Twin Flame Missing Each Other: Signs and Fixes

During the twin flame journey, we often see periods of separation and obstacles but are both twin flames missing each other during these periods? What happens when twins are apart and how can you use your connection to help make things easier?

Twin flames always feel like they are missing each other however that can manifest in many different ways and if a twin flame runner twin is less spiritually progressed they won’t understand their feelings.

Let’s dig into this intense feeling of the twin flame connection and see how it can actually help guide you toward union.

Hidden Signs of Twin Flame Missing Each Other

There are always signs of the connection when twin flames are apart. The greater the physical distance and the longer the separation the more these signs will make themselves evident as they try and guide you back together.

I’m constantly saying this, but only because it’s important. Remember that every twin flame journey is unique so you should use these signs as guidelines and not hard-set rules. Don’t place expectations or limits on your journey these are just some of the more common signs I see. Not a complete list of possibilities.

  • Spontaneous changes of mood and energy levels. Usually for the better as your higher selves are reaching out to support each other.
  • A feeling of lovesickness is probably the obvious one, but it goes beyond just simply wishing they were there. There’s a reason we talk about things like twin flame separation sickness. It can feel debilitating and energy-sapping. This feeling could come in waves or spikes and manifest in a variety of ways.
  • An increase in communication on the higher levels (like twin flame dream messages for example). When physical contact isn’t an option your higher selves will reach out.
  • Noticing strange coincidences like number patterns or references to things you shared with your twin.

As with much of this spiritual connection, the more spiritually advanced twin will be the one to notice these signs but both will experience them. How we interpret these signs can vary greatly, however, so do they miss you as well?

Your Twin Flame Misses You Too

Twin Flames Missing Each OtherI’ve covered this in more detail before when I kept getting asked does my twin flame miss me? It’s an easy one to answer: yes, they always miss you… but this doesn’t always automatically mean they’re going to do something about it.

In the (many) stories I hear and in my own personal journey, it’s entirely common to have longer periods of separation without contact or any kind of communication on the 3D.

If both twins are connected and miss each other, how is it possible that they don’t reach out or respond the way you’d expect?

I rarely speak with complete certainty when it comes to our higher-level connections but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that the feeling of intense loss and missing your mirror soul is always there.

They do miss you.

If they’re further along their journey it’s possible to have separation periods where they let you know they miss you but if they aren’t able to express this it’s likely:

  • They’re aware something is wrong or out of place but they’re not able to understand what. They’ll frame this feeling in a way that makes sense to them such as telling themselves they’re just tired or they’re coming down with something. Sometimes they’ll equate the feelings of connection to you with their connection to a third party or karmic partner.
  • If they’re really just getting started on their spiritual development they might be completely oblivious to the energy but (in my experience) this is less common if at least you are aware of the connection they’re probably not that far behind.

What Does it Feel Like When Twin Flames Miss Each Other?

Again, it’s going to manifest differently for everyone. This is a description I can relate to (shared with permission and without the name):

It’s like a deep ache. An emptiness you can’t fill no matter how hard you try and it feels as if the world is dimming around you in their absence, everything just isn’t quite right anymore. It’s more than missing them or pining for a relationship back-it goes to the core of who we are on a spiritual and energetic level.

A twin flame connection is a bond that’s not only physical but also emotional and spiritual. It’s one of the most powerful connections you can have in this lifetime. Being apart from a mirror soul can feel like being ripped apart from… well, yourself.

It’s like losing a limb because, in a spiritual sense, you are.

How to Stop Missing Your Twin Flame

How to Stop Missing Your Twin Flame

I know I just said they always miss each other and there’s no way to completely stop that connection. So when I say stop missing your twin flame, I really mean stop fixating on them.

Remember that the spiritual path towards union is a path of self-care. Learning to focus on yourself and your own growth takes the focus away from missing your twin and onto what you actually need to do to further your own goals.

Yes, there are specific things you can do like twin flame affirmations but when you boil it all down the answer is always to move the focus from your twin and onto yourself.

I’m not saying you have to completely ignore your twin. That probably doesn’t even feel like an option (I know it wouldn’t for me) but there’s a difference between ignoring them and not focusing on them.

This isn’t something that just happens overnight. It’s a slow and steady process that takes time to develop.

The first step is being honest with yourself about the ways you’re missing your twin and what it feels like when they aren’t around. Be mindful and honest with yourself about the energy you’re devoting to missing them and find something productive to do with that energy instead.

You might further your spiritual path with meditation, your physical path with exercise or even focus on a professional goal or hobby. You might create your own ritual with affirmations or journaling, you could find an influence like yoga to help you through the phase. You might begin energy work like reiki to actively further your journey onward.

This might seem like a big ask when you’re dealing with the energy of separation but take it as baby steps. It’ll get easier and further your journey in the process.

How Can This Help Your Journey to Union?

The pain and discomfort of a separation phase, does actually serve a purpose. If it went completely unnoticed we wouldn’t feel the need to do anything about it but the fact we miss them so intensely is often what triggers us to bring our focus where it needs to be.

Time alone doesn’t further the twin flame journey. Sitting back and waiting for a runner twin flame to ‘just get it’ only leads to heartache and failure to reach union in this lifetime.

This intense feeling of missing each other is exactly what it takes to get your attention and further your journey for the better. Don’t focus on the pain and discomfort, instead allow it to be a wake-up call to bring your attention and energies where it matters.

If you’re feeling stuck or at a loss for what to do, tell me about your journey so far and I’ll do my best to help.

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