Top Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating With You

It’s very likely there are signs your twin flame is communicating with you all around you, but you don’t always notice them. The twin flame journey is a very intense and demanding spiritual, emotional, and energetic experience. Whether you’re aware of having some psychic gifts or not, you and your twin flame are in constant telepathic communication – whether it’s on a consciously aware level or not. Even while in separation, twins are in constant energetic communication.

The signs can vary between twin flames but the common ones are connecting in dreams, reacting to intense emotional states or random thoughts and emotions out of nowhere. If they’re communicating with you and are consciously aware of it, you may receive answers to questions or intense mental images.

If you haven’t met your twin flame face to face or you’re not in contact though, the communication can easily get confusing. Your soul is always going to long for at least some level of contact with your twin flame, even if it’s only on an energetic and spiritual level. When you do receive some form of communication, it could be very important for you to identify signs of what kind of communication you’re really dealing with: consciously aware contact, or not?

Is My Twin Flame Aware of the Connection?

One of the toughest questions a twin flame can ask themselves while they’re in separation and/or in no contact is whether their twin is actually aware of the twin flame connection between them.

The twin’s soul is always aware of it, of course. But that doesn’t always mean that conscious awareness has caught on to the fact yet. In some cases, the awakening comes in later on – even after a relationship and a breakup with their twin! Some twin flames are faster to come online, and others are a bit slower. There’s no fault or blame to assign in these cases. Energy moves in a fluid way, and it has its own dynamic based on various elements of each of the twin’s human experiences.

Sometimes you just feel it in your heart that your twin is aware of the connection, but sometimes it can get a bit confusing. If you’re in a no-contact situation with your twin flame, one way to tell if they’re aware of the connection or not is to understand what sort of communication there is between you on a spiritual and energetic level and what it could mean for your shared path.

Spotting the Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating With You

The signs of your twin flame communicating with you will vary between twins but also vary on when their communication is intentional or not. Subconscious communication is constantly there (twin flames are thinking about each other constantly) but the signs are different when they’re intentionally communicating with you.

Signs When They’re Not Consciously Aware of It


You’re very likely to feel the presence of your twin flame during dreams. While you sleep, your energetic body is much freer than while you’re awake – the conditioning of your human experience has much less of a grip on you. As a result, your soul will gravitate around the soul of your twin flame with much more ease and with much fewer restraints.

It’s very likely that you’ve been dreaming about your twin even before you’ve realized you had one. They could come through as a presence that is perfectly familiar to you during your dream, but someone you don’t recognize once you’ve woken up. They might show up as more of a presence, without having a clear face or body in your dreams, but an energy signature you instantly recognize and bask in the warmth of.

Many of these dream encounters happen before both twins are fully aware of the connection, but in no way mean necessarily that the twins aren’t aware of it. Dream interaction can go on after both are fully aware of the divine soul bond between them, voluntarily or not. It’s simply the easiest way for your energetic bodies to connect, and they’re instinctively drawn to do that all the time.

It’s very likely that you’ll experience dream communication with your twin also if they’ve decided to exercise their free will and put your journey on hold, as far as they’re concerned. In most cases, such a pause is temporary and clearly a voluntary act. They’re aware of the bond but for whatever reason – emotional overwhelm, inability or unwillingness to do the necessary shadow work and so on – choose to put the journey on hold. But your soul to soul bond won’t go on hold, no matter what. As a result, you’ll most likely feel their energy reach out to you in your dreams, when they don’t have as much conscious control over it.

twin flame communicating

A Presence As a Result of Your Intense Emotional States

When you’re going through any sort of intense emotional state, whether it’s a positive or a negative one, your twin’s instinctive reaction is to be instantly present on an energetic level.

They’re going to react to your bliss or distress by surrounding you with their energy, even without realizing they’re doing that or even being aware of it. The soul bond is so strong that it acts as a bit of an elastic band: any form of an energetic shift within you will inevitably pull in your twin’s energy.

Because it’s so deeply ingrained in both of your souls though, that presence doesn’t necessarily mean that your twin consciously knows that you’re going through great joy or sorrow and shows up to offer support as a result of that awareness. It might simply be an instinctive energetic reaction.

Random Thoughts or Messages That Relate to Nothing Going on With You

Because the twin flame bond is so strong and deeply ingrained within both of your energetic bodies, it acts as a bit of telephone line which fires on calls of its own volition or without any intent to do so.

It’s likely to happen more so at the beginning of the journey when at least one of the twins isn’t aware of the flame bond between you. When they’re going through any sort of intense emotional or mental state, the soul bond is very likely to relay some of that intensity to the other twin. It’s a bit like an energetic bleed of information, or static that is fired towards you without any intent or awareness on the other end.

After both twins become more aware of the strong ties between them, they’re more likely to sort of reduce the noise and the involuntary spillage of information, but it’s not mandatory for that to happen. In fact, being able to control those energy bumps means a lot of awareness and control on one’s own energetic body and a lot of experience with existing as part of the twin flame bond.

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating With You on a Consciously Aware Level

Answers or Reactions to Your Aware Communication

If you’re sending out questions or asking for advice or guidance of some sort from your twin flame regarding a particular matter, so you are initiating a consciously aware line of communication, and you get a reaction or answer, then you can be sure your twin flame is very much so aware that you’re twin flames.

You could ask for feedback on anything or in any matter, the topic isn’t so much relevant as is the fact that you’ve established a consciously aware and active line of communication. In such a case, the signs are going to be that your twin flame is answering or reacting to your request or action.

Getting to such a state of twin flame connection won’t be an initial stage of the twin flames journey, though. That’s going to be a level of connection you’ll work your way up to.

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Intense Mental Images or Thoughts That Ask for Your Feedback

The same principle applies to situations in which you’re receiving mental images, thoughts, or questions from your twin flame. Your ability to receive them, especially if they’re repeated, for instance, if you don’t react quickly, is a very clear sign that your twin flame is thinking about you and is very aware of your bond. Your twin is reaching out with clear intent and desire to establish that line of communication.

Once that kind of interaction happens, you can be sure it’s a sign that your twin flame experience has reached a pretty advanced phase. It means you and your twin flame are very much in tune to each other’s frequency, you are harmonizing very well, and there’s active intent and desire to connect on more than the communication level.

While having this sort of communication with your twin flame doesn’t necessarily mean that union is impending, it means that you’ve made great strides in getting closer to that moment. Good job!

In Short

Once you become aware of the fact that you’re on the twin flame journey and you embrace that path, there will be subtle and constant communication between you and your twin.

In the beginning stages, it’s very likely that it will be unintentional, involuntary, born out of both your instinctive need and reflex to connect. As you make progress along the twin flame path, your communication will slowly start to be more and more consciously aware and intentional.

Whether you’re in separation and/or no contact or not, such an established line of connection won’t simply vanish – even if it goes silent for some time. Just like the twin flame bond between you, it can’t truly be dissolved, only put on snooze for a while. When both twins are again ready to embrace their destiny, it will come back online and blossom as the beautifully divine connection it is.

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