Divine Masculine And Feminine For Twin Flames (Energy Guide)

Managing the energies of divine masculine and feminine for twin flames can be difficult. There is still some misunderstanding and confusion about what divine energies mean in the twin flame journey.

It’s important to understand what they mean and how they can interact. Supported by this knowledge, you’ll find it easier to navigate this journey.

What Does Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine Energy Mean?

Let’s begin by stating the simplest thing about these energies: they don’t refer to gender. Divine masculine and divine feminine energies have no connection to gender.

Any male, female, or gender-neutral person can be as much of a divine masculine or divine feminine energy at any point in time.

Once you release the notion of any connection between these energies and genders, it’s going to be easier to understand the dynamics at play.

In fact, they connect to energetic principles, much like Yin and Yang for twin flames. These two polarities can be called many different names: masculine and feminine, Yang and Yin, Sun and Moon, Light and Dark, the Above and the Below, and so on.

Divine Masculine And Feminine for Twin FlamesDivine Masculine energy is the active principle of creation. It’s daring, bold, active, action-prone, expansive, strategic and protective. It’s the glorious sunrise, bathing in light the whole world. It’s passionate, fiery, at times impulsive, often less emotional and more focused on success and achievements. It’s the governing logic of your rational mind.

Divine Feminine energy is the receptive principle of creation. It’s nurturing, comforting, receptive, open, reflective and self-reflective, intuitive and abundant. It’s the fascinating Full Moon, hiding and revealing in equal measures. It’s alluring, seductive, often more in touch with feelings and focused on growth and development. It’s the deep waters of your subconscious mind.

The actual name you use for these principles is less important. The most important aspect of these energies is the nature of their dynamics.

Are These Fixed Roles In The Dynamics Of Twin Flames?

Energy is fluid. By definition, these energies are not fixed in their nature or role.

Sure, as a mirror soul, you can identify as a divine feminine or masculine at some point. But put that into perspective: for your soul, one human experience is the mere blink of an eye.

Your souls go through numerous lifetimes before divine union can be achieved. Each mirror soul is going to activate different sides of these energetic polarities in different lifetimes and relationship blueprints.

So the roles are most definitely not fixed in your twin flames connection. In fact, during the same human experience, the same twin can take on different polarities as they interact with their mirror soul.

And that’s perfectly healthy and normal. It’s actually a necessary part of the process.

The only way to move towards a divine union is for each flame to achieve that harmony of the divine masculine and divine feminine principles within themselves.

The divine union between the twins is going to manifest as a result of each of them achieving that balance within.

How Do Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine Energies Harmonize For Union?

Each flame is going to experience a personal journey of exploration, growth, and development. You’ll go through the 12 twin flame stages.

The journey towards harmonizing with one another in order to achieve divine union is a journey of personal growth. You’re going to approach a different part of the journey in your own personal way.

The Divine Masculine Approach

twin flame unionWhen you’re leaning more towards your divine masculine energy, you’ll focus more on what you can do about achieving union. That’s part of the reason why taking on the chaser role will have a repellent effect on your mirror soul when they lean more towards their divine masculine energy as well.

You’re likely to approach your issues and obstacles in a strategic and active manner. Maybe you’ll look for people, places and practices you can try to work with.

When you’re leaning more toward your divine masculine energy, you’re likely to avoid things that feel unsettlingly deep. Things like shadow work or inner child work might be the last resort rather than your go-to.

You’re more likely to seek balance through outward action. Reaching out to communities, becoming active in spiritual work, charity, social justice, and generally actively serving the greater good is going to be very attractive to you.

It’s likely you’ll be more interested in things like martial arts or physical pursuits to achieve inner balance.

Even something as simple and mundane as working out can help harmonize your energies, especially when you’re in your divine masculine energy.

The Divine Feminine Approach

If you’re leaning more towards your divine feminine energy at a particular point in time, you’ll deal with your journey through a lot of introspection. You’ll look deep within your heart. You’ll express and embrace your feelings and study your shadows until you heal.

Things can become overwhelming when you’re in this energy and dealing with the emotional challenges of your journey. Things like fears, emotional traumas, inner child and shadow aspects can affect you all the more precisely because your energy is more emotionally open.

But that also means that shadow work and inner child work can be all the more effective for you. That’s why you’re likely to embrace shadow work and inner child work when you’re in this energy. Things like getting therapy are more likely to happen during the phase of your process.

When you’re in your divine feminine energy, you’re likely to feel a pull towards practices like cleansing, meditation, or yoga.

The Unified Approach

As you might have guessed by now, the elements of a “masculine” or “feminine” approach work best when combined, not separated.

As you do more work on yourself and grow, your two polarities start to mingle and merge more and more. You’re able to dive deeply, as divine feminine energy is prone to do, and act decisively as a result of your findings, as divine masculine energy is prone to do.

The more comfortable you become with activating both of your principles, the easier it will be for you to find the balance within. And operating from that place of balance, you’ll promote balance within your counterpart through your energy cord.

Your balance will encourage your mirror soul’s balance and vice versa. But that also works the other way around: one soul’s imbalance can encourage the other one’s imbalance as well.

That’s why it’s so important to understand that achieving your goal of a divine union can only be successful through working as a team. And teamwork is intentional and consciously aware on both sides, or it’s not teamwork.

The Personalized Approach

The key to your flame success is going to be to lean into the frequency that calls to your soul. The truth is that there are no two journeys alike and no two flame pairs alike.

Sure, the general lines are going to match many flame stories. But each journey is unique. And your personal balance point is going to be unique to you and your counterpart.

That’s why it’s so important that you follow your intuition. This journey is all about your souls and their connection. The deep truths of your core souls can only truly be known by you, your higher selves, and your mirrored soul.

Take the knowledge and information you find as inspiration. Start off with finding out, sure. But in order to make progress, you need to go with what feels authentic and true.

That’s why it’s so important for you to focus on the deeply spiritual side of your journey. Sure, the fireworks and nirvana of a romantic blueprint are amazing. They’re blissful to indulge in and will offer deep healing and consoling to both of your hearts and souls.

But the point of your journey isn’t the human experience of bliss. Your souls are on a divine mission to achieve union and merge.

Your souls are called to raise the frequency of the world and usher in a new energetic era for you and us all. Only you and your counterpart can fulfill your personal missions.

And the only true guides for your personal journey are you and your mirroring soul.

Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine Energies Dealing With Separation

twin flame divine masculine traitsOne of the areas where you’ll run into big mixups between the divine masculine and divine feminine approaches is the separation phase.

It’s very common to run into the more consciously aware twin identifying as a “divine feminine”, regardless of their gender or of the gender of their twin.

Someone leaning more into their divine feminine energy is likely to be more emotionally aware, intuitive and dive deeper within their subconscious mind. As a result, they are more likely to realize and accept the fact that they are a mirror soul in separation from their divine counterpart.

What many don’t realize, though, is that as soon as you embark on a journey to actively seek out your mirroring soul and make your relationship happen as a step towards union, you’re activating your divine masculine energy instead.

If you lean more into your divine feminine energy in your heart of hearts, it’s extremely likely your counterpart leans more into their divine masculine energy at that point in time. When you try to make the connection happen, you’re taking on the masculine principle of action.

Your counterpart is going to naturally step back from the same polarity of energy that they’re into. That’s going to activate the infamous runner scenario and the runner’s soul shock.

The good news is that it’s likely to activate their awakening too. The bad news is you’ll experience the difficult separation phase on a very consciously aware level.

But you will both grow and deal with each step along the journey in your own authentic way. And whether or not it might seem like you’re separated in the 3D, in energy, you and your twin are never apart.

The journey’s deeply spiritual nature is going to become much clearer to you both during this stage. It will push you both to grow and surrender to your true selves as twins. That, in divine timing, is going to lead you to your reunion in 3D.

The Divine Union Of Masculine And Feminine Energies

Many of us focus on the 3D reality of our union: getting together, especially in the romantic blueprint. It’s the blissful happy ending we’re all longing for as human beings.

That’s perfectly normal. We are immortal souls having a human experience. And no matter how much we grow spiritually, while we’re human beings, we are just that: human.

We work in polarities a lot of the time. We take turns, harmonize, change frequencies, and grow together as part of our human experiences.

And as a human pairing, our souls do the work of the union frequency. When enough of that work has been done, our energies finally harmonize to achieve the true purpose of our journey: merging.

That’s the end goal of our trying yet so exciting and beautiful journeys. It’s when polarities are a thing of the past. Our differences and challenges become distant yet fond memories.

Our souls finally merge and truly become one, as they were always meant to be.

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In Short

It’s important to understand the deeper meaning of divine masculine and divine feminine energies. Achieving a balance between these energies that complete (not compete with!) one another is the way to achieve divine union in your twin flame journey.

Achieving the frequency of divine union is a multiple-lifetime endeavor. That’s how much work it requires to get there.

Use this guide to divine masculine and feminine for twin flames to navigate these dynamic and sometimes confusing waters. Be patient with yourself and your mirroring soul. Focus on the vibe of higher dimensional unconditional love and embrace the twin flame surrender stage.

You were both literally born for this. Don’t worry about any hiccups along the way! You’ve got this!

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