Twin Flames Reunion Symptoms: Spotting the Signs

The twin flame journey can be… turbulent at times and that’s putting it gently. It might not be easy but there are signs and guidance we can use to help us navigate the deeper waters and learning to spot the twin flames reunion symptoms can keep you on the right path. So what should you look for?

The symptoms and order will always vary but some common examples are sharing dreams, spikes of overlapping interests and emotions as well as heightened telepathic connection compared to earlier stages.

Common Reunion Symptoms

You might not see all (or even any) of these even if the reunion is right around the corner.

These should be guidelines (at best) and not hard set rules you rely on. Your journey is never going to be exactly the same as another so these are examples of the kinds of things you can look for – but take them in the context of your own twin flame journey. If you want better guidance, take a moment to tell me some details and get a twin flame reading.

Heightened Telepathic Link

Make sure you’ve read the guide on twin flame telepathy if you don’t already know what I’m talking about. This connection can take on a lot of different forms but usually means a constant connection. A sharing of energy, emotion and (sometimes) thoughts.

This one tends to vary a lot between different twins so it’s the last one I’d suggest comparing to anyone else but noticing a spike in this connection is often a sign of approaching reunion. This might mean it happens more often, more intensely or even that you start noticing it when you weren’t before.

You Have the Same Interests

This is a byproduct of that telepathic link picking up. One twin’s excitement for something gets communicated whether they mean it or not.

Two twin flames usually have the same interests in terms of culture and the entertainment industry. They like the same kind of movies, the same musical style, they like to read the same books, etc. This reflects how close the two feel to each other. Remember that you share the same energy base, which is why you experience so many coincidences. The cultural preferences that you share make you more united and inseparable. As the relationship grows stronger you can build something together based on all that you have in common. Whatever project you undertake will be a success.

twin flame dreams

You Share the Same Dream World

This is one of the most important things I think people should be using on their journey. I’ve gone into more detail on twin flame dreams and how you can use them to aid your journey.

As incredible as it may seem, you and your twin flame can have the same dreams while you sleep or have very similar dreams about each other. This shows the high level of soul connection you have. This happens because you are both made of the same energy base. Dreams reflect the unconscious world and you two also share that corner of the soul that is hidden from the conscious mind. Be encouraged to tell each other about the dreams you had the night before. Both of you will realize that you must work on various aspects of yourself that you have not paid attention to until now.

This kind of connection in dreams often happens long before you’re even aware of the twin flame journey (and is often a trigger leading people to discover it) but, again, as reunion approaches the intensity and frequency of the connection through dreams increases.

Increase in Twin Flame Number Patterns

Twin flame numbers are probably one of the more talked about types of external signs you receive along your journey. We’ve covered some of the more common patterns like what 333 means for twin flames already.

Like sharing dreams and other telepathic connections, an increase in seeing number patterns is often a sign of impending reunion.

Increased Physical Attraction

When two twin flames meet, they feel an incredible physical attraction for each other. They feel that they are in front of the most beautiful person in the world and they feel an irresistible desire to be with them. That physical attraction is indicative of other connections they will both develop later on.

The attraction you feel serves to make you recognize each other as the twin flames that you are. Even though you have only recently met, you feel great confidence in each other, which facilitates the development of the love relationship. The twin flames have a very satisfying intimate life, which increases the attachment you feel for each other.

Both Perceive the Inner World of the Other

When you meet your twin flame you can clearly see what is going on in his/her inner world. You feel a deep connection, so you can tell if he/she is feeling sad, happy, successful, frustrated, etc. Your twin flame feels the same and can know everything that is going on inside you. At first, this may seem invasive of your privacy, but then you will feel that you need that emotional support. You understand that you are made for each other. The empathy you feel is the logical reflection of the love you have for each other.

They Make the Same Mistakes

As both twin flames work to correct their mistakes in order to reach spiritual fulfillment. It is very common for twin flames to make the same mistakes throughout their lives. They may not make them at the same time, but they really make mistakes in the same way. Those existential mistakes can be low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, workaholism, etc. The positive side of this situation is that the twin flames support each other in difficult circumstances and together they overcome any obstacles.

You Can Be Yourself

This is one of the most revealing twin flames reunion symptomsWhen you are in front of your twin flame you feel that you can be yourself freely. Logically, the same thing happens to your twin flame. You don’t have to pretend anything or act differently to like them more.

In fact, your twin flame likes you exactly the way you are, you don’t have to change anything. Keep in mind that this happens with very few people during the course of our lives. You show yourself as you are in front of your twin flame because you know he/she will not judge or criticize you. You and your twin flame share the same energetic essence, which is why you feel so good together.

Guidance Towards Reunion

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