My Twin Flame Just Wants to Be Friends What Now?

Help Danielle! My twin flame just wants to be friends and doesn’t seem to see what I see. We used to have a romantic relationship but he backed away. What does this mean? What do I do?

The twin flame relationship is rarely straightforward and it’s not uncommon for your spiritual journey to include periods of separation. If your twin flame just wants to be friends it’s likely they’re not fully aware of the extent of the connection yet.

So why does it happen, what does it mean for your journey and what can you do to change their minds?

Why Does My Twin Flame Just Want to Be Friends?

The twin flame relationship is intensely romantic and deeply spiritual. It’s possible that your twin is experiencing a period of separation to clear out old patterns or learn new lessons. This gives them the opportunity for self-development before reuniting with you on an even deeper level than ever before.

Whether or not they’re actually aware of the connection the two of you share really depends on their level of spiritual awareness. They might be completely aware of the twin flame journey and the special relationship you both share and just be taking the time to be ready for it.

Or, they might be in the early stages and not know how to start comprehending the energy of the connection. They might be framing it in a way that makes sense to them and they’ll often give an excuse like:

  • They’re just not ready for commitment.
  • They might say something like they’re not good enough for you.
  • They might blame a karmic relationship.
  • In some cases, it can seem more toxic and they might deflect and blame you for them only wanting to be friends.

Can Twin Flames ‘Just’ be Friends?

Twin Flames Just Want to Be FriendsIf your twin flame just wants to be friends is it possible it stays that way?

This is one of those times I have to say ‘No… but also yes.’ and before you roll your eyes hear me out. I’ve actually touched on this before on the twin flame friend zone guide but (in short):

It’s possible for you and your twin flame to just be friends in this lifetime. In the long run (and by long run I mean over multiple lifetimes) twin flames are always a romantic connection but that doesn’t guarantee it’s going to happen now.

This is why it’s important to be actively working on furthering your journey and not just sitting back and waiting for them to want to be something more than just friends.

Convincing Your Twin Flame to Be More Than Just Friends

It can be frustrating when your twin flame just doesn’t see what you see. You see the twin flame connection and a life partner, they see just a friend (or at least that’s how they act).

You can’t force someone into something they’re not prepared or willing to do (and you wouldn’t want to) but you can take steps to improve your twin flame connection and further their spiritual level (as well as your own).

When we talk about divine timing on the journey we don’t mean just sitting back and waiting for the time to be right. We mean you’ve reached a stage where you’re both finally ready to take that next step.

If your twin flame just wants to be friends it means you’re not yet at that stage and there’s work to be done.

Step one is to identify the areas of your life where you might be providing resistance. If they’re not ready, are there parts of yourself that also aren’t? It’s time for both of you to do some spiritual work and start removing those blocks. This may mean letting go of old relationships or mindsets.

It might mean focusing on your own goals whether they’re personal or professional. If you’re new to this type of connection and just beginning your journey it might seem counter-intuitive that this is the answer – but the road to union is a road of self-improvement.

Twin Flame Just Friends

Is It Really ‘Just’ Friends?

I’ve certainly seen cases where your twin flame just wanting to be friends is a form of them reaching out. They might be aware enough of the journey but not have the spiritual experience to fully understand why they want you in their life.

It’s possible they’re just not able to make the first move or really express in words the type of relationship they’re dealing with. They might just know that they want you in their life and things will naturally progress from there.

Should You Hang Out as Friends or Complete Separation?

It might be painful spending time with your twin just as friends, especially if a karmic partner or soul mate is involved in their life. Your twin might want to keep you around in their life and won’t be aware of the pain that it would cause.

Whether you should continue to spend time together as friends really depends on the situation. If you’re able to do it without slowing down your journey then by all means. You can still grow closer together and foster love in other aspects of your lives together as long as you’re able to focus on your own growth as well.

Twin flame union as a romantic connection is a bond like no other but as a bond of friendship, it’s also going to be an amazing connection as long as it’s not toxic. As long as it doesn’t hold you back from furthering your journey.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure how to move your journey forward, take a few moments to tell me about your path so far and I’ll do my best to help.

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