How to Clear Twin Flame Blocks (Energy Clearing!)

If you’re thinking about how to clear twin flame blocks, you’re taking an active approach to your journey. Clearing the blocks between you should be an active process to reach union but too many ignore this important step.

You can clear twin flame blocks by getting rid of negative energy through energy clearing. Removing obstacles starts within even when those blocks appear external.

Remember, the twin flame journey is a spiritual one. It’s not about what your twin is or isn’t doing on the 3D. It’s not about what you can physically see in front of you. It’s about furthering your journey together by focusing on your own internal healing.

What Are Twin Flame Blocks?

You and your twin flame have a light energy body. Your basic form of energy is light, the 7th-dimensional frequency of unconditional love. That’s your specific energy signature as twins.

At the same time, while you’re having your human experience, your energy connects with the energy of Mother Gaia and of the rest of the world. And through numerous lifetimes as part of your soul journey, that initial light energy body starts to take on some negative energy connected to various experiences, circumstances, situations.

That negative energy gets in the way of your twin flame relationship and twin flame union. It forms blocks in your chakra system and hinders the energy flow, creating blockages. The biggest blocks will cause chaotic energy as the energy flow is disrupted, which creates all sorts of issues, from confused and confusing feelings all the way to potential health issues related to the affected chakras.

When you’re on a consciousness evolution journey, blockages in chakras and in the 3D dimensional energy bodies can and will cause hiccups, slower progress, or even put a hold on your journey towards divine union.

If you think you’re dealing with a block but you’re not sure what or where let me try and help with a twin flame reading.

Why and How to Perform a Twin Flame Energy Clearing

You can work on the energy blocks from your energy field in order to get rid of the dark energy restricting and affecting the healthy flow within you and between you and your twin, which in turn can also affect their inner energy flow.

The energy cord between twins is no secret to anyone who knows a bit about the twin flame journey. That energy cord can be seen like an energetic umbilical cord that connects the two souls. Through that cord there’s a constant energy exchange between the twins, be it positive or negative energy.

While you can’t do direct energetic work on your twin’s energy without their explicit consent, the work you do on yourself and on your end of the bond is going to slowly permeate theirs as well. Simply putting something like a filter of cleansing energy on your end of the energy exchange is going to improve the overall positive energy that your twin receives from you.

You can use twin flame energy clearing to get rid of chakra blockages and improve your energy flow for yourself and your bond. Your healing journey towards restoring vibrant auric colors should involve some sort of chakra cleansing technique. What turns out to be the most efficient technique for you depends on your own frequency, and we’ll talk about a few options you can consider.

Twin Flame Blocks

Energy Clearing for Your Chakras

You can get chakra energetic clearing to remove energy blockages from one or more of your chakras.

Of course, approaching all of your chakras is the best way to go. But you’ll take that journey one chakra at a time. So we’ll chat about how each chakra influences your twin flame journey and how it can benefit you to do energy clearing at that level.

Clearing your Crown Chakra can improve your interaction with belief structures and belief systems. You might even have some belief blocks about the twin flame journey, in fact. You might be going on some common belief about it, a conditional belief system you might have adhered to that may be causing a block in your authentic path. Clearing the Crown will resolve some of those blocks so you can access your higher self’s wisdom about the journey and embrace the truth of it.

A cleared Third Eye Chakra will improve your spiritual insight experience and help you perceive the deeper truth of your flame destiny. It will support you when it comes to gaining a deeper level of consciousness and access deep insights through telepathy with your twin, as your connection evolves.

Clearing your Throat Chakra will support your twin flame communication and improve how you share deep insights. Achieving clear communication is an efficient time investment in the durability of a connection, and a tried bond like the twin flame one can surely benefit from all the support it can get.

An essential part of your clearing process is clearing your Heart Chakra. On an emotional level, the twin flame relationship energies can be very taxing on this chakra. You both have beautiful heart energy as twin flames, but it can also become pretty sensitive to events and environments. You can clear dense energy from this chakra, which can become emotionally destructive energy if left unchecked.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra, when cleared, supports resolving issues at the ego level and gaining optimal vitality levels. Your self-identity and self-affirmation will be strengthened by a cleared Solar Plexus, which supports a smoother process of harmonizing with one another. This type of clarity is needed to have a strong relationship, especially as twins.

Clearing the Sacral Chakra will boost your creative energy and support you in having the inspiration needed in achieving a harmonious union.

An essential part of your clearing is the Root Chakra. Clearing the energy flow here will resolve abundance blocks, emotional and material, including material aka money blocks. Clearing this chakra involves aspects of money cords cutting and releasing the past so you restore the abundant circulation of money and energy, including the sexual and fertile abundance.

Twin Flame Runner Energetic Clearing

If you’re the runner, whether a slow runner or one who’s in a hurry to put some distance in your twin flame journey, getting some energy clearing will support you as you navigate this part of the process.

Slow runner or not, when you express your free will to put the journey on hold, energy clearing will help you overcome the issues that are holding you back from achieving your goals. It will balance your inner energy flow and help you achieve the inner balance you need in order to be your authentic self.

Be mindful that there’s NO way to sever your flame energy cord. If anyone claims to do that, they’ll only cause you harm. You can simply express your free will to put the journey on hold, and that is enough to hit the breaks on it. How you decide to proceed later on is also going to be up to your free will.

Twin Flame Chaser Energetic Clearing

As the chaser, you can also benefit a lot from getting some energy clearing done.

It will support you when it comes to overcoming some of the triggering frequencies you’re dealing with as part of your so-called “chaser” role, whether you’re trying to actively chase your twin or simply surrender to the journey as it unfolds naturally.

Be mindful that clearing the flame energy won’t push your twin into resuming the journey towards union during this human experience unless they want to do that. But the break you’re on can be tougher or easier to go through, and the more traumatic it is, the more it slows down the whole process of getting back on track.

The Twin Flame Energy Clearing Process

Clearing the flame relationship energies will help you harmonize with one another in a more natural and well-balanced way. Doing the clearing means placing the twin connection into harmony as much as possible, counteracting the negative energy and effects of previous lives and previous interactions.

Even a basic energy healing for the Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy is going to really improve your own energy flow, the energy exchange between you and your twin, and possibly affect your twin’s energy in a positive and balancing way through your constant exchange.

Energy Clearing Methods

Reiki or a Similar Energy Healing System

The most powerful way to clear your twin flame energy is to get twin flame Reiki or some similar energy healing method.

I advise seeking a twin-flame-aware and preferably experienced practitioner for it. The right practitioner is going to help guide you on this path. It’s likely to take some time and a number of sessions since when it comes to twins flames, we’re talking about lifetimes of intense energetic baggage.

Clearing your energy and optimizing it will work like a ripple on the surface of a lake. The wave will slowly propagate and move the entire surface of energy, yours, that of your soul bond, and then that of your twin but in an indirect manner.

Even though you mean well and you have your twin’s best interest at heart, keep in mind that you can only send their way positive energy that helps them achieve their own goals, and not necessarily yours. Surrendering to that is part of surrendering to your authentic bond.

Once you’ve gone through a round of clearing sessions, keep in mind that you need to maintain those frequency levels, which will involve regular upkeep sessions as advised by your practitioner.


Twin flame meditation can be a great tool when it comes to energy clearing. It’s also an excellent way to maintain your energy at a high frequency after a Reiki or similar energy healing system clearing.

You can use several meditation techniques, from color therapy to sound therapy and affirmations. When meditating, it’s important to visualize your own energy body and the connection between you and your twin. You can only work on yourself and your end of the cord, but by doing that, you’ll support your twin as well.

By meditating on bright colors corresponding to each one of your chakras, you’ll clear each chakra and optimize its energy flow. You can also use sound therapy, by seeking out the best frequency-based sounds to play as you focus on clearing your own energy and that of your energy cord. You can also approach sound therapy on a chakra-by-chakra basis, to make sure you’re covering your entire energetic body.

Clearing your twin flame blocks will improve your overall path towards achieving union and will support you, your bond, and your twin during this tough and very demanding process.

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