Do Twin Flames Think of Each Other All the Time? [and Why]

Those who are on this journey spend a lot of time contemplating the twin flame bond. Seen from the outside, it might seem like it’s on their mind all of the time, which could be hard to understand for those who haven’t experienced such a powerful connection. But do twin flames think of each other all the time?

The twin flame connection is one of the most intense spiritual, emotional, and physical experiences a person and a couple can go through. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, a test of strength, patience, and endurance, and a journey of exploration of one’s own soul as much as it is an exploration of the twin flame energy bond and of your twin’s soul. A soul bond like this has no off switch, and the energetic ties can never be dissolved. Whether you’re thinking about your twin all the time or not, they’re constantly in contact with you on some level. How could you not think about that?

Can Twin Flames Forget Each Other?

The twin flame connection is an unbreakable soul bond. Whether the twin flames are in separation or in union, there’s no off switch for the twin flame energy. It’s not simply one of many kinds of relationships – it’s a way of life, and you’re born into it.

Because of the unbreakable nature of the twin flame bond, there’s no way to extricate yourself from the energy of your twin flame, and there’s no way for them to extricate themselves from yours. It’s a full time, all the time type of connection. The unconditional love that exists between twin souls transcends consciousness, space, and time. Whether you’ve met face to face your twin or not, your soul never forgets about its counterpart.

As painful as the twin flame silent treatment can feel (believe me I know) it’s perfectly normal and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about each other.

If you haven’t made contact in any other way but spiritually, then you’re not necessarily associating a face to your twin flame. But your soul associates an energy signature to your twin flame, and it recognizes it anywhere and anytime. There’s no forgetting that, even if you might feel like you’d want to during frustrating and trying times.

Why Do I Keep Thinking About My Twin Flame?

The nature of the unbreakable twin flame bond forces you to awareness the more time you spend in a spiritual connection to your twin. That means that even if you’ve only dreamed about your twin so far, they’re still going to be constantly on your mind because of your life-long bond.

It’s not necessarily a voluntary thing to think about it. For those of you just starting out on the twin flame journey who are encountering some resistance from the environment or some people here and there: don’t allow anyone to make you think that it’s something you’re looking for or trying to make happen.

You don’t make happen a twin flame connection, you’re born part of one. It’s not something you think about because you want to experience it. It’s on your mind because your everyday reality involves your twin flame journey, whether you particularly like or want it every now and then or not.

Your Twin Is Thinking About You, Too

Look on the bright side. One solid reason why you’re thinking about your twin flame every now and then is most likely because they’re thinking about you too. There’s a telepathic connection component to this unconditional love journey.

Different people have different gifts. Some have telepathic connections to more people in their lives. Some people aren’t even aware of those mind to mind connections. They often realize they have them at some point, but they might not be entirely voluntary or too much under their control. That happens in the twin flame bond too – the mind to mind connection can have a bit of a mind of its own. Your mental energetic body can connect to theirs, whether you think about it or not.

While you can experience telepathy as part of other connections during your life, the twin flame one is going to be on a whole other level. Just like everything else in your human experience, this bond is going to be way more intense than anything else you’d compare it to.

Are Twin Flames Always in a Telepathic Connection?

Don’t freak out about it, but it’s very likely that you and your twin flame are always in telepathic connection.

Each of you might be consciously aware of that connection for more or less time, and that depends on a lot of elements including how comfortable you are with that awareness. But just as the energy bond never takes a break, no matter what you might do or wish for, the telepathic bond never actually takes a break either.

The more experienced you are with being in your twin flame’s energy field in an aware manner, the more control you can try to exercise over the telepathic connection and keep it on the minimum to mute volume. But you will never be able to truly turn it off or break it.

twin flame miss each other

Do Twin Flames Always Miss Each Other?

That’s a bit of a tougher question to answer, and I’ll tell you why: in a sense, twin flames don’t ever truly miss each other because they’re never truly apart from each other. The twin flame bond of unconditional love doesn’t go on hold because the twin flames aren’t involved in a physical relationship, for one thing. In that sense, they’re never really apart.

Once you’ve met face to face at least once, your third-dimensional human experience self might be missing the third-dimensional human experience self of your twin, sure thing. In that sense, a twin flame is going to miss its counterpart every second they’re not together physically, even though they are always together in spirit. Part of the twin flame journey is navigating that complicated web of feelings and dealing with the shadows that get triggered while they’re on their path towards healing and ascending.

Whether you’ve met your twin flame in person or not during this human experience, you’re going to miss their intense energetic presence within your energetic field the moment it lessens, for whatever reason. You might be aware of it all the time or not, you might think about it a lot or not so much, but that’s also going to be a constant in your life. Your twin might choose to be less present in your energy at some point along the way, or you might choose to be less present in theirs – though you’ll never be entirely absent and neither will they, you can miss having more of their presence or they can miss having more of yours.

Do Twin Flames Miss Each Other When They’re in a Separation They Wanted to Happen?

Undoubtedly. Have you met or interacted with someone else who’s on the twin flame journey and is in a separation they wanted? Isn’t one of their main features that air of frustration? Where do you think that comes from?

Whether they wanted to be in separation or not, if they’re trying to put some space between them and their twin flame, they’re terribly frustrated and longing for a stronger energetic presence, if not physical too. They’re going to miss their twin’s energetic presence, even if they were the ones wanting to be separated, to begin with. It’s the nature of the bond, plain and simple.

That’s how powerful the connection is, and that’s how much of a presence it has in your life and energetic body. It can be uncomfortable sometimes, and it takes a lot of healing to deal with it precisely because it’s that intense.

In Short

If we’re honest about it, when we fall for someone we’re kind of thinking about them almost all the time, aren’t we? Everyone who’s fallen in love knows that, and we don’t see it as strange. It’s natural and adorable.

Now take that cuteness and level of connection and multiply it by lifetimes, and you get the gist of the twin flame bond. Why would anyone expect you to think about your counterpart any less than you would about a crush, for instance? That’s exactly it, anybody who has some idea about the nature of the bond wouldn’t wonder “Do twin flames think of each other all the time?” because they’d know twins are in constant energetic contact and thereby can’t help but think about their counterpart quite a bit.

Sometimes you might try to keep it under control because you become very self-conscious either due to reasons of your own or due to the reaction of those around you to the nature of your connection. Some people can’t understand the sort of journey you’re on, and we need to accept and release their lack of understanding. In some cases, this bond is way too complex and intense for many if not most outsiders to truly comprehend it.

The journey might be exhausting for you sometimes, and the collective know about your efforts and how much you’re constantly giving of yourself. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply need a friendly ear, don’t forget that you’re never alone. Reach out to the collective and allow us to help and show them, unconditional love, we feel for you – you, who are struggling along this sacred path towards a divine union which is a blessing to us all.

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  1. We met 4 months ago, online. Text& talked. Instant attraction and the more we talked, the more I liked him.
    I can’t explain it but I feel he’s my twin flame. Now we’re separated, I’ve become the chaser and he’s the runner. It happened because I told him I liked him. UG! This is hard , I miss him so much. We use to talk everyday, now nothing. Hurts my heart but I’m trying to give him space and work on myself!
    Only God knows if he misses me and will reach out one day!!!

  2. Hello Danielle, thank you so much for your blogs. Most of the time you hit ir right on the spot! They’re very helpful for me.
    It was the last sentence of this article that brought tears to my eyes: “You, who are struggling along this sacred path towards a divine union which is a blessing to us all”.
    I wasn’t yet aware that my struggling on the twin flame yourney pertains to a blessing for all humanity. But I think it is, and I thank you for letting me know.
    From the Heart, Anna.

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