How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Twin Flame?

In a journey full of uncertainties, how do you know if someone is your twin flame? How can you find out if you’re on the right path and not just wasting your time? How do you know this isn’t a false twin flame?

Knowing if someone is your twin flame is a unique experience for each journey. There can be common signs of instant recognition, a feeling of home and a connection which goes beyond the physical realm.

I’ll go over some of the common examples that can help guide you but first I need to touch on something very important when you’re trying to tell if someone is your twin flame. This idea of ‘just knowing‘ can be dangerous to your journey.

Warning: I’m going to say something you might not want to hear. But it’s important to get it out of the way.

I hear thousands of twin flame stories. They get sent in almost daily and, don’t get me wrong, I love to see when things go well. But what worries me most is when I see people try and force something which just isn’t there.

Doubt is perfectly normal on this journey. If you’re unsure it doesn’t mean you’re not on the path toward union. Not at all. Usually, it’s the people who are absolutely sure – that’s when I worry. Sometimes, when doing a twin flame reading, I just don’t see that kind of connection. Usually, the person accepts this guidance (whether they take my opinion or not is up to them) but sometimes their reaction is so volatile – it leads me to the problem.

There are pitfalls to the twin flame journey. Quagmires you can get stuck in which can make it seem like you’re on a twin flame journey and it can be incredibly easy to confuse it for the real thing. I don’t blame these people at all, I feel for them but I want to make sure you understand these potential traps before we move on.

False Twin Flames, Karmic Partners, Limerance and Soulmates

Probably the biggest hurdle in this idea of just knowing is the many pitfalls that can lead you astray.

I’m not going to get too in-depth with all the differences (though I’ve looked at the important twin flames vs soulmates before) but the short version is it’s completely possible to feel infatuated with someone. To feel like there’s something unbelievable there when it’s just not your twin flame.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If it’s a soulmate, it can be a great connection. A great relationship even. There are plenty of happy soulmate relationships out there (romantic or otherwise) and in the long run (which might take multiple lifetimes) they’re helping to prepare you for that twin flame meeting.

Some connections like a karmic partner are not so happy. They can absolutely feel like you’re on an unreal journey beyond anything you’ve experienced before but things can quickly sour. These relationships do serve a purpose. In the long run, they help you heal and prepare yourself for true union with your twin flame – but the longer you’re stuck in them the more time you waste.

The worst case is when someone is desperate to find their twin flame and just tries to create something that isn’t there. I don’t think this is common – but I do see it happening sometimes. When you read about this kind of connection I can certainly understand the temptation to do this but in the long run, it’s going to hold back your true journey.

It’s Normal to Feel Doubt (Often a Good Thing!)

I’m not trying to put you off the twin flame journey (far from it).

I’m trying to protect you from wasting your own time and exposing yourself to unnecessary hurt.

Sometimes readers here already know they’ve met their twin. Often they are on their journey but they’re experiencing doubt and I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. I think it’s perfectly healthy and will help you avoid the pitfalls above.

I’ll go over some of the things you can look for which can help you figure out if someone is your twin flame or not.

Do They Feel It Too?

I’ve looked at this in more detail on my do both twin flames know? post but, in short, yes. On some level.

The likelihood is if you are experiencing doubt or uncertainty they are as well. And considering it’s (usually) the more spiritually advanced twin readings something like this your twin is probably even more confused than you are. They might be aware enough to know that this connection is something special.

They might not know how to handle that kind of connection at all and this can manifest in all sorts of ways. My best advice here is don’t project any kind of expectations on them. Especially if they’re running it can really help both of you to understand the twin flame runner’s feelings.

If your twin is further along their own spiritual journey, they might well be here as well trying to figure out how do you know if someone is your twin flame. Sometimes they’ll never look into the twin flame journey at all and just subconsciously follow your lead on the journey, again don’t put expectations on them.

Signs of a Twin Flame

How to Tell If Someone Is Your Twin Flame

So with all the pitfalls that can appear like a twin flame journey how do you actually tell the real thing?

Well, like many things in the twin flame journey, opinions and beliefs here vary. Pretty widely at times. My advice is always to steer clear of anyone who speaks in certainties but going by my own journey and the thousands I hear about – there are some things you can watch out for.

That ‘Spark’ (Not Always As You Think)

The first meeting between twin flames doesn’t always mean love or even physical attraction. We often have this idea that you’ll fall instantly in love with your twin flame at first sight (and this sometimes happens) but you might actually hate each other at the first meeting. Similar to the twin flame first touch – it’s going to be high energy but that can take different forms.

Remember, this isn’t just a crush. It’s the other half of you. There’s going to be energy there so it’s going to be noticeable in some form. It’s very unlikely that your first meeting together would have passed without something noticeable between you.

External Signs and Patterns

It’s going to be impossible to cover every variation of this but the common ones we hear about are things like twin flame number sequences popping up in your daily life. Strange coincidences that make you think of your twin or relate to your journey together so far. There’s some dispute whether these signs come from your own higher self, your twin or the universe itself guiding you. Maybe it’s a combination of all three.

These signs can carry specific guidance to help you focus on certain areas of your journey together. They can also just be general reassurance that you are on the right path and moving toward union. This is especially useful if these signs are relating to the person you think is your twin flame.

Signs of the 5D Connection

Probably one of the most useful tools in knowing if they’re a twin flame is a sign of twin flame telepathy between you. Again, this takes many different forms and is likely to change over time but the earliest form of this is usually within dreams.

Do this: If you’re just beginning your twin flame journey and you’re not at all sure if you’ve met your twin flame begin a dream journal. Twin flames always communicate in dreams long before they ever meet in the physical realm. The problem is 99.99% of us don’t remember the majority of our dreams.

Sometimes we’ll remember the most recent one to us waking. Sometimes we don’t remember any of them. If we begin keeping a dream journal we’ll begin to improve retention and start to see patterns or even complete conversations with our twin flame.

This will go beyond dream communication (though it is one of the earlier signs). Depending on where you are on the twin flame journey you’ll often experience pangs of emotion, intense feelings out of nowhere or even excitement for something your twin is subconsciously wanting to share with you.

This can manifest as a new interest in a similar hobby, genre of music or type of food (for example).

The Tarot

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know this is what I used to guide myself on my journey. Whether the Tarot can tell you for certain if someone is your twin flame or not is debated but I believe it can certainly help guide you on the journey in any case.

If you tell me what you’re seeing in your journey so far, I’ll send you a reading which can help you onward.

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