How a Twin Flame Changes You (for Better and for Good)

Too often we’re talking about your twin flame or third parties but I wanted to look at how a twin flame changes you. And I’m not just talking about giving you an unbelievable relationship and love at the end of the journey.

I mean how it can warp your entire reality.

A twin flame changes you for better and for always. You start seeing yourself and the world entirely differently. It shifts your consciousness and drives you both to be the best possible versions of yourselves and each other. They’ll show you the true meaning of love and understanding while pushing you out of every comfort zone you’ve ever had.

And you do the exact same for them.

How Does a Twin Flame Change You?

  • First (and most obvious) is your love life. Twin flame love will never compare to a normal relationship. Comparing a ‘normal’ relationship to a twin flame union is like comparing a goldfish to a blue whale. There’s barely a resemblance.
  • You’re empowered by the energy of your bond together. Twin flames can be uncannily successful at anything they turn their hand to because they’re working on a higher vibration than most. Your ability to manifest change is unmatched.
  • The drive to create. The desire to soar. The need to raise the bar and reach for something higher than anything you’ve ever known before. The journey will cause you to raise the expectations of yourself and those around you. You won’t want to settle in areas you already enjoy and you’ll likely find yourself in new areas of life (both personally and professionally).
  • You’ll leave behind baggage and old habits that were holding you back. The twin flame journey is one of self-development and improvement and both twins push each other to heal old wounds and improve their lives.
  • Twin flames are more attuned with their intuition than most. Learning to listen to your gut will rarely steer you wrong.
  • They change the very core of your being. Your entire reality shifts and you just don’t ever see the world the same again.
  • Twin Flames are Ushered into a New Reality. Your twin will show you what you’re truly capable of and it opens your eyes to possibilities you wouldn’t dream of.
  • You’ll be more spiritually awakened. As your telepathic bond on the higher dimension continues to develop you’ll become more attuned to further spiritual practice.

This is far from a complete list but if you left me to it, I could probably go on all day. Twin flames experience a love that goes far beyond the Hollywood idea of a soulmate and propels you both into a better life together.

You get to live the way a very, very small amount of people do.

Twin Flame Changes You

When Does a Twin Flame Change You?

You’ll begin to see these changes no matter what twin flame stage you’re on.

You’ll notice large jumps as you move between some stages and if you’re actively working on your twin flame journey to speed up your path to union – you’ll see these changes happen faster.

Before you ever physically meet you share that connection on the higher dimensions slowly nudging each other towards each other in the 3D and towards the steps needed to reach union.

The further you progress along the path, the more noticeable these changes are. The closer you get to union, the more each twin pushes the other towards improvement.

This is often a mix of slow, gradual change and sporadic quick bursts of energy. Sometimes more noticeable than others but if you journal and look at your path as you go, you’ll see these constant improvements pushing you onward.

Prepare Yourself for Change

If you’re on a twin flame journey I can guarantee your life is going to change in many ways. Every path and twin flame couple is unique so I don’t know exactly what is going to change or when – but I can tell you that your life won’t be the same.

You’ll be more connected to the world, the people in it and (of course) your mirror soul while simultaneously feeling like an outsider looking in on a different reality. This heightened level of consciousness is only going to continue to grow as you continue down your journey towards union and as you empower each other.

I know this might seem a little intimidating if you’re just new to the journey or impossible if you’ve been dealing with twin flame separation. This is definitely a journey worth following however and if you feel like you need guidance, let me try with a twin flame reading.

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