When Twin Flames Break Up: Is It The End?

What happens when twin flames break up? Does it mean the end of the twin flame journey and the road to a union has failed or is it just another stage of separation?

It’s perfectly normal for twin flames to break up in the earlier stages of their journey. It won’t be a pleasant experience for either twin but sometimes physical separation is an important step towards being ready for union.

If you’ve broken up with your twin flame after a romantic relationship with them I absolutely know how painful and frustrating that can be. So why does it happen, what does it mean and what can you do about it?

Why Twin Flames Break Up

Before doing anything else I’d make sure you understand twin flame separation. I’ve seen a lot of misunderstandings about misconceptions about this and understanding what is going on is the first step to making it easier on yourself – and being able to move to the next stage.

A lot of the twin flame journey is going to be unique to you and your twin but out of the thousands of stories I get sent constantly, a breakup isn’t new or even at all uncommon. Just because you get into a romantic relationship with your twin flame doesn’t mean either of you is ready for union.

Sometimes twin flames need to take some time apart to work on themselves or heal from past wounds. A breakup is just a symptom of that. Twin flames have an intense attraction that led you to a romantic relationship before you were ready for the energy of that deep connection. It doesn’t mean this is how it’s going to stay or that anything went wrong.

It’s incredibly common.

I’m not trying to take away from your pain. The pain of breaking up with a connection that strong is awful (trust me, I know first hand) but understanding the reason behind it is the first step to being able to do something about it.

can twin flames break up

Is a Twin Flame Break Up the End?

Well, that’s an easy one. No. Not in the least.

Not every twin flame couple goes through this but I’d say at least half the stories I get (and I get a lot) go through this at least once. It doesn’t mean you won’t reach a twin flame union.

It doesn’t even mean your journey is slowed down. It just means you and your twin still have work to do before you’re ready to move to the next stage. As painful as it is, look at it as an opportunity for growth.

In some ways, it’s a good thing. The sooner you break up and you’re able to trigger this period of growth and development the sooner both you and your mirror soul will be ready to take the next step together.

Do Twin Flames Always Get Back Together After a Break-Up?

It’s completely possible for a twin flame relationship to break up multiple times in a single lifetime and still reach union in the end. It’s also possible you break up and that’s the end of the road for this lifetime.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get back together which is why it’s so important you use this time wisely.

The twin flame journey is incredibly rare. Rarer still that at least one of you is spiritually progressed enough to understand the journey you’re on and the level of your connection together.

While the twin flame journey is guaranteed to reach union in the long term it can still fail in a single lifetime. This is why you need to make the most of your opportunity and that brings is to how to cope and what to do next.

How to Cope With a Twin Flame Break Up

Take things one day at a time for now. Remember that this spiritual journey is not played out over a single lifetime. In the scheme of things, this is nothing but a blip.

The physical, emotional and spiritual turmoil can certainly make it feel like a whole lot longer but there are some things you can do to make use of this time (and make it easier on both of you).

It’s a little more in-depth than getting a tub of ice cream and binge-watching some rom-com movies. A twin flame breakup is going to leave you both with a sense of loss but will hopefully trigger a period of growth and healing.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking it’s just your twin to has to ‘figure it out’ or and come back to you. You’re going to need to set ego aside here and try to understand the twin flame runner’s feelings too.

They’re not intentionally trying to hurt you. They’re most likely acting out of self-defense and probably don’t even understand the reasons themselves. The best thing you can do when going through a breakup like this is to focus on your own personal growth.

  • Firstly accept this is part of the journey and won’t always be easy.
  • Focus on a schedule of twin flame meditations and affirmations. Take up journaling, energy work and any form of spiritual self-development you feel drawn to.
  • Try to understand the twin flame runner’s feelings too – they’re going through the same thing and (somewhat worse) they probably don’t understand why they feel this way.
  • Take care of yourself and your own needs first. It’s fine to continue to keep them in your life and I don’t expect you to immediately stop thinking about them – but you need to focus on yourself if you want to move your journey forward.

Sometimes the twin flame chaser moving on and focusing on themselves is a bit of a spiritual kick up the pants for the runner and this alone can move things along. Perhaps the moment you’re honestly able to bring your focus inward is the moment your twin reaches out.

How to Get Over a Twin Flame Break Up

How to Get Over a Twin Flame Break UpI’ve seen this advice before that you should just ‘get over’ your twin flame.

Technically, this is good advice. In taking the focus away from your twin you’re able to focus on yourself and understanding more about the journey and why separation happens is an important part of being able to do that.

I don’t know if I really agree with this advice though. You can get over a false flame or a normal connection with someone but it’s a big ask to just forget about the other part of your soul.

This process isn’t really about completely forgetting them (nor will they be able to forget you). It’s just about making yourselves ready to take that next step together.

If you’re feeling stuck on your journey and unsure what to do next, tell me about your path so far and I’ll do my best to help guide you.

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