Does My Twin Flame Miss Me?

Wondering “Does my twin flame miss me?” is part of the process of working on the completion of a union/reunion. Your twin’s soul bond is most likely in separation at this point, and your twin as longing for your energies to harmonize and merge just as much as you are.

As part of the twin flame journey, you’re going to feel a lot of troubling or sad feelings. Your twin is going to do the same. Keep in mind that your bond is unbreakable and your souls will always long for one another. The more progress you make along the path towards union frequency, the more you’ll feel you miss your twin. The separation pain is going to feel worse and worse the longer it takes to reach that harmonious frequency of union. And your twin is missing you as much as you’re missing them. Your energies, feelings, and sometimes thoughts travel through the twin flame soul bond and are communicated between twins.

Why Do I Suddenly Miss My Twin Flame?

The twin flame soul bond is a bridge of continuous connection and communication. In that sense, your higher selves and your souls are always connected and technically your energies are never apart.

But your 3D selves have more or less of a conscious awareness of your energetic bodies. If there’s less of a conscious awareness of the bond, then your 3D selves will feel the effects of having less aware energetic contact and process it as being without your divine counterpart. That sense of being without them will make you miss them, whether you’ve become aware of your twin flame destiny or not.

You’ll always feel that sense of missing your divine counterpart, perhaps for as long as you’ll be able to remember. When that feeling intensifies, your counterpart is likely going through some intense situation and is focusing their energetic presence there, thereby coming through less via your soul bond tie. Some of the most significant moments when that happens are the separation and the impending union/reunion phases.

Separation Phase

Before the 3D Connection

If you’ve never connected in the 3D yet during this human experience, then you’re connecting with your twin flame during your dreams or astral traveling, in your energetic forms. That’s the realm in which you will feel connected and thereby comfortable at all times, though you might be more or less aware of that in the beginning stages of your journey.

Because of that lack of conscious awareness of your bond, when you’re aware and awake in the 3D you’ll feel less of that connection’s energy trickling through into your physical reality and thereby feel like you’re missing your twin flame more and more. This ongoing tension will keep growing until you manage to finally connect in the 3D, whether you’ll be interacting directly or at least be within each other’s vicinity, or until you manage to connect in higher dimensions in a consciously aware enough manner for your energies to harmonize.

After the 3D Connection

If you’ve already connected in the 3D, whether you’ve had a twin flame relationship or not, you’ve experienced a more intense energetic presence of your twin flame through their immediate vicinity.

After experiencing that intensity of connection, the more distance is put between you, the more you’re going to miss your twin flame.

If this is a twin flame separation and one or both twins decide to put distance between them through lack of communication or contact and lack of physical interaction, then regardless of who decided to put that distance between you, you’re both going to miss your twin’s intenser presence and thereby energy.

Your flames are designed to burn bright together, in harmony. It’s the natural state of your souls. The more distant from that your reality is, the more you’ll feel the yearning for your twin flame’s presence.

When things take a sudden dive, your counterpart might have hit a considerably lower vibe than where they used to be a while back and your energetic body is struggling to harmonize with theirs.

The Runner Twin Flame

When one of the twin flames decides to put their twin flame journey on hold indefinitely or for a fixed duration, they are trying to escape the nature of their soul bond and thereby become what is known as a twin flame runner. The other party in the dynamic becomes the so-called twin flame chaser, though I don’t like the terms since they suggest the twin who isn’t doing the avoiding might in some way give chase – which they can’t.

The way a twin flames bond works are through the attraction of frequencies that are alike. Since there’s no way to actively influence someone’s progress towards development and ascension when they’re not desiring to be influenced, you cannot chase someone or somehow push them into a union/reunion higher frequency. Higher frequencies are hard to access. It’s more likely to push someone into a lower frequency, for instance, through a pause or break in the journey.

What you can do in such a situation is to suffer the consequences of your twin flame imposing distance between you. It will hurt them as much as it will hurt you, only they will have chosen to go through that while you’ll have been sort of cornered into it.

During this separation, you’ll miss your twin all the more since you never even intended that break to ever happen. This can be a very triggering time for both of you. Try to focus on your bond of unconditional love, regardless of the details of the situation.

twin flame miss me

Impending Union and Reunion

One segment of your twin flames journey during which you might feel like you miss your twin, even more, is the part just before union/reunion frequency is reached.

At this time, the energetic pressure is going to grow for both flames so that they’ll come together as soon as possible. For their energy fields, the sooner, the better. At this point, the twin flames are going to be energetically harmonized and will long to harmonize the lower-frequency aspects of their human experience – their human experience vessels or bodies.

The pressure will manifest as missing your twin flame more and more. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before union/reunion is going to be achieved. Congrats!

Does Twin Flame Runner Miss Me?

If you’re dealing with a separation and your twin flame has become a runner, you know just how terribly much you’re missing them. But you may be wondering if they’re missing you too.

The short and simple answer to that question is “Yes, undoubtedly!”. The simple matter of the fact is that twin flames are meant to be within each other’s energy. They are built to function as a team and will harmonize to do so regardless of the details of their 3D situation.

The so-called chaser is going to miss their runner twin. That energy is going to be then transmitted through the twin flames bond and thereby become mirrored by the twin runner. That mirrored feeling will only add to the runner’s own sense of missing their flame, which they will feel as soon as they decide to put any kind of barrier or distance between them.

Does My Twin Flame Feel Me Crying?

Due to the unbreakable nature of the twin flames bond, there’s also an unbreakable line of energetic communication between twins.

That bridge of communication can easily lead to shared dreams, feelings, thoughts traveling back and forth between twins. One twin will always know and feel what their counterpart is feeling or thinking, whether they’re fully consciously aware of it or not yet.

How aware each twin is of their bond of energetic communication will determine the level of awareness they’ll have about what they’re feeling or thinking and where it’s originating. But however unaware a twin might be of that bond of energetic communication, it will always be active.

Your twin is always going to feel what you’re feeling and know what you’re thinking. They’ll just be more or less consciously aware of it during different points along the way. When you’ll be sad, crying, feeling brokenhearted, your counterpart will feel those emotions radiate towards them through your soul bond. They will also most likely mirror all of that, sensing it and adding to that their own distress caused by those feelings, thereby intensifying your own sadness as well.

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In Short

Whether you have or haven’t yet connected in the 3D, if you’re wondering “Does my twin flame miss me?”, the simple answer is: “Yes”.

Your unbreakable soul bond will always serve as a bridge of communication between your energetic bodies, whether you’re in 3D contact or not. Not being in each other’s 3D energy will trigger the sense of missing each other, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

The more self-work and self-development you each do, the more aware you will become of your energetic reality and the better equipped you’ll be to put a name to that sense of longing you’ve been feeling for most likely the better part of your life. Whether you’ve put a name to it or not though, you’ll be feeling it.

You and your counterpart will always miss each other.

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