How to Tell If Your Twin Flame Is Thinking of You

I get asked how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you fairly often and I always want to answer the same way. They always are. There are certainly signs that your twin flame is thinking about you (and more specific signs they are communicating with you) but that connection is always there.

Common obvious signs that your twin is thinking of you happen during periods of intense emotions, seemingly random thoughts and images popping into your head and ‘dream visits’.

When it comes to twin flames, there’s an incredibly powerful energetic connection. It’s so strong that your spirit is linked to theirs through telepathy, even when you’re in separation. Energy flows freely between twin flames, and with it flows so much knowledge and feeling that sometimes you can just tell what your twin flame is thinking or feeling, or you see, hear, feel signs that prove it.

Through the telepathic connection of divine higher-dimensional love, twin flames exchange all sorts of spiritual, emotional, energetic, and sometimes even mental information. Dreams, feelings, and thoughts can travel via that bridge from one twin soul to another, signs teaching you also how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you.

How Do You Know Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You?

When it comes to signs that your twin flame is thinking about you, they can range from the very subtle to the very obvious. One deciding factor in the level of subtlety of the signs is the level of harmonious connection between the twin flames.

If you and your twin soul are just starting out on your journey towards divine love and union, you and your twin flame are not yet that well attuned to one another’s soul energy. Though you’ll get a lot of information through the twin flame bond, much of it might be jumbled up and hard or even impossible to process. With time and practice, you’ll slowly learn to speak the language of the energy flow between you and your twin soul.

The more experienced you are in interacting with your twin flame as energy or as a person, the better you’ll be able to read their energy field. You’ll know that your twin is thinking about you because their energy will simply communicate that to you. You’ll sense them connecting to you through their mental energy and will know that they’re thinking about you at that moment. But thoughts aren’t the only thing that travels via that twin flame energy bridge or soul connection.

Do Twin Flames Think of Each Other All the Time?

If you understand this connection your journey toward union can be madeĀ a lot easier. I’ve looked at why twin flames think of each other in more detail and you might want to give that a read if you haven’t already.

Because of the non-stop energy flow between twin flames, the connection can be pretty demanding and at times exhausting. The bond has no off switch and it can’t be severed or dissolved. That alone makes each twin flame have their twin constantly on their mind, not because they seek those thoughts, but because there’s no way to escape thinking about someone who’s energetically linked to you.


The energetic connection between the twin flames often manifests as telepathy that fires at random times. The more experienced the twins are with being in each other’s energy, the better they can handle the telepathic connection.

Signs of being in telepathic connection to your twin flame include things like having recurring thoughts which don’t really relate to anything going on in your life, focusing on ideas or situations which clearly feel like someone else’s yet are ever-present in your mental space, or feeling mental contact with the same energy signature over and over again even if you don’t actually receive much information as a result of that contact.

You might get mental impressions or even fragments of an inner monologue from your twin, or end up being witness to their dreams or their thinking process – in full or just random sequences.

A lot of that has to do with how advanced each twin flame is and how far along they are on their path towards growth and ascension. But the basis of their telepathy is first and foremost their divine flame of love.

twin flame connection

Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul

Those who haven’t experienced the twin flame journey don’t necessarily have the tools to fully comprehend the level of intensity that is involved for each twin soul. To the untrained eye, a twin flame thinks about their twin flame because they probably like or want to do it at this or that time.

Those who are more experienced when it comes to twin flames know or at least understand that the mental, emotional, and physical connections aren’t optional when you’re on the twin flame journey towards union. They simply are, and you have to learn to navigate that reality as best you can as a person and as a twin flame.

That’s why there’s a lot of triggering and healing involved in the journey. Imagine the closest, most intimate relationship you’ve ever had and makes that exponentially more intense, growing in intensity in fact over lifetimes. That’s the level of connection twin flames deal with, and that’s the kind of higher dimensional unconditional love it generates precisely due to all the growth and development the twin flame ascension process involves.

Because the bond is so powerful, and because feelings are pretty intense in terms of energy, they travel through the twin flame bond with ease – both the positive and the negative.

Can You Feel Your Twin Flame Crying?

The twin flame connection is a bit like an open line of communication for energy. The more experienced you are when it comes to dealing with that, the more you’ll be able to understand from that flow of energy. Thoughts, feelings, situations – everything is energy, and energy flows between twin flames.

That means that it’s very likely for you to feel what your twin soul is feeling, or at least to feel that they’re feeling a particular kind of thing – happy, sad, anxious, excited and so on. You may actually feel precisely what your twin flame is feeling at some point in time if you’re more on the emphatic side. You could also receive some sort of signs for particular feelings, which become part of your twin flame energy language. These signs will be signals soul to soul about what’s going on with each twin flame heart or emotional energy.

These signs can be subtle, a vague sense of this or that. But they can also be very blunt signs, like recurring thoughts or feelings manifesting almost as if they were your own when you know deep down inside that they’re of your twin soul instead. They can even turn into physical sensations, ranging from subtle to intense and even concerning.

Your twin flame might feel anxious to the point where you could get a panic attack. Your twin soul might feel sad to the point where you could start to cry. When your twin goes through intense heartache or moments of despair, you might experience things like palpitations, cold sweats, even chest pain.

Don’t Panic

Your counterpart will feel and know what you’re going through and will instinctively lend their energy and support to you regaining your balance – just like you will do for them. Though you do have more hardships to overcome than your average relationship, you also have some bonuses, let’s say. One of them is instant energetic support as a result of the bond. You will instinctively come to each other’s aid and will deal with tough times as a team, not each of you as a single unit.

Even though a lot of this journey can be very intense, at times overwhelming or maybe frustrating, don’t let the strength of the bond scare you. Remember, you’re a twin flame because you’re made of sturdy stuff. You are a delicate, beautiful, and divine being of light that has endless strength. You’re on a sacred mission for yourself, your twin, and the entire collective. You’re badass, simply put!

When you’re going through tougher times along the way, reach out to divinity, the collective, other twin flames you’ve gotten in contact with as part of your human experience. You are never alone because your twin is right there with you, in energy if not in body, even when you’re in separation. The entire collective is right there with you too, and divinity is always by your side.

You are a sacred warrior of light on a divine mission to uplift humanity through your human experience. You are true beauty and strength.

In Short

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you, then you’re most likely just starting out the journey. The more experience you gain with being in your twin’s energy, the better you’ll manage to navigate the tangled web of your bond.

Though there are some general signs you can go by, the truth is that there are only two true experts on your twin flame connection: you and your flame counterpart. The more shadow work you and your counterpart do, the deeper you allow the connection to grow and the better you will be able to understand your particular soul language. The more sacred space you give your bond, the more it will blossom and the clearer you’ll be about everything and anything related to it or your counterpart.

There is great beauty and grace in how much you and your counterpart give of yourselves to one another and to the collective. Celebrate that and honor it, as the collective celebrates and honors you.

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