What to Do When Your Twin Flame Doesn’t Believe in Twin Flames

What if your twin flame doesn’t believe in twin flames? What if they’re not spiritual? How are they going to reach union if they refuse to understand the path you’re on? The journey is hard enough – what if they’re not even trying?

It’s more common than you might think for your twin flame to not believe in the twin flame journey. You can’t appeal to logic and reason here, you just need to focus on furthering your journey and trusting they will awaken.

This does not mean they’re not your twin flame or you won’t reach union – it’s just another roadblock on your path. One you can overcome.

What if Your Twin Flame Doesn’t Know About Twin Flames?

The more spiritually awakened of us have the luxury of joining online communities (like this one) and getting guidance and advice on furthering our journies. Sometimes we’re so used to talking about things like twin flames we can forget a simple fact.

Most people haven’t heard the term. Even fewer even have a twin flame.

It’s incredibly common for your twin flame not to know what they are. During the earlier stages of the journey, I’m far more surprised to hear when both twins do know what they are.

So relax.

There are things you can do to help but don’t stress about telling your twin flame how you feel or trying to put the label on it. It won’t help them.

I know it can be frustrating. It can be a very lonely feeling to go through something like this without the one person you want to help.

It’s not that they don’t want to. It’s not that they’re rejecting you. It’s certainly not that they’re trying to hurt or frustrate you.

They’re simply not ready yet.

As tempting as it can be (I know) to try and explain it to them it’s just not what they likely need. Their problem isn’t that they understand the connection, it’s just that they’re not ready to process it yet.

This will change.

What If My Twin Flame is Not Spiritual?

I constantly tell people to focus on their spiritual journey to speed up twin flame union. If you’ve read any of my guides or listened to the videos I constantly repeat myself.

But what if your twin flame isn’t spiritual? How can you reach union if they can’t focus on their spiritual work?

The majority of my readers (this likely includes you) are the more spiritually awakened mirror soul.

(And sometimes some very confused runners who are sent my article. If that’s you, hello! We don’t bite!)

This is why I keep saying the quickest way to pass through twin flame stages is by focusing internally on the spiritual journey. Because you’re able to. Sometimes you might need some help but if you’re aware enough to know that you’re a twin flame – you have everything you need to reach union.

Your twin flame might not meditate. They probably don’t practice manifestation techniques, haven’t heard of astral projection and think yoga is something people do rather than go to the gym.

It won’t matter. The same way as your twin flame changes you – you’re going to change them.

That doesn’t mean you have to talk them into spiritual practices. It just means as you focus on your own spiritual journey you’re going to trigger them to do the same, whether they know it or not.

Don’t try and pressure them into being spiritual. Ideally, don’t try and pressure them at all. Trust in the twin flame journey and keep working within on your own journey.

They’ll do the same – whether they’ll verbally admit it or not. Their higher selves will be calling the shots to begin with and you’ll start to see them not only becoming more open and understanding of spiritual practices – but much more capable than most.

Twin flames are more attuned than most and work at a higher vibrational frequency so when they do follow spiritual practices (especially for the first time) it’s… noticeable.

twin flame meditation

What Should You Do?

You can’t control what they do, all you can really do is make sure you’re holding up your end of the journey. That doesn’t mean they haven’t work to do as well, it’ll just look different.

If yelling in their face isn’t an option (I’ve tried) what should you do when your twin flame just isn’t getting it?

  • Take a step back. Meditate or get a circuit breaker gap from the journey if you have to. You need to remove yourself from the frustration for a moment.
  • Look at your own spiritual path. Are you being consistent in your own practice? Is there more you could be doing to help yourself (and your twin)?
  • Watch for twin flame runner awakening signs. Just as long as you’re not just watching for the signs and you’re actively working on your journey.

I know how frustrating this can be at times and I wish I had a magic button to handle the worst of it for you. Believe me, if I could snap my fingers and bring all the twin flames of the world together I’d have done it by now.

So believe me when I say the best thing you can do is focus on your own spiritual path. However, that looks for you. Take a break from your twin flame if you need to. Let your intuition guide you on where you should be focusing your time.

Chances are your twin will start to pick up on these changes sooner than you might expect.

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