Why Do Twin Flames Feel a Magnetic Pull?

If you’ve ever wondered why do twin flames feel a magnetic pull towards one another, then you’ve most likely witnessed it. You might be a twin soul yourself, in fact, trying to understand the twin flames dynamic.

The fact that there’s a magnetic pull between twin flames is undeniable. It’s the nature of their harmonized souls and the energetic chemistry between them. The reason twin flames feel it in such an intense way is based on the soul bond, their energy cord, and lifetimes of loving one another. It’s a pull that twin flames feel before making contact. It then intensifies after they’ve made contact in some capacity and keeps building while they’re in separation as well, only to intensify when they’re getting closer to union.

What Is the Twin Flame Magnetic Pull?

You may have felt this pull yourself, without even realizing it in the beginning. With time, as it becomes more and more intense, you become aware of it and then keenly aware of it the intenser it gets.

Harmonized Souls

The pull between twin flames is an expression of their harmonized souls. The twin soul connection is based on a common energetic core signature, a frequency that is very similar and almost identical as each twin flame makes more progress with their ascension.

In essence, the intense twin flame attraction is based on the energetic frequencies, which have the same baseline or essential core. With human experiences, each of those twins goes through frequency changes, but the core essence remains the same. The same frequencies amplify each other and harmonize naturally, bringing together the twin flames – a practical example of the law of attraction, in fact.

Energetic Chemistry

To the layer of core harmony between the twin flames on the journey, there’s also the layer of energetic chemistry between the twins and the human experience vessels.

Your energetic body encompasses your whole being, all layers of you, including the spiritual, emotional, and physical. Each of these layers vibrates at a particular frequency, and the energy of your twin flame triggers the chemistry on all levels.

Even without having experienced it on some levels, it goes on in the background of your entire human experience. The constant energetic interaction can sometimes become an issue, especially in the beginning of your ascension process, because it may be tough for you to accept and embrace. That’s why it acts as one of the engines of your growth.

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Why Do You Feel a Magnetic Pull?

If you’ve realized that someone you are involved with is your twin flame, then you have had some interaction and can understand some of that magnetism. But how can you explain it, if it’s someone you haven’t yet interacted with within the 3D?

The Twin Flame Soulbond

The nature of the soulbond connection between twin flames is part of what makes the attraction so strong. It’s a contract that your higher self has entered into as you have a human experience, and the nature of the bond is encoded into your very essence.

This soul bond is part of the twin flame journey and your sacred mission, and it acts as a very powerful pull towards you fulfilling your life’s purpose. In the case of twin flames, that life purpose involves processing your karma with your twin and resolving your triggers and shadows so you can ultimately achieve union. It’s a part of the energetic core of your connection.

Whatever your twin flame experience during one lifetime or all of them, that contract is going to be there until it is fulfilled.

Energy Cord

The twin flame energy cord is an energetic link between twin flame souls that can never be dissolved or destroyed. It’s a link so strong that it can often lead to things like feeling your twin flame’s pain, experiencing telepathy without even having met them.

Twin flame energy is a very specific and intense type of energy connection, and the cord acts as an anchor that brings the twins in sync and helps them harmonize their energies. It’s why one twin’s progress means the other one will slowly make progress themselves – it gives the second twin a higher frequency to sync up to.

This energy cord may cause some emotional triggers during the journey, precisely because of its unbreakable nature. If there’s a separation going on, the twin flame runner is still going to be connected to the so-called chaser. That’s why you’ll know when your twin flame is thinking of you, even though you’re not in contact.

Lifetimes of Love

There are lifetimes of history between you and your twin flame, literally. We’re talking about multiple instances in which you’ve met and experienced an intense attraction at a core spiritual level, making you gravitate towards one another time and time again.

It’s not a physical or romantic type of chemistry, not necessarily. This is a much deeper type of interaction, and it can show in the way you’re both so in sync with one another regardless of the relationship blueprint you’ve taken on in each lifetime.

That level of shared history is embedded in every cell of your human experience body, lifetime after lifetime. Your soul knows and feels it, even before you’re ever aware of the journey. The attraction between you brings you two together whenever it can.

When Do You Feel the Twin Flame Magnetic Attraction?

Is it a matter of making contact or not? Well, in a sense, you’re born into any human experience after you’ve made spiritual contact with your twin flame during previous lifetimes. It’s a bit like the question “Who came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Before Contact

While you’re having a human experience as a twin flame, you may feel like you haven’t made contact with your twin flame. And technically, during that human experience, you might have not. Or maybe you have made contact in the spiritual realm and are not yet aware of it.

But even without being aware of having made contact, so technically before making it in a consciously aware manner, you’ll feel that irresistible pull towards your twin flame. It can manifest itself in dreams, telepathy, or in the spiritual realm, strengthening the connection and bringing you closer to one another in order to get in sync with more ease.

After Contact

Things intensify after you’ve made some sort of contact with your twin flame. It could be spiritual or even physical contact, depending on how far along you both are on your spiritual journey when you make that contact. The pull will be even stronger than before, and it will push you to share energy more and more as your frequencies harmonize.

It could be a matter of simply becoming consciously aware of having made contact, too. Many times it happens that a twin flame becomes aware of having around a familiar energetic presence towards which they’ve always felt this strong pull without realizing what it meant or why it was happening. This can be perceived as feeling it after making contact, though technically it’s not.

During Separation

Perhaps one of the most frustrating instances of feeling this pull when it comes to a twin flame runner is during twin flame separation.

You may think that because a twin flame has chosen to put the twin flame journey on hold either temporarily or until further notice, that the pull towards their twin will lessen or go on hiatus as well. Well, it doesn’t. In fact, the pull only intensifies the more a twin tries to deny themselves of their twin’s energy. Ironic, right?

But it’s also more intense for the twin flame that wasn’t doing any running, and that can be very triggering and upsetting. The pull between the twins is one reason why the separation phase marks a time of tremendous growth and development for both twins, regardless of the runner or chaser status.

When Closer to Union

If you’ve overcome the separation phase, then you’re getting closer to reunion or union. And if you thought that the pull was strong before this reunion stage, brace yourself for a massive surprise.

The more progress you both make along your paths towards ascension, the higher vibe you each become and the higher vibe your bond becomes. That energizes it and serves to bring it to higher and higher frequencies, your souls harmonizing with more and more ease. That pull is going to go sky high, pretty much.

At this point, the pull is going to serve the union process and will be stronger than perhaps anything you’ve ever felt before as part of your twin flame connection, former runner or not.

Feeling the Pull on Your Journey?

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In Short?

Why do twin flames feel a magnetic pull? Simply put, because their souls are literally destined to be together and reach union. The human experience vessels experience that intense bond as chemistry on all levels, physical, emotional, energetic, activating them and igniting their twin flames and then making the soul flame burn brighter and brighter.

The nature of this pull differs at different stages of the journey, but its intensity tends to increase the closer the twins get to achieving union or reunion.

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