6 Warning False Twin Flame Synchronicities

We often talk about twin flame synchronicities as a way to give us guidance and confirmation but sometimes we can also spot false twin flame synchronicities to guide us away from a connection that we’re not supposed to be stuck in.

If you ignore everything else I say, please pay attention to the last synchronicity at least. It’s an important one.

Warning Synchronicities

Number 6: Number Patterns Guiding You Away

Everyone on the twin flame path becomes familiar with twin flame numbers giving us guidance. They’re one of the most common synchronicities and can absolutely try and steer us away from a false twin flame once our time with them is over.

These patterns will start to show more and more if we’re allowing a false connection to slow down our journey towards our true twin flame union. Once we’ve learned our lesson with them we should be moving on – sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Not every number pattern is a sign of confirmation and some numbers will be warning you away. Or they might start guiding you towards another person, thing or place.

False Twin Flame Telepathy

Number 5: Controlling Telepathy

Twin flame telepathy is not entirely unique to a twin flame relationship. It’s certainly a lot stronger with twin flames but you can develop it with many types of spiritual connection – including a false twin flame.

This synchronicity with a real twin flame will drive you forward to improve and push yourself. With a false twin flame, it’s going to do quite the opposite. Usually, unintentionally, the false twin will use the connection to try and stop you from leaving.

This can take many different forms from draining your energy and motivation to try something new to driving you away from hobbies and friends.

This is often why we think of false twin flames as energy vampires.

Number 4: False Hope

The twin flame journey isn’t always easy but a real twin flame will actively work to heal you and themselves even when physically separated. On a higher level, they know the journey you’re on so they don’t constantly feel the need to reassure the both of you.

A false twin flame will do quite the opposite.

Every time you tell yourself that you’re done, it’s over and they’ve crossed the line they often give you a false hope that things will get better. That they are the real thing. Sometimes this will be verbal, sometimes they’ll use that controlling telepathic link.

Again, they’re doing this to keep you around but this is not what a real twin flame bond is.

Numer 3: Controlling Synchronicities

While some messages from the universe are more noticeable than others, twin flames usually experience a gradual nudge in the right direction… rather than a shove.

During periods of intense emotion or high energy, they can be more obvious than others but if they’re ever feeling extreme or controlling then it might be a false twin flame.

Signs from a true twin flame will try and guide you towards things that are good for you. Things that push you to heal and better yourself. A false twin flame will be trying to keep you in place and the synchronicities will warn you away from change.

Number 2: A Lack of Dreams

We all dream constantly but most of us forget 99% of our dreams.

On the twin flame journey, we tend to dream more often. Sometimes we’re meeting our twin flame within the dream, sometimes we’re dealing with some internal healing to allow us to progress with our journey.

When we’re involved with a false twin flame – we often notice fewer dreams or none at all. This is most noticeable if we keep a dream journal or we’re normally able to remember our dreams normally.

A false twin flame will slow down our spiritual path and this often starts with dreamless sleep.

Number 1: No Synchronicities

Sometimes you won’t see any of these specific synchronicities around a false twin flame at all.

Now, I want to be very careful here because I need you to understand this. If you’re a twin flame there are always signs from the universe around you. Twin flame synchronicities follow you around everywhere.

But most of the time we’re not consciously noticing 99.99% of them.

It might be you are seeing these signs and you’re just not aware of them yet. But if you’re absolutely not seeing any synchronicities then you’re dealing with some form of a false twin flame.

There will always be signs and they’ll grow more obvious as your spiritual awakening progresses. It’s a big part of the twin flame experience and one of the few things everyone experiences.

I know this can be a confusing time but my advice is always to focus on your own internal journey. If you’re seeing signs and synchronicities then try to understand and listen to their guidance. If you’re not, it might just be you need to work on your awakening process or it could be this is a false flame.

Spotting the signs of a false twin flame isn’t easy and a false twin flame can often hold us for longer than we’d like but remember that a false twin flame serves a purpose. We need to learn from the experience in order to be ready for a true union.

There are many more signs of a false twin flame that you can use. I’ve talked about them a lot on the site but these false flame synchronicities are a little more specific and they’re often only noticeable in hindsight or once you’ve gone far enough in your spiritual journey.

My best advice is to look at your connection both internal and external. A true flame will always push you towards self-improvement and healing even if you’re not physically speaking. A false flame will do the exact opposite.

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