The World Tarot for Twin Flames

There’s a powerful meaning in the World tarot for twin flames. By applying its meaning to your particular situation, you can gain important insight into the twin flame journey.

What Is The World Card?

The World card is the final Major Arcana in the tarot deck. It’s Major Arcana card number 21 or XXI, depending on how the cards are numbered in the particular deck you’re using.

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The Tarot Meaning Of The World Card

One of the interpretations of the Major Arcana cards is that they represent the initiatic journey of the Fool. He begins his journey as a young, curious, playful, somewhat reckless spirit. Each Major Arcana card teaches him a new lesson that helps him grow and raise his frequency.

By the time he has reached the World card, he has grown. He has raised his frequency and is ready to ascend to a higher level and/or a higher dimension.

The World card speaks about the completion of major chapters in your life. Depending on the spread and the particular topic you’re doing your reading on, it can talk about anything from graduating, pregnancy/birth/adoption, marriage, promotion, ending karmic cycles and clearing karmic debts, ascending to a higher level of commitment, moving on to a different type of connection and so on.

The deeper meaning of the World card is that you complete a chapter in order to move on to whatever comes next. It’s the idea of graduating from a particular frequency and moving on to the next.

You’ve learned the lessons of that chapter. You’ve gained the wisdom of those experiences. You’ve conquered the obstacles of that path. You’ve risen above that karma. At its core, the World card brings a message of celebration.

It’s an energy upgrade that takes many different forms.

World for twin flames

The Zodiac Meaning Of The World Card

All Major Arcana tarot cards are associated with zodiac signs. In the case of the World, it’s associated with the Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

These are the signs that tend to work tirelessly to manifest their goals and dreams. They are determined, perseverant, and motivated. They might come across as stubborn or implacable when they lean more into their shadow side.

These are the signs that bring things to completion. They graduate from the school of whatever frequency they deal with.

The Elemental Meaning Of The World Card

As the final card of the Major Arcana, the World reunites all four elements that are represented in the tarot deck: earth, fire, water, and air.

The zodiac sign associations also point to that: Taurus – earth, Leo – fire, Scorpio – water, Aquarius – air.

The World brings together the four elements and adds the element of the soul, the fifth element which completes creation.

The Numerology Meaning Of The World

The World is card number 21. Number 21 reduces to 2+1=3.

Number 3 talks about learning lessons and growing. It’s the number of challenges you run into and conquering them. The growth and development resulting from it help you achieve a level of mastery.

Part of the message of number 3 is that while one chapter might close, the book has many more for you to go through. Energy is always growing, evolving, raising frequencies, transforming.

What Does The World Card Mean For Twin Flames?

When it comes to twin flames, the World talks about key aspects of the journey. It’s a message of hope. It motivates you to keep going in order to ascend, one frequency at a time.

As part of a general reading, the World could bring you different messages. We’re just going to list a few, but follow your intuition depending on your particular situation.

Your Flame Connection Is Unbreakable

You will run into frustrating and overwhelming phases of your connection. That’s particularly true when you’re dealing with a runner twin.

But remember that their running is only one chapter of your story. Even if they’re putting their progress on hold for a while, your bond will never break, no matter what.

Making progress is only a matter of divine timing and growth on both of your parts.

The Separation Is Only A Phase

One of the most challenging parts of the twin flames journey is the separation phase. It can become very difficult, and sometimes it might almost drive you nuts.

Remember that tense or frustrating phases of your journey are just that: phases. Your story has multiple chapters.

While you’re going through one of the more difficult chapters, try to focus on the deeper truth of your bond. You will achieve divine union.

You’re Ascending To A Higher Level Of Commitment

By going through various chapters of your bond story, you’re making progress. With each new phase that you experience, you grow and raise your vibes.

It’s only a matter of time before you ascend to a higher level of commitment.

Your Bond Transcends Lifetimes

Each twin flame relationship is different. Flame bonds evolve at their own pace, in their own time. But within each lifetime, you’re making progress.

I’m sure you’d like to make progress at a faster pace. We all want that too. But you are always making progress, lifetime after lifetime. You are immortal souls, bonded to each other forever.

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In Short

There can be various meanings for the World tarot for twin flames. But the core meaning of the card includes the notion of cycles ending followed by new beginnings.

You and your twin are going through lifetimes of work on your relationship blueprint. Every step of the way is important. You’re building your divine union one significant chapter after the other.

It’s important to focus on the bigger picture of your bond. One unpleasant moment or one frustrating situation is only a drop in the ocean of your unbreakable, unconditional love.

Keep going strong. Surrender to the next chapter of your twin flame journey. Your divine union is part of your destinies. It’s only a matter of time before you get there.

Grow and raise your frequency so you and your twin can harmonize with the chapter of your divine union!

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