When Should You Tell Your Twin Flame How You Feel?

Should you tell your twin flame how you feel? Should you tell them about the journey? How (and when) do you go about explaining this kind of connection to someone who has never heard the term twin flame?

When (or if) you should tell your twin flame about the journey you’re on really depends on what stage of the journey you’re on. If your mirror soul is not yet ready to deal with this level of connection it might trigger soul shock if you tell them too soon.

There’s a lot to unpack here so let’s break it down a bit because there’s a difference between telling them how you feel and telling them about the twin flame journey. I’d also like to touch on why this can matter so much.

I’ll be clear right away. I think you should always be honest with your twin flame (given the bond you both share they’re going to know anyway) so you should always tell them but you don’t want to spring too much on them too quickly.

The majority of my readers are the more spiritually advanced twin, often the twin flame chaser. It’s important you understand the twin flame runners’ perspective and usually, that’s going to mean cutting them a little slack.

If you’re really unsure about what to do, take a moment to tell me about your journey so far and get a twin flame reading.

When Should You Tell Your Twin Flame About the Spiritual Journey?

When should you tell them they are your twin flame? Should you explain what a twin flame is?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Both twin flames already know but that means they both know on some level. Here in the physical realm (the 3D), the majority of us have never even heard the term.

I’ll also say the same thing I always say. Every twin flame journey is unique. I won’t tell you exactly what to do because the right answer is going to depend heavily on you and your twin.

when should you tell your twin flame

Whether it’s a good idea to tell them they’re your twin flame (and try and explain the journey) really depends on where the two of you are on your journey and that’s going to look a little differently for everyone. There are no hard-set rules here you need to follow, but I have a couple of suggestions of things you can look for.

  • Are they currently with someone else? I’ve looked at things like what to do if your twin flame is already married (for example) and this can be hard enough to navigate. I do not suggest telling them (yet) if this is the case.
  • Are you telling them for the right reasons? If you’re trying to convince them to come back from a period of separation or end a fight, that’s not the right reason.
  • Are they open-minded to spiritual ideas and beliefs? You might need to warm the waters here first. This type of spiritual connection can mess with their world view and some will have a hard time getting their head around it.

Common Signs You Should Tell Your Twin Flame

Again, this is going to be highly specific to your own journey. These are not hard set rules but you can use them as guidelines if you’re not sure.

  • You see an increase in open-mindedness or spirituality in your twin.
  • You see a big increase in messages in the dream state or number patterns. Any external signs showing that they’ve furthered their spiritual path.
  • They make frequent mention of some sort of special or unique connection between the two of you. They’re likely feeling the energy but they’re not able to express it properly.
  • You see a desire to be more open with you and share their thoughts, feelings or emotions (more than normal).
  • You feel an increase in the energies between the two of you when together in person or communicating online/skyping.

Can You Tell Your Twin Flame Too Soon?

I’ve never heard of a situation where telling your twin flame too quickly is the end of the road but I have seen it cause delays on your journey.

Sometimes your twin just doesn’t believe you. They’re not ready to accept that kind of spiritual connection yet but it’ll plant the seed for further down the road and that’s no big deal. You might stay in a healthy relationship while they’re blissfully unaware of the spiritual growth they’ve gone through. They’ll figure it out eventually in that case.

Sometimes it can start causing issues. Depending on how prepared they are telling them about this level of connection can trigger soul shock and (to use the technical term) they’re going to freak the hell out.

I don’t want to see anyone delaying their twin flame relationships more than they have to which is why I don’t take this kind of thing lightly.

How to Tell Your Twin Flame How You Feel

How to Tell Your Twin Flame How You Feel

I want you to start by asking yourself this question (honestly): Are you ready to tell them? Don’t just say yes and skip ahead. Hear me out there.

There is no best way to tell them. What worked for your journey probably won’t work for mine. There are far too many factors at play but there are some key things I’d start with.

Have You Done Enough Work?

Given the potential risk of telling them, I only ever suggest this when you know for sure you’re ready to take the next step. It’s very easy to fall into the trap here of thinking it’s only your twin who needs to do inner healing in order to move on.

The work required to ready you for union could be summed up as being the best you that you can be. Do you feel happy with yourself? Have you done enough spiritual, physical and emotional work on yourself throughout this journey?

Are you at high vibrational energy? Are you ready for union not just a physical relationship with your twin?

Wait Until You’re Together

I can see the text message now.

Hey, just wanted you to know that we’re two parts of the same soul. Love you x”

Again, every journey is unique. I’m sure this has happened and it’s probably even worked but in general, I’d suggest telling them when you’re physically and emotionally together.

You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship at the time but this kind of conversation is going to be best done face to face and when you’re both in a good place.

Generally, it’s best if you are the one delivering this kind of thing. I wouldn’t do it through a third party and if you really have to try and make sure it’s someone who has been through the twin flame journey themselves at least.

Start Out Easily

Rather than launching straight into it, take the time to carefully prepare what you want to say.

It’s common for anyone to resist something which likely goes against their world view so unless they’re easily open to spiritual beliefs this might take some time. Start by encouraging them to have an open mind and make sure they know you’re happy to talk openly about it.

Don’t react with anger or frustration if they don’t immediately see what you see. Go easy on them.

How Will Your Twin Flame React When You Tell Them?

You’ve probably heard the old adage expect the best, prepare for the worst?

It’s completely normal to envision them having a positive reaction. Maybe they already know exactly what a twin flame is and they already knew the journey you were on (I’ve certainly heard of this happening).

However, you should be prepared for a difficult conversion. Especially if you’ve told them a little early and they’re not quite ready to understand this level of connection yet.

They might have questions (this is a good sign) or they might respond with anger and confusion (common).

If they react negatively it’s not because your journey isn’t going to reach union it’s likely just too early and they weren’t ready to handle that kind of information. Remember that they’re going through a lot of the same things you are and they probably don’t even know why which makes it harder on them.

Is it Normal to Doubt Your Twin Flame?


Fear and doubt are a common part of a journey that asks us to questions so much about the world we thought we knew. We’re asking quite a lot of unawakened twin flame runners to accept that you’re two parts of the same soul.

It doesn’t mean that they’re a false twin flame or that you won’t reach union. Be prepared for this possibility.

When Should You Tell Your Twin Flame How you Feel?

Telling your twin flame how you feel is much easier than telling them about the twin flame journey.

The best time to tell your twin flame about the journey is when they’re in a good place. When you are both at peace, happy and content with where life has taken you so far.

Again, don’t try and manipulate them or tempt them away from another relationship. On some level, they already know how you feel and you should treat that connection with love and respect.

They might not be ready to tell you how they feel yet, so try being patient with them if this happens.

Do You Need to Tell Your Twin Flame How You Feel?

On some level, the two of you already know. On the higher dimensions, you’re both guiding each other before you ever even physically meet on the 3D.

It might be an easy conversation to have for some of you but most of us are facing a less spiritually open twin. As long as you approach it in the right way, even if they don’t agree at the time they’ll appreciate your honesty and understanding. Even if they don’t believe in the journey.

Ultimately, I don’t think it really matters if you tell them. We use the terminology and now we have social media to discuss it more, but the twin flame connection has been around long before we were talking about it. You can have the same deep connection without ever using the words.

Sometimes They’ll Just Figure it Out Themselves

All sorts of things bring you to the twin flame journey. Sometimes you accidentally stumble into the idea or someone switches you onto it. Often there’s a sense that something is missing.

Something brought you here and there’s every chance your twin flame will just figure it out themselves. They might realize that something is out of place for them and start trying to understand it without you telling them anything.

Heck, they might even be reading this guide in a week.

Want Further Guidance?

If you’re still unsure about the right thing to do on your journey then take a moment to tell me what you’re seeing so far. I’ll do my best to guide you further.

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  1. This is very well stated. It seems most believe you should keep it all to yourself do your work and they will come to you. I don’t believe that casting a spell on them, stay out of their life and suddenly out of nowhere they’ll reach out to you. Wrong, that has not worked out for many. She ran because it was too intense. Likely every time she thinks of the other she’ll just get tense, feel confused and likely believe you to be obsessed therefor another Narcissist in pursuit. … especially if in the past the runner twin experienced Traumatic Relationships. Early on I felt I needed to be open with her. Since she blocked my Social Media I decided to snail mail her my feelings, what I was experiencing and information on the only thing that seemed to describe what I experienced. Maybe I was too soon… maybe it freaked her out… maybe it pushed timing off? There is no knowing. Just maybe I saved her from more than I’ll ever know. Maybe she has read more on the subject and worked on her own Spiritual Journey out of my contact with her. Sooner she realized all that she would have encountered due to my awakening allowing her to prepare herself and have a better understanding of what she was feeling. We all have to feel our own way through this and go with what your gut seems to say.

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