Songs About Twin Flames [and ‘The Music Connection’]

There are some songs about twin flames which are very, very specifically about twin flames. Lyrics mentioning stages of the journey or make actual references to twin flames. Others which talk about love or another person in a way that resonates very highly with anyone on their twin flame journey.

I’ll include a couple of the common ones here but I want to go in a little more than a simple list. If you’re just here for a list of songs scroll down and I have some common ones for you.

I see this kind of thing pop up too often in twin flame stories to not get a little into the cool stuff though.

Do Twins Communicate Through Music?

Yes. Absolutely.

I’ll talk about how it can change your music taste in a moment but a fairly common form of twin flame telepathy is songs carrying messages to each other. They’re probably not calling a radio station to request a song but, much like twin flame number patterns, it increases your awareness of songs when they play in your daily life.

It could be a specific message about the state of your day or an overall reminder of the connection. This is going to be very different and unique to you and your twin so I’m not even going to begin to guess at examples but you’ll know it when you know it.

Twin Flames Music Tastes Changing

I’ve touched on this before when we looked at twin flame reunion symptoms but you can start seeing this at any stage of the journey. Twins are (often subconsciously) excited to share things with their twin and when they can’t do so in the 3D they’ll do it through this telepathic connection.

This applies to all sort of things from hobbies and movie genres to lifestyle changes and, yes, music taste. If, for example, your twin is really into a specific type of music you might never have thought of before (or actively avoided) you might find your taste changing as they share their enjoyment of this music with you.

Yes, this happens both ways.

(This absolutely happened to me. My twin had a very narrow music taste and I got very into their genre while their music taste expanded to be more like my own).

Remember: things like this are possibilities and not hard-set rules. Don’t expect them to have your favorite song on repeat all of a sudden. It’s a possibility but don’t put expectations on your journey or them.

Common Twin Flame Songs

Technically any song can be a twin flame song. I can’t begin to list all the songs which could be carrying a message from your twin but these are some of the common ones which are either clearly talking about the twin flame path or might as well be.

Flame Twin – Norah Jones

Can’t get much clearer than this one. Expressly talks about runner and chaser twin flames.

Twin Flames – Epica

Bit of a genre shift on this one but very expressly talking about the twin flame journey here. “The other side of me”.

Hey, Soul Sister – Train

Set aside the gender reference here. Tell me these lyrics couldn’t apply to a twin flame journey.


Is there a song not on the list which you think applies to the twin flame journey? Tell me in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Songs About Twin Flames [and ‘The Music Connection’]”

  1. I have woken up with “Missing Piece” by Vance Joy in my head almost every morning for the last week, and it clearly feels like a message from my separated Twin.

  2. I know some really great songs that came out the year I met this twin dude. Go with me by 21 pilots talks about running and “we’re out here vibing” and “human” by the dinosaur or something. Such interesting ones.

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