Which is Stronger: Twin Flames or Soulmates?

It’s completely human (perhaps too human) to question if we’re doing the right thing with the right person or in the right relationship. Both soulmates and twin flames are the strongest (and incredibly intense) connections that you can ever have with someone.

But which is stronger, twin flames or soulmates? Or, as I keep getting asked, which is better?

Twin flames and soulmates differ in many ways, and while neither is ‘better’ than the other, the twin flame connection is ‘stronger’.

Both are incredibly rare connections and worth cherishing. I’ve talked about the difference between twin flames and soulmates (and it’s incredibly important to understand that difference), but the bottom line is that a twin flame connection is often much deeper and more powerful than a soulmate.

Both connections can be incredibly rare. Both can be incredibly intense. Both connections go far beyond what we would consider a ‘normal’ physical relationship. Both can completely rock your world and change things for the better.

Soulmates (In Brief)

I don’t want to minimize the incredible positive connection of a soulmate connection. Hollywood movies tend to pass it off as a buzzword they can throw around, but the truth is these are incredibly rare connections in their own right.

Unlike twin flame relationships, where we only have one twin flame, if we’re incredibly lucky, we can find more than one soulmate in a single lifetime.

While an incredibly deep connection, these soul mate relationships are not always romantic. In fact, a soulmate can often help further your twin flame journey.

A soulmate often seems to be a romantic partner, but it can be a best friend or even a family member. They are two completely different people connected on a deeper level.

They might be in each other’s lives forever, or they might go their separate ways once their purpose is complete. This is the main difference.

Twin Flames (in Brief)

While I can certainly understand the confusion (especially since many people use this term completely interchangeably), twin flame love is incredibly different.

Annoyingly it’s also incredibly hard to spot the difference until you experience it yourself (which is why we try to look for external signs and twin flame readings).

If you’re on this path, it’s so incredibly important that you fully understand what a twin flame is. Yes, they share the most unbelievable relationship that few can even dream of, but there’s something much deeper. Even compared with a soulmate relationship.

This is more than just an intense connection. Twin flames share the same soul. It’s hard to express just how strong that connection is.

soulmate or twin flame betterNot everyone has one. The vast, vast majority will never even hear the term let alone undertake the journey. Many people will confuse a karmic or soulmate connection with the journey, but it’s just not the same.

Which is Stronger?

Stronger can be hard to quantify a connection, but I’ll give it my best here.

Twin flames can go through multiple lifetimes and come together in the most unlikely of circumstances. They’re constantly drawn to each other, and while we do get a romantic relationship, the spiritual path of personal growth and development is noticeably different.

Twin flames share a connection that doesn’t fit how most people understand a relationship because it’s not of this world. Their connection goes far, far beyond unconditional love and emotional connection.

Twin flames share a contract with each other and the universe as large. It’s hard to compete with that.

Which is Better?

Neither is ‘better’. Not only is it not a competition, but every connection shares a purpose. Even toxic relationships and soulmate relationships that don’t stand the test of time bring us to where we are.

If you’re reading this, it’s like you’re on the twin flame journey yourself. Even if it’s hard, and even if you don’t understand the full purpose yet, trust that this connection is here for a reason. Twin flame relationships are truly special and incredibly powerful connections that can change our lives and bring us to places we’ve never dreamed of before.

If you have a soulmate in your life, look to them as a guide. Romantic or not, they’re an incredibly rare gift and will bring you deep spiritual growth. They might even be your life partner or in each other’s life for a long, long time.

If you’ve met your twin flame, this is the rarest of all connections you could possibly share. It’s a strong connection that isn’t going away anytime soon.

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