey together. It doesn’t matter what other story or experience you’ve read when every twin flame experience is unique.

Yours will never be exactly the same as someone else. You’ll not have the same signs or timeline.

And that’s okay.

Don’t increase the intensity by expecting more from yourself or anyone else. Focus your time and energy on the things you can control and trust in the process to unfold itself.

Number 6: Raise Your Vibration

Raising your spiritual vibration not only helps you deal with the twin flame connection becoming too intense, it actively helps you further the path to union.

Raising your spiritual vibration helps twin flames on all levels of existence, which can help twin flames get closer without the intensity of pushing things too quickly in the 3D.

You can do things like focusing on clearing twin flame blocks or follow my vibrational meditations. You’ll also find things like your telepathic connection become a lot easier to manage and this helps both of you.

Raising your vibration (and that of your twin) often just means getting out of your own way.

Twin Flame Connection Intense

Number 5: Give Both of You Space

I don’t just mean physical space. Even if the intensity of your bond creates a physical separation between you, you still need to give both you and your twin some room to grow.

This is not the same as forgetting about your twin or giving up on the journey. It simply means if it’s becoming too intense then you need to reevaluate how you’re spending your time.

Perhaps focusing on a different area of your life entirely will alleviate the intensity for both of you.

Number 4: Be Honest

On the higher levels, twin flames are always honest with each other and themselves. On the physical dimensions, sometimes the intensity of the journey makes that harder.

Sometimes we might lie to our twins but more often we lie to ourselves. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we’re ready for union when really we have as much work to do as the runner twin.

It can also mean one twin hiding their emotions or feelings from our twin. This doesn’t mean we have to tell them our every waking thought but we shouldn’t be filtering our thoughts.

On the higher levels you both communicate open and honestly constantly so when we lie in the 3D this can be even more confusing. This builds up and manifests intensity between the two of you and can seriously delay your journey onward.

Number 3: Surrender

I don’t mean literally waving a white flag and I certainly don’t mean giving up on your journey together.

But the twin flame surrender stage is an important milestone in the journey. It’s about trusting in the path and not having to constantly worry about it.

It’s about taking a step back and not giving in to the intensity of the connection on a daily basis. Spend some of your time and energy elsewhere. Otherwise, the journey can feel like a never-ending uphill battle.

The twin flame journey often seems like it never ends, as if twin flames are constantly fighting uphill battle after uphill battle. There is so much work to do and those two steps forward seem five steps back at times.

Instead of fighting what you can’t control, surrender and trust in twin flame destiny and the process. Trust that the twin flame connection becoming too intense has a purpose and will eventually lead to twin blaze union.

Number 2: Talk to Others

If things are becoming too intense then it might help to talk to someone other than your twin flame.

Too often twin flames go through the journey alone because they don’t want to explain the complexities of the twin flame journey. If you know someone spiritually advanced enough you could give them the basics or just keep it simple.

Trust the friends and family in your life who can offer support. Even if you’re not directly telling them about your twin flame (for whatever reason) simply tell them life is intense right now and spend some time with them.

You can also reach out to others online going through the twin flame journey who are going to understand what you’re going through.

Number 1: Steer Into the Skid

This one is going to go against everything else I’ve said so far. Twin flames are powerful spiritual beings and sometimes the intensity of the connection can work in your favor.

It’s going to be down to you to know when this applies but trust your intuition and that of your twin.

Twin flames have an emotional, mental and spiritual connection that is always there. There’s no way for them to be too close and in some ways, there’s no way for them to be too intense.

While it can be frustrating, sometimes things might be out of balance for a reason. Your twin (or the universe) might be trying to draw your attention towards somewhere that needs this kind of intense energy.

There’s no easy answer when the twin flame energy is overwhelming. There’s no easy answer for the twin flame journey for that matter.

Hopefully, these steps can make it just a little easier and just know that the intensity of this connection is worth it. While the intense connection can sting sometimes, when you’re through to the other side it makes the problems seem like a small price to pay.

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