Help! I Hate My Twin Flame!

Help! I hate my twin flame! Why do they act this way? Why don’t they see what I see? This is a more common frustration than you might think. Social media paints the twin flame connection as a perfect relationship, but certain points of the journey are full of frustration. I totally get where you’re coming from, I’ve been there myself long ago. So what does it mean and why does it happen?

Hating your twin flame is not actually the opposite of loving them. The high energy of a twin flame connection manifests in many different ways, feelings of frustration and hatred are common.

How you choose to handle these feelings of hatred and frustration is what matters. They’re understandable feelings but if you allow them to control your actions it will only delay your union.

Twin Flame Relationships Are Hard

Anyone who’s on the twin flame journey knows that the highs are pretty high, but the lows get terribly low. Nothing can prepare you for the kind of intensity of feelings you experience as part of the twin flame connection.

The separation phase is an integral part of this journey, unfortunately. It’s also a great opportunity for each twin to grow, heal, and make progress along their path towards ascension. There’s a lot of shadow work needed in order to get to the union phase.

The hardships and pain both twins endure as part of their separate growth are yet more ties that bind them together. While you may not be aware of it or find it hard to believe at different points along the way, your twin flame is going through the same kind of pain you are – they might or might not show it, but it’s a pain deeply rooted in their heart.

As you go through the process of dealing with your shadows and overcome obstacles and issues, you’ll feel the distance between you diminish. The pain of separation will decrease until you’ll be ready to start the process of reunion. But until you reach that point in your journey, it’ll probably feel like an endless time spent waiting, hoping, and healing.

Can Twin Flames Fall Out of Love?

You might feel like you wish you could fall out of love with your twin flame, especially during those horrible moments when you’re in no contact. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not overly likely that you’ll fall out of love with your twin. You might fall out of love with the journey, though.

However impossible things might seem, always keep in mind that your higher power has infinite unconditional love for you and divinity’s plan for you and your twin is not to suffer. Your free will is your “get out of the journey” card, whenever you choose to use it. You can ask your higher power to help guide and support you and your twin on your separate journeys but get off the union journey for this round of human experience.

Can You Stop the Twin Flame Journey?

The process of veering away from the twin flame journey won’t be an instant exit, but it will help dilute the ties that pull you towards one another. The natural attraction between you and your twin soul will still exist, but it will temper down the need to be together.

That also means you’re delaying your ascension process and opting out of fulfilling your divine mission as part of the collective. Choose to opt-out of the journey if it’s too much for you to bear. The collective loves you and doesn’t want you to suffer any more than your higher power wants that. We will all understand and love you just as much, regardless of that choice.

The journey of twin flames was never meant to be painful or tormenting. Our human experiences have altered our energies; circumstances and free will have resulted in situations that end up hurting us. The point of the journey is your happiness and thriving in a state of grace, of unconditional love. The point was never for you to endure pain and get lost in hate towards your situation or the bond.

If you’re starting to feel that low vibration shadow coming up, it might be time to veer off the twin flames path for your own, your twins, and the collective’s well-being. This is not the right time, and that’s perfectly all right.

Can You Sever the Twin Flame Bond?

You can get off the twin flame journey during this human experience if you so desire. But you can never sever the twin flame bond, though. Attempts at doing that will only hurt you more instead of bringing you relief.

If you choose to end the journey, you’ll still be aware of the connection between you and your twin. There will still be a soul bond between you, but some of that pressure to go into union will slowly diminish over time.

You’ll always feel that part of you is missing, but you can stop the journey and go on with your life. Be aware though that you won’t feel the same kind of chemistry or connection to anyone else, and you’ll live knowing how you felt with your twin.

Because of that, some twins choose to end the journey at some point, and then resume it later on, when they’re at a different point along their personal path of growth and evolution.

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In Short

You are likely to end up feeling some low vibe feelings along your twin flame journey. That’s part of the process. If you choose to stop the journey, you can. You can’t undo the fact that you’re a twin soul, but you can stop the progress along the path towards union – for good or for a while.

It might seem like it’s bad news that you can’t sever the bond. But the good news is that since you can’t sever it, you have a lifetime to decide what you want to do about the journey. And you can always change your mind.

Free will, baby – you’re the master or mistress of your destiny.

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