Male Twin Flame Feelings & Divine Masculine Traits

To (hopefully) help give you some insight into the male twin flame feelings (and a better understanding of the divine masculine) I’ve pulled my own twin flame into this.

John, as we refer to him here, saw the opposite end of my own journey. His insight and experience help shape my understanding and advice but he doesn’t often share directly.

Before we go any further I need to make sure we’re clear on a couple of things.

  • The masculine twin flame is not necessarily biologically male. We’ll talk more about this later.
  • Every twin flame journey is unique. Understanding how your twin flame is feeling is important but don’t get too bogged down by these traits and labels. Don’t place unfair expectations on yourself, them or your journey just because of what you hear about my experience (or anyone else’s).

What Is a Divine Masculine?

Divine MasculineThe counterpart to the divine feminine and the yin to your yang. The idea of a divine masculine is not unique to twin flames and really just means the side of your soul that has more energies and traits which we consider ‘masculine’.

We’ll look at the specific traits in more detail but the important things to remember:

  • We all have both masculine and feminine traits in us.
  • These traits and characteristics shift over time (especially on the twin flame path).
  • The energies and characteristics of the divine masculine twin tend to be more outwardly focused while the divine feminine twin is more inward.

Understanding the Male Twin Flame Feelings

This list is a combination of John’s experience of being a divine masculine and my experience of talking to thousands of them over the last couple of years.

These are common feelings but, again, take this as a guideline and not a hard-set rule.

They are Less Spiritually Aware

This one probably won’t shock you. If you have a masculine twin flame runner, they often don’t believe in twin flames. They tend to be less interested and open to spiritual matters in general. In the earlier stages, they can seem entirely closed off.

This can be painful because it feels like they just don’t get it. The nature of twin flames is their spiritual connection.

John (he winces when I use him as a direct example) was a big fan of meditation but never for spiritual pursuits or reasons. For him (originally) it was all about the science of it and the benefits to his mental and physical health.

It took a lot of energy work on my part (and some direct intervention from the universe) before he was willing to begin to open up to the idea of twin flames, let alone notice that he was one.

That’s not to say that the divine masculine (or ‘male twin flame’) never understands the journey. On a subconscious level, guided by their higher self, they’re entirely aware but that can take a while to manifest here on the physical. The divine masculine is often more attuned to spiritual work than most (they are a twin flame after all) but they’re usually a step behind the divine feminine.

This is often why when we talk about understanding the twin flame runner, we talk about understanding their higher self. By understanding and connecting with their higher self, you can begin to understand and connect with them (on a soul level).

Remember that twin flames mirror each other. The more spiritually aware one becomes, the other will follow. Even when they’re on the same level early on you can drag their spiritual path forwards. Even if it feels like they’re kicking and screaming.

They’ll catch up. If the idea of trying to understand why they act like this, this video might help.

Closed Off Emotionally

They’re not just closed off to their spiritual side.

The divine masculine twin flame tends to be more closed-off and struggles to open up with anyone (often including themselves) about their feelings and emotions. This can be difficult because as the divine feminine, you often want to share everything with your twin. You want to connect on a deep level and feel like you’re ‘in this together’.

This can make the journey feel lonely (for both of you) but often this is a defense mechanism. Past hurt has caused them to put their guard up and they’re not doing it to try and hurt anyone.

Often part of the male twin flame’s path to union involves healing and becoming open to being vulnerable.

On the higher level, they’ll communicate openly and clearly with their twin soul without these defenses guarding their words. In the earlier stages, you’ll often see this in remote messages or within dreams.

Often the Runner (for Different Reasons)

While the runner/chaser dynamic often reverses as you progress down your path it’s often the male twin flame as the runner and often them facing the blame.

One thing we need to remember is their protective trait is the one calling the shots (we’ll talk about this in a moment). Their higher selves know exactly what this energy is. They’re not running because they want to get away from you, slow things down or cause either of you more problems. They’re doing it to protect both of you.

Coming together when you both still have work to do will feel incredible… but only for the short term. It’s easy to look past this when your emotions are calling the shots but their higher self knows when you’re not ready. To prevent an even bigger hurt from that intensity recoiling, they run.

If you are struggling with a separation phase, let me try and help with a free twin flame reading.

The Drive for Logic

Divine Masculine logicIn ‘normal’ dating it’s been said so often it’s almost a cliche. Men are wired to be logical problem solvers.

(This doesn’t mean women or the divine feminine are not logical problem solvers, their counterpart’s drive is just often stronger in this area).

When it comes to the twin flame journey, this couldn’t be more true. The divine masculine wants to know why things are happening. They want to understand the logic of emotions and spiritual experiences that often don’t make a lot of sense.

They often want things to fit into boxes. For the world (and the journey) to fit into their understanding of the world.

If you’re a twin flame, you already know that’s not going to happen. Especially in the earlier stages, they’re going to be confronted with an energy that doesn’t fit into what they understand relationships should be.

They don’t understand the sheer strength of the bond. It isn’t normal therefore they try and reframe it in a way that makes sense to them. It often feels like they just can’t or won’t understand. It’s frustrating (for both of you) but try to remember that this is just how they’re wired.

The key here is patience. The divine masculine needs time to understand and digest experiences that can feel overwhelming or strange. By being patient and understanding, you give them the room they need to grow spiritually without putting too much pressure on them (or yourself).

Uncontrollable Feelings and Energy

Twin flame energy intensifies everything. For the divine masculine this often manifests as feeling out of control.

While their nature to be spiritually and emotionally closed off is frustrating to the feminine, take a moment to think about how they feel. We often fall into this trap of blaming them for just not getting it.

The reality is, they’re struggling too. The difference is they’re not sure why.

They can feel like they’re being pulled in 100 different directions. The energy they can’t understand or control is crashing into them and they often feel lost and confused. They’ll try and frame it in a way that makes sense and that often backfires.

They’re dealing with the emotions and energy of the journey just like their counterpart but they’re not reading guides like this or speaking to other twin flames. They won’t know who or where to turn to for advice because it just doesn’t make sense.

Also Hurting

If there’s one thing you really need to understand about the male twin flame feelings is that they’re struggling too.

The pain they feel is just as intense as yours. They just experience (and express) this pain in a different way. Often they’ll internalize it and try to bottle it down which is never going to work for long.

They’re just trying to cope with the journey as best they can and in the only way they know-how. Just like you, they want union. They feel the magnetic bond as strongly as you do and their higher self is working behind the scenes to try and make it happen.

The divine masculine is an important energy balance for the twin flame relationship. By understanding their feelings and needs, you can help them (and yourself) to progress further on the journey.

By showing patience, love, and understanding you give them the space they need to grow spiritually without putting too much pressure on either of you. In turn, they can do the same for you and you’ll both push each other onward.

The Divine Masculine Traits

The Divine Masculine Traits

Like their feelings, these traits are (again) guidelines and not hard-set rules. Not every divine masculine will identify with all of them and that’s okay. Especially in the earlier stages of your journey, you might not see any of these traits from the outside and that’s okay too.

I keep saying this, but I say it for good reason. Don’t put yourself, your mirror soul or the path you’re on under unfair expectations. Your journey is unique and shouldn’t be judged by any measurement but your own progression.

(Usually) Biologically Male

The divine masculine is usually biologically male but this doesn’t have to be the case. The key here is the energy behind them. Physical traits and terms we use don’t really have much sway with ancient connections far beyond the physical realm.

We often interchangeably use the terms male twin flame and divine masculine because that’s often the case and how twin flames (as a community) tend to do things. Realistically, it doesn’t exclude anyone.

The twin flame connection is a connection of balance. Of mirroring energies and the masculine energy balances out the divine feminine even in same-sex twin flame relationships.

Logical, Practical and… Somewhat Impatient

We touched on this already when it came to his feelings but it’s certainly a common trait.

I see this in John almost daily. His knee-jerk reaction is to fix. While I want to take my time and think about a problem, weigh up all sides and he just wants to get started and take care of it.

They’re not irrational and it’s not like they act without thinking, but if they see a problem they want to tackle it. There’s a time and place for deep thought and planning but there’s also a time to just get things done.

The divine masculine is often (again, not always) the more logical thinker of the two. They’ll have their feet on the ground while you’re off in the clouds. This practicality can be really helpful when you need it but it can also make them impatient. If they see a solution, they want to implement it and they want to do it now. This might not always be possible and that’s something you’ll need to help them with.

This impatience also helps balance out the divine feminine. We might slow them down a little and get them to ponder a situation more, but they’ll speed us up and get us to take more action.

Protective and Caring

As a society, we often have this habit of thinking of the feminine as the caring, emotional one and the masculine as the strong, silent type. There might be something to this but caring is definitely a trend of the divine masculine.

Especially a twin flame, they can’t not be.

Their simple act of running to stop you both from further hurt is an act of caring and protectiveness. They’re constantly watching out for you, even if it’s not always apparent on the physical.

This protectiveness can manifest in different ways. I often hear from physically separated twins who always check in when something is wrong. Sometimes (especially earlier on) you don’t have this connection but the shared energy between you is always watching over your shoulder.

The key here is that this caring and protectiveness is often (again, not always) subconscious. It’s not always something they’re aware of or in control of but it drives them nonetheless.

This drive to protect and care is often as confusing for them as it can be for us. At least we understand where it’s coming from. For them, it can just be a feeling or an urge that they have no explanation for.

They might also struggle with this if the cultural norm is for the male not to care. It can be perceived as a weakness and something to be ridiculed. This is, of course, toxic masculinity at its finest and something the divine masculine will have to struggle with.

But ultimately, this caring and protectiveness is a strength, not a weakness. It’s one of the things that makes twin flames so special and it’s something to cherish.

This protective nature will only become stronger as you reach union. The twin flame connection is all about oneness and as you become more aligned, this protective feeling will only grow.

Confident and Secure

The divine masculine is often confident and secure in who they are. This isn’t to say that they don’t have moments of doubt or insecurity but these moments are often fewer and far between.

They might not (consciously) know they are a twin flame yet, but they know who they are. They know what they stand for and they’re not going to bend their moral compass or stray from their inner guidance for anyone else.

It’s also one of the things that can make them seem arrogant or cocky at times. This is often just a façade though and something they put up to protect themselves.

Hard to Understand

The divine masculine is often hard to read and I don’t just mean that we struggle to understand them.

Part of that confidence (some might even say stubbornness at times) leads them into their own minds. When the world doesn’t fit the way they want it to, they retreat into themselves and try to make sense of it all.

Often emerging from it with a plan or a solution, this can be really helpful. But it can also make them seem distant or even cold at times. This is often just because they’re trying to make sense of something and they need some time alone to do that.

They don’t always express themselves in a way that makes any sense to anyone else. As your journey unfolds, you do tend to sync up with their way of thinking but it can certainly take some getting used to.

This can make them seem distant or unemotional but that’s often not the case. They’re just processing things in their own way and in their own time.

The Developed vs Undeveloped Divine Masculine

The twin flame journey is one of healing and progression. For both of you – not just them. Some traits follow a similar path between both of you. Like moving on from past hurts and turning weaknesses into strengths.

You’ll both push each other onwards to be better in almost every aspect in a way that no other progression is even remotely capable.

As the male twin flame becomes more developed and spiritually evolved we see the mirroring between mirror souls rub off on each other. They smooth out the rough edges.

For the divine masculine:

  • Impatience gives way to taking their time and thinking things through.
  • Their caring nature manifests more on the physical realm and they accept that part of themselves more.
  • They express themselves better and retreat less into their own heads.

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