Understand the Twin Flame Runners Perspective

You need to understand the twin flame runners perspective. It’s all too easy to get frustrated during a difficult separation period or even to blame your twin.

The twin flame journey is a spiritual path of self-love, growth, and ascension which leads to the strong high-frequency unconditional love divine connection also known as union. Because it’s a path that demands great commitment first and foremost to work on your shadows and yourself in order to ascend, it can become quite overwhelming or even exhausting. That’s why the runner effect can occur.

Once you’re got a runner situation, you might wonder whether they love their counterpart or not and just how they are feeling. The truth is that there will always be love between these sacred counterparts. But depending on the moment along the path towards union when a twin flame becomes a runner, they could be running because they’re anxious, overwhelmed, or resisting to move forward with their ascension.

What Is a Twin Flame Runner?

Runners are twin flames that either avoid the journey altogether or hit the brakes on it somewhere along the way. Some don’t see avoiders as runners, but I personally do – they’re just getting an early start on the running process.

The other twin flame becomes the so-called chaser in the dynamic, in that they are doing the work and doing their best to move forward on the path towards union. The runner and chaser dynamic is often misunderstood because the journey is a roller-coaster of feelings and energies and can often become confusing.

When twin flames are in separation, more often than not one of them is pursuing the separation while the other one is pursuing the union. Seen in that context, the runner seems to be running away from their twin while the chaser seems to be chasing their twin. But that’s not the best perspective on this type of situation.

twin flame separation

The Runner and Chaser Dynamic

While it’s tempting to take it personally in these very emotional and intense situations, the truth is that the runner is not running from their twin – they’re running from themselves and the work they need to do, aspects which are triggered by the energetic presence of their twin. From the twin flame runners perspective, it’s just too much.

I’m going to emphasize that because it’s very relevant: the runner is not running away from their twin! They’re trying to avoid the work they know or sense they’ll have to put in, and they might be doing that for various reasons all of which are directly related to their personal, emotional, and spiritual development.

Being the runner is a reflection not of the nature of the interaction or of the other twin, but of themselves. It’s a sign of vulnerability, lack of confidence or faith in their own devices, inability or unwillingness to make progress on their own. In a spiritual sense, it’s a cry for help.

Because of that, the energy you as twin so-called chaser should be sending over to your runner twin flame is that of support, infinite patience, and unconditional love. That’s what can help them and also what will help you along your own path towards ascension. Any resentments, grief or guilt are simply shadows that need to be worked on and resolved.

Does the Twin Flame Runner Love the Chaser?

It may be hard for you to sense or understand it at times during the separation phase, but your twin flame loves you, always. They can’t not love you, their soul is bonded to yours from here on to infinity. What you might process as a lack of love towards you is in fact a lack of love they have for themselves, unfortunately.

The flame bond is a sacred energetic connection that has no off switch and cannot be broken. It’s a connection of higher dimensional sacred love by definition, as the twin flames are part of the same higher consciousness into which they merge once union is achieved.

Because of various specific details and karmic circumstances of each particular twin flame, that bond of high vibe love could be buried deep down into their conscious awareness or be closer to the surface. If one twin seems to display a lack of love, the core truth is that they haven’t yet achieved that level of growth which allows them conscious awareness of their spiritual truths.

How Does the Twin Flame Runner Feel?

Because the twin flame dynamic is so complex and intense, it can often become terribly confusing, frustrating, and highly triggering. Part of that is what precipitates the self-development work which ends up leading towards ascension and union.

Sometimes the sheer complexity and volume of self-work needed can trigger one of the flames to the point they become a runner. It can happen before they make physical contact with their counterpart after before they get into a relationship or after. Regardless of the moment when a twin becomes a runner, they’re experiencing the same types of feelings.


Many twin flames have an intense feeling of anxiety, before or after they discover that they are twin flames. In some cases, it’s triggered by the feeling of their twin’s energy in their own personal energetic field. In other cases, it’s triggered by the absence of their counterpart, even if they’re the ones who chose to do the running.

If they are aware of their twin’s energy without having realized that they are on the twin flame journey, it can feel a bit like they’re haunted; it can be fun to see in movies or TV shows but it’s often terrifying to experience yourself. It takes time and growth to realize what sort of energetic presence it is and that it’s all about love and support, not scary stuff.

Some get anxious because they feel the overwhelming need to go into union with their twin or at the very least to be as close to them as possible. It triggers commitment phobias or emotional issues that they’re dealing with during that stage of their human experience.

To some, the pressure to go into union is so intense that it gives them anxiety in and of itself, so putting distance between themselves and their twin might seem to alleviate that pressure while in fact is only intensifying it.

twin flame runner

Feeling Overwhelmed

This type of divine soul bond is not for the faint of heart. It asks for a lot out of both twins, and though it gives a lot as well, some twins aren’t yet ready to receive or give quite that much or quite at that moment in time.

The realities of this journey are exponentially more intense than anything and everything we experience in all other relationships as part of our human experience. It’s very easy for it to become overwhelming, perhaps more so for the runner in fact.

Keep in mind that they’re dealing with all the intensity any such soul deals with, plus the added pressure of their choice to put distance between the counterparts in an attempt to diminish or resolve some of that sense of being overwhelmed. Ironically, feeling overwhelmed triggers behaviors which only make them feel all the more overwhelmed.


Sometimes, the runner is unwilling or unable to do the work that is needed along this sacred path. It’s understandable up to a point since it’s a lot to take on and sometimes it’s not their consciously aware choice from the get-go. But resistance is none the less yet another shadow that needs to be dealt with.

It only serves to prolong the shadowy part of the journey and thereby delay the growth and harmony of making progress towards ascension and union. Since the soul bond can never be broken, resistance is yet another facet of the shadow of self-sabotage.

In Short

Looking at things from the twin flame runners perspective, this journey can simply seem like way too much to take on or to go on with.

Many shadows rear their ugly heads as part of the journey, and dealing with them takes a lot of time and energy and work. Some are able to do it easier and/or faster, while others panic and hit the brakes or try to swerve around the whole thing from the get-go.

The reality of this bond is that it’s simply there, part of your human experience whether you like it or not at different points in time. Without doing the work of self-development and growth, you can’t get to feel and enjoy the infinite blessings and harmony of this connection.

However scary it may seem, it’s way scarier trying to swerve by it or pull the brakes on it. Of course, you have your free will and when you exercise it, it will manifest as such and trigger consequences as such.

You’re not forced to be actively pursuing this path you were born on, but it’s in your best interest to live in the harmony and bliss of the high frequencies it gives you access to. But in order to truly understand that, you need to have done enough work to perceive the truth.

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