Can Twin Flames Change? [Change Their Mind, Change You or Change Person]

I get this ‘can twin flames change?’ question once in a while but I’ve seen people ask two very different things – so I’m going to tackle both.

I’m going to focus on the idea of your twin flame changing their mind, actions and generally developing but sometimes people ask if the actual physical person who is their twin flame can change.

I’ll try to sum it up:

The person who is your twin flame cannot change (although you might be dealing with a false one) but your twin flame can and will change and develop during the journey.

These are really two very different questions rolled into one but it’s a good idea to understand the answer to both anyway.

Can Your Twin Flame Change Their Mind and Behavior?


In fact (and I don’t know how to stress this enough) almost certainly.

A big part of the twin flame journey is going through growth and development. That’s physical, mental and spiritual. Your twin flame is going to push themselves to improve in almost every aspect of their life (as are you).

The very nature of the twin flame connection drives you to change. If you get an understanding of the twin flame stages you’ll see how you both grow and develop over time.

This can manifest in many different ways.

Emotionally: Your twin flame’s emotions will be all over the place. As they go through soul shock and probably enter a separation stage they can sometimes be cold and distant. As the journey progresses they begin to accept what their higher self already knows and they return. Frequently they don’t even mean their action in this stage to begin with – they just don’t know any better.

Spiritually: Your twin flame will be a lot more open to spiritual ideas and practices than they were before (and a lot more successful with them). Twin flames are more attuned to these practices than most and this often becomes clearer as you move towards union.

Physical: I won’t get too deep into this one and there seems to be a lot of variation but your twin is likely to have physical changes too. Part of this stems from this drive to improve themselves (they might take better care of themselves) but I’ve also heard of physical features shifting to match their twin (eye color being a common example).

Twin flames open themselves up for change. The entire journey is about self-improvement and growth and it’s very unlikely your twin won’t change over the course of the journey together.

That goes for you too.

How a Twin Flame Changes You

The twin flame journey changes both of you. Very much for the better. This spiritual journey will push you to improve flaws you didn’t even know you had. The energy to share together will drive you to create and explore in every aspect of your life.

I’ve covered how a twin flame changes you in more detail but (basically) you’re ever the same after going through something like this. The twin flame path is intense and transformative for both mirror souls.

Twin flames become incredibly successful at the things they are passionate about because of this bond. They help each other become their best selves.

Twin flames are also completely honest with each other on levels you just won’t share with someone else. They mirror our own flaws back at us and this allows us to fix ourselves in ways you wouldn’t think possible.

Not every part of the twin flame journey is always easy but the hardships we sometimes go through allow this immense change that we’ll always benefit from. Both individually and as a twin flame couple.

Can Your Twin Flame Person Change?

I couldn’t think of a better way to word this one but it is something I get asked once in a while.

If you think you’ve met your twin flame and then suddenly someone else enters your life – it might be that this other person is your twin flame.

That doesn’t mean your twin flame can be a different person. It just means you thought the first one was your twin flame and this is more common than you might think with false twin flames.

I hope that helps clear this question up. If you’re still stuck I can try and help with a twin flame reading to dig a little deeper.

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