Twin Flame Relationship Problems (Is it Normal? What Does it Mean?)

If you’re dealing with twin flame relationship problems, trust me, you’re not the only one.

Twin flame relationship problems are some of the most difficult life lessons and perhaps the greatest catalyst for growth. They absolutely happen and should be used as an opportunity to further your journey together.

Why Are Twin Flame Relationships so Difficult?

It doesn’t really take a relationship expert to figure out that twin flame relationships are not exactly a walk in the park for the twin souls.

They’re not really meant to be easy, after all. In fact, quite the opposite: they are meant to be challenging. It’s based on those twin flame relationship challenges that the twin souls achieve a high-frequency intense soul connection that can result in divine union.

The deep level of emotional connection and the powerful attraction between romantic twins often lead to twin flame relationship problems, but the core nature of the bond is never that of a dysfunctional relationship, regardless of its nature.

Fuel for Progress

The issues you go through are meant to help you make progress on your path towards ascension or ignite your awakening time if you’re not already awakened when you meet your twin.

These issues are also meant to help you gain a higher and higher frequency and ultimately harmonize with the twin flame union frequency. Part of achieving divine union is the process of working through different lower frequencies and resolving them so they’re excluded from your energetic bodies.

The issues you run into as part of your twin bond are opportunities you and your twin get to ascend beyond particular lower frequencies and get that much closer to achieving divine union.

It might be tough to focus on the long game, particularly if you’re playing out a romantic blueprint for your connection during this human experience. But the truth is that the issues you’re running into are nothing but opportunities for you two to achieve union that much faster and easier during the current or the next human experiences.

When dealing with your twin, you’re not playing for keeps during this particular lifetime, but literally forever. And you are both born to succeed in achieving union. It’s simply a matter of time before you get there, and your divine essence is not actually limited by time and space as our human vessels are.

Why Am I Arguing With My Twin Flame?

Unhealed Wounds

Why Am I Arguing With My Twin FlameTwin flame relationships are big-time triggers for emotional wounds that are still unhealed.

Keep in mind that these emotional bonds trigger existing issues to come to light from the subconscious, but they don’t cause fresh wounds by becoming a traumatizing bad experience of abuse or a low-frequency codependent relationship.

One common challenge you run into if you’re not dealing with an awakened twin at this point is that they’re most likely still dealing with a lot of hidden emotions stemming from childhood wounds and ego issues.

Twin Tensions Run High

Twin flames have a very intense type of connection. If it’s a romantic relationship type of soul contract, then it’s going to be an explosive and incredible bond that will cause bursts of energy and sparks within each twin flame.

The sexual attraction is super intense between twin flames. That intense attraction causes a lot of tension between the mirror souls. And those tensions start to grow as soon as the twins connect because the intense bond is very likely ignited by very intense physical attraction at first glance.

Triggers for Personal Growth

The awakening energy triggered within both twin flames ups the stakes all the more. Collective energies fuel that fire and support the twins having amazing experiences in the higher dimensions and in the dream world, if not in the 3D yet.

Nothing feels as good as basking in your divine mirror’s presence, so there’s a growing need to be more and more in tune with your twin flame’s energy and, if possible, in their presence. The frequency of your future harmonious union motivates both of your energies to see this alchemical union happen as soon as possible. It all translates into a tsunami of desire on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Add to that the considerable pressure caused by the deep level of connection, which can be somewhat uncomfortable and triggering if one or both of you still have some unresolved ego issues or attachment issues.

Your intense spiritual soul connection is all-encompassing, so the mental connection and the emotional connection with your divine mirror could bring up some aspects of your personal growth that you still need to work on. A perfect time to start focusing on your own spiritual path and use the law of attraction for twin flames.

False Twin Flame?

Note: I do have a full guide on false twin flames that I highly suggest reading. Just because you’re having relationship problems does not mean you are not twin flames. I don’t want you to panic but I do have to touch on the possibility.

If in doubt, I do free twin flame readings and guidance.

Twin flame relationships are karmic relationships to some extent, as they are based on a spiritual connection that never breaks or ends until the divine union is achieved.

Twins might go through an ‘on and off’-again type relationship for a while during the separation phase, but the ultimate goal of this type of relationship is to lead to spiritual growth that eventually results in divine union.

You shouldn’t confuse the deep connection of a twin flame relationship with a toxic co-dependent or controlling relationship. While the twin flame connection can lead to some challenging relationships, it’s never an abusive relationship.

The sacred and incredible bond of trust that ultimately leads to a harmonious union of counterparts is going to run into some issues as any multiple lifetimes-long adult relationship is likely to, but it will never be a toxic, abusive, and dysfunctional relationship.

While you or your twin might go through some chaotic energy and display some dysfunctional behavior at one point or another because of some emotional instability you’re going through on a personal level, the simple truth is that it will never translate into truly bad behavior towards your twin flame.

Keep in mind that the twin flame connection is based at its core on high-frequency unconditional love and spiritual growth towards ascension and ultimately twin flame union.

If you’re having doubts about the connection you’re in, go through our 10-question reality checklist to better understand what type of relationship you’re dealing with.

Checklist for a Twin Flame Relationship

  • Is this a genuine connection between authentic people?
  • Is this connection helping us further our personal growth?
  • Does the bond fuel one or both of our spiritual awakening?
  • Is this an awakened relationship between people who are a mirror image of each other’s soul?
  • Does this relationship stand on the basis of a balanced exchange of energy?
  • Do you help each other learn some important life lessons in a loving high-frequency way?
  • Does the connection show you a mirror image of your core wounds so you and your mirror soul can heal?
  • Does the bond offer you comfort during uncertain times?
  • Is your emotional bond helping you overcome any attachment issues you might have?
  • Is your twin helping you attain a higher level of spiritual truth?

This is not to say that if you can’t honestly answer “yes” to all of these questions, then you’re not twin flames. But if you can’t honestly answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are likely dealing with a fake twin flame type of relationship.

twin flame relationship lasting

Can Twin Flame Relationships Last?

Not only can twin flame relationships last, but in fact, they never really end.

The energy cord that exists between twins is never broken, even if one or both twins might decide to put their journey on hold for a while or for one or more lifetimes. That bond is programmed into the very essence of your soul and it’s a part of your energetic anatomy that cannot be removed or destroyed.

At most, it can be rendered dormant during one or more lifetimes as a result of one or both twin flames exercising free will on choosing whether to make progress towards union or not.

So in that sense, twin flame relationships never end. When they achieve union, they transform, so we could say that they don’t end even then.

If we’re talking about their durability during one particular human experience, then we need to consider what kind of blueprint the relationship is based on and understand if and how it can last.

Relationship Blueprints

While people often associate twin flame connections with romantic ties by default, that’s not always the case. The nature of the energy cord is unconditional love – that’s not necessarily or exclusively the romantic type of love.

There are different types of relationship blueprints that twins play out during different human experiences in order to process unresolved karmic issues, shadows, inner child issues and so on. These blueprints can be:

  • Romantic
  • Familial (parents/children, siblings)
  • Camaraderie (best friends, lifelong friends)
  • Mentoring (mentor, inspiration)

Each of these blueprints can come with its own specific types of tensions and issues and will help the twins overcome specific issue-based frequencies.

In either one of these cases, the 3D interaction might be limited due to various reasons. Those limitations depend on the level of spiritual growth and ascension achieved by each of the twins and the frequency of their bond, as well as the free will choices made by each twin during that human experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that your true relationship with your twin is not the particular blueprint you played out during one particular lifetime, though. Your relationship is the entirety of them, forever.

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