7 Twin Flames Signs Before Reunion: Sharpen Your Attention

Often in the twin flame journey, we’re left in doubt about what’s going on but sometimes the universe throws us a lifeline and looking for the twin flames signs before reunion can give you some guidance and encouragement that you’re on the right path. So what are these signs and when do you see them?

These signs give you confirmation that you’re on a true twin flame journey (and not a false flame) and you’re approaching reunion with your mirror soul. The signs can vary between twins but are there to guide you back together.

Before we start I do feel like I need to say this. Don’t fall into the trap of sitting around waiting to see the signs of reunion on the way. You should be focused on your own inner growth and doing everything you can to get your twin flame back. Don’t fall into the trap of just waiting for it to happen to you.

Common Signs Before Reunion

I always say this anytime I talk about signs you might see along the journey but it is important. Remember to use these signs as guidelines and not hard set rules. You might see all, some or even none of these signs and still be on your path towards reunion.

Allow these signs to give you guidance and reassurance but don’t rely entirely on them. If you want more specific advice on your journey then take a moment to tell me about it and get a free twin flame reading.

So (remembering this is not an exhaustive list) let’s look at the common signs before reunion.

Sudden Joy

For no apparent reason, you feel an enormous joy in your heart. The reality is that nothing exceptional has happened and your life continues to function as usual. However, your soul is experiencing enormous happiness because you will soon meet your twin flame. That means that your life will take on a new meaning because you are about to begin a spiritual journey that will lead you to the fullness of your Self.

The soul is wise and intuits everything that will happen to you even if you don’t know it. That’s why you must let yourself be carried away by this sudden joy and enjoy it to the fullest. Then reflect on it and realize that something fabulous is going to happen to you.

This, like several of these signs, are caused by an increase of the twin flame telepathy connection between the two of you. The closer you get to reunion, the more noticeable this is going to be.

Sudden Optimism

You’ve always dreamed of finding your twin flame during this lifetime, but you’ve always been skeptical about it. Overnight you change your mind and believe that you will meet your twin flame. You must know this is true, because you’re actually going to meet your twin flame soon.

Your positive mindset accelerates the encounter with your twin flame because you align to the energy of true love. That’s why you have to avoid negative thoughts like, “my twin flame doesn’t exist,” “I’m never going to meet my twin flame.” That creates resistance and takes you away from true love.

Remember, doubt is a common part of the twin flame journey and it’s perfectly normal. Often people feel guilty for doubting themselves or their twin but at least half the journeys I hear about go through this phase. It’s nothing to worry about and certainly shouldn’t make you feel guility.

The Influence of the Dream World

It’s not long before you and your twin flame get to know each other. That’s why your mind is already preparing for that and generating dreams where you can already see your twin flame. It may not be a sharp image, but you can visualize the skin, physical context, facial features and aesthetic style, etc. Your unconscious mind is warning you what your twin flame looks like, so you can recognize him/her as soon as you see him/her.

I talk about twin flames sharing dreams during separation fairly often because I think it’s a seriously overlooked tool you can use to further your journey together. This happens before you ever physically meet in the 3D but the intensity is going to increase as you approach reunion.

Keep in mind that you and your twin flame have been strongly connected since before you embody in this physical reality. The dream world simply reflects that connection you already have.

Being in Unexpected Places

One of the most revealing twin flame signs before reunion is going to places you don’t usually visit. For example, you go every Friday afternoon to the same coffee shop because it is your favorite. Suddenly, you decide to go to another coffee shop because you simply want to drink coffee somewhere else. You’ll probably find your twin flame there, who usually visits that coffee shop.

This can also manifest as a heightened interest in a new hobby or topic. Again, it’s a byproduct of that unspoken connection constantly binding you. When you’re excited or interested in something you want to share it with your twin and that’s going to happen subconsciously.

You should know that various universal forces influence you powerfully to get closer to your twin flame in some way. If you feel a desire to change your plans, do so. Always follow your intuition, for it knows where your happiness lives.

twin flame reunion signs

See Universal Signs Directly

Sometimes it can be more overt and you’ll see patterns like the 555 pattern for twin flames.

When you are about to meet your twin flame, your body, mind and soul feel and see universal signs around you. That’s why you see the same number repeatedly. Most often you see the number “11”, or the numerical frequency “11:11”.

Both mean that you will experience a new beginning very soon. Pay attention to these universal signs. In this way, you are predisposed to a new beginning in your love life, which will influence all aspects of your reality. Keep in mind that the universe flows in perfect harmony and everything synchronized so that you too reach the harmony.

You Feel the Presence of Your Twin Flame

In the event that you’ve already met your twin flame but haven’t started a loving relationship with him/her yet, you’ll probably feel his or her presence even if he or she’s not physically next to you. This happens because the energy of your twin flame already inhabits within you, since you two are part of the same energetic essence.

You’re also likely to spend more time thinking about your twin flame than paying attention to your physical reality. Don’t worry, your soul tells you that soon you’re going to meet your twin flame to start a spiritual journey together.

Interaction in 5D

If you have managed to interact with your twin flame in 5D through thought, meditation or telepathy you should know that very soon you will be able to interact with him/her in 3D, that is, in our physical reality.

Remember that 5D is a higher plane of consciousness where unconditional love rules and all desires are fulfilled. We live in 3D, a dense and limited reality. Anyway, remember that for something to manifest in 3D, it has to manifest itself in 5D first. If you’ve managed to interact with your twin flame on a higher plane, you’ll soon manifest it here.

Further Guidance

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Final Thoughts

You might also want to take a look at the twin flame reunion symptoms which you’ll probably start seeing on the next stage. Some of the symptoms overlap just increased frequency or intensity but there are a few different ones.

The twin flames signs before reunion described above will guide you to true love. Be sure you’ll soon meet your twin flame. Together they will begin a spiritual journey that will lead them to the fulness of Being. Pay attention to the sensations manifested by your body, to the intuition of your soul and to the wisdom of your spirit.

Always maintain a positive mindset and your encounter with your twin flame will be real. The universe sends you signals to orient you towards the encounter with your twin flame. Follow those signs confidently.

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