1010 Angel Number Twin Flame Guidance

If you’re seeing the 1010 angel number twin flame synchronicity, you’re getting some powerful messages from the universe through that number and potentially other instances of angel numbers. There are very powerful energies around your soul connection, positive energies and negative ones. This is a very significant part of your divine journey, and it’s communicated to you through number messages or synchronicity.

When you’re seeing the angel number 1010, your higher self is sending you messages about what you should do and know about your own spiritual awakening and with your twin flame relationship. If you’re seeing the 1010 number a lot, the universe is really trying to get this message across to you. You’re about to end a major phase of your personal and twin journey and begin a major new chapter. You may be about to enter or exit the separation phase and begin the union or reunion phase.

What Should You Do?

When you’re seeing any angel number repeatedly, the first thing you should do is look into the energy of that message and how it fits into your current situation. While messages have some general meaning, when put together with a context and situation their meaning might get very nuanced.

In terms of numerology and angel numbers, 10 is a very significant number. It marks the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, through circling back to number 1. Your angel message is first and foremost that you should be prepared for ending some very significant phase or season of your life. It’s very likely that you’re concluding a karmic cycle and wrapping up that energy frequency.

If you haven’t yet gone through your spiritual awakening, the number 1010 meaning could be that you’re about to become woke. The more you’re seeing 1010, the clearer it is going to be that the meaning of 1010 will have a strong impact on your personal journey.

Get ready to embark on a new phase or adventure in your personal journey. The energy of number 1 will be coming in soon after, so you should focus as much as you can on cleansing your energetic field, resolving any emotional conflicts or issues you still have pending and then letting them go, and give in to the powerful harmony of the universe so you’ll fulfill the plan divinity has in store for you.

If you’re on a twin flame journey, then seeing 1010 takes an even deeper meaning. Reducing 1010 in numerology, we get 2 – the number of partnerships, relationships, twins. Keep in mind though that in order to make sense of the meaning of the synchronicity and be sure you’re getting it right, you should ask for guidance and confirmations from your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, higher self, or whatever you perceive of as your higher power.

What Does 1010 Mean for Twin Flames?

Twin Flame Activation

In terms of the twin flame relationship, the number 1010 can speak about awakening to the fact that you are indeed a twin flame. You may have suspected it up to this point, but could have had some doubts at some point.

Your activation may come about through meeting your twin flame in your dreams, the spiritual realm or through astral traveling. It might also come about by meeting them in the physical 3D reality, either face to face or simply passing by each other on the street. The very proximity of your twin flame’s energy is going to activate the bond and ignite your twin flames.

Twin Flame Confirmation

If you’ve already experienced the activation phase but haven’t seen much progress at all or as of late, you may be going through a phase of doubting your divine mission and your twin flame status.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to have doubts coming from your human experience conditioning about the validity of this aspect of your soul, especially in the more initial phases of your consciously aware part of the journey.

If you’re asking your spirit guides, guardian angels, and ancestors or any form of higher power you personally believe in about the validity of your twin flame journey, you’re very likely to receive your answer through the angel number 1010 when you’re getting closer to concluding one significant phase of the journey.

You’re also going to see the angel number 1010 a lot before you begin the new phase of your journey, as a reminder to prepare for closure and evolution on some topic or tangent.

Twin Flames Progress

As you make progress along your twin flame journey, you are very likely to see the 1010 number a lot around the completion point of every phase.

Some twin flames sense each phase as very separate from the next because one or both of them have downtime between phases. The journey is very intense and demanding, and it takes a lot out of the soul and the human experience self to put in the work.

You are likely to have breaks in-between sessions of growth, upgrades, and expansion. Your energetic body needs to integrate those upgrades at every step along the way, harmonize within self and then harmonize the new energies with your twin flame too.

During such downtime terms, you might see the number 1010 to confirm that you’ve done your work in order to complete that particular phase of your journey and that you’re going to embark on a new phase soon. It’s a reminder to meditate, pray, cleanse, balance your energy, and get ready for the next round.


Twin Flames Seeing 10:10

When twin flames see angel numbers revolving around the meaning of 1010, it’s very likely a message about a significant part of the journey coming close to reaching completion. The more you see the number 10, the more significant the phase of the journey is likely to be.

As twin flames, you are very likely to receive synchronicities involving the number 1010 when you’re receiving messages about separation or union/reunion. You might find yourself checking your phone time and time again at 10:10, or may run into odd places where a 10.10 or 10:10 or 10/10 keeps showing up.

Twin Flame Separation

If you and your twin flame are in a relationship and you’re constantly seeing 1010 showing up, you might want to brace yourself: the next phase in the connection might be separation or union. Sometimes you won’t be able to tell just what it’s going to be, so prepare yourself emotionally and mentally, but more so spiritually for whatever phase divinity has in store for you.

If you’re in separation at the time you’re seeing a lot of the angel number 1010, the message might be that outside influences may be coming to an end. That may mean that your union is no longer being delayed or hindered by karmic influences, so if it has been on pause, it may now start to make progress yet again.

If that’s the case, double up your efforts when it comes to your own ascension process. The less of an influence outside factors have on your soul bond, the more progress along the journey you’ll be able to make both as yourselves and as a pair.

The union or reunion phase might be just around the corner, and you might be very close to finally ending this separation phase.

Twin Flame Union/Reunion

If you’re seeing a lot of the angel number 1010, then you might be one step away from twin flame union/reunion.

Adding to the meaning of 1010 as angel number, which talks about completing cycles, getting closure, and moving on, the meaning of number 1 comes next to talk about union, unity consciousness, and the power of it all which is one. Combining these numbers, we’re getting the sacred number 11, which is a twin flame symbol and confirmation of impending union or reunion with your divine counterpart.

When you’ve done most of your work and are on your path towards higher and higher frequencies during your ascension, you are likely to notice a lot of angel number synchronicities and 1010 is going to be featured quite a lot, most likely. When you encounter this angel number, think of it as encouragement from the universe. Rev up your ascension engines and prepare for takeoff.

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In Short

The meaning of 1010 angel number twin flame synchronicities generally refers to the completion of a cycle or phase and the beginning of a new one. It can refer to an incoming contact, activation, separation or union/reunion, depending on the particular situation of the twin flames.

It’s important to always consult with your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, higher self, and any form in which you perceive your higher power when you’re getting these messages, though. Depending on the moment and the particulars of your circumstances, these angel numbers might be conveying one message or another.

It’s important to keep an open mind and discern what the universe is really trying to tell you at one point in time, and not just go by general meanings. There might be guidance for you in that message at that time, and it’s very important you receive the message as such.

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