What to Do When Your Twin Flame Doesn’t Talk: A Guide

If your twin flame doesn’t talk to you it doesn’t mean your twin flame journey has come to an end. It might seem like they don’t want anything to do with you but the truth can be a lot more complicated.

When your twin flame doesn’t talk it’s because there’s an obstacle you need to work through. The twin flame runner might not even fully understand why they’re ghosting you themselves.

How you handle the situation is going to dictate how quickly you can move your twin flame journey forward. While it can be painful (I know, I’ve been there) it’s going to take patience and understanding but it’s also something you’re going to need to work through.

One of the worst traps you can fall into is sitting back and waiting for your twin flame to stop ghosting you.

Why Is Your Twin Flame Not Talking to You?

The reasons for the twin flame silent treatment are as varied as the twin flame journies. There are no hard-set rules on why your twin flame isn’t talking to you. The likelihood is your twin flame doesn’t even know themselves.

They might even be giving themselves an excuse to frame it in a context that they do understand. They might be giving you an excuse like they’re just not ready or they don’t think of you that way.

Some common reasons (but far from an exhaustive list):

  • They’re scared of rejection. Likely in need of healing from emotional damage inflicted earlier in this life or a past one.
  • They’re experiencing overwhelming soul shock and don’t know how to handle it.
  • There’s a false twin flame actively getting involved. Perhaps their energy is too drained by a karmic partner to handle the connection with you.
  • They might sense you’re not yet ready for union even if they are. Their silence might be their way of giving you time to heal.

If they’re ignoring you then it might be because there’s something going on with them that needs to get worked out before they can communicate again.

We have to remember that our twin flames are humans just like us, even if we experience them in an elevated way, and sometimes difficult things happen. They might be going through something and they’re not (yet) ready to rely on you.

How to Get Your Twin Flame Talking Again

How to Get Your Twin Flame Talking

Just as there’s no simple answer to why they’re not talking, there’s no easy answer on what to do when your twin flame doesn’t talk. Every journey is going to be a little different but certainly some important universal rules:

  • Be patient and trust the process. Your twin isn’t trying to hurt you, their silence is likely part of their healing process which will ultimately lead you both towards union.
  • Stay in your center of self, hold space for them to heal themselves first. It is not up to you to fix their issues. Keep your focus internal and on your own journey. It might well be that you have healing to do yourself.
  • Allow yourself time to forgive what happened or didn’t happen with your twin so far. Don’t put expectations on you, them or your journey. It isn’t a race or a competition.

If you want to try and communicate with your twin, be mindful of what not to say. Focus on being an ally or friend first before making any request from them. If they specifically ask for space then make sure they know you’re available but respect their wishes.

Take some time for yourself so that you can heal and allow your twin to do the same.

“The point of this exercise is not self-pity but rather self-love, and the first step in showing up for oneself requires stepping back from the situation.”

Nurture yourself with self-care, such as spending time in nature or journaling. I’m a big fan of twin flame meditations and affirmations. This will help you process your twin flame experience and gain clarity on what to do next.

Heal Yourself In This Time

Even if you feel like you’re completely ready to further your journey and you’re just waiting on your journey – I can’t stress this enough.

Focus on yourself. Staying open to helping your twin is important but focusing on your own growth and spiritual healing is the best thing you can do when your twin flame doesn’t talk.

Exploring your thoughts through meditation and/or journaling is a simple but powerful tool. Not to get bogged down with obsession or worries but to focus on the positives of the journey and the growth you’re undertaking in your own life.

How to Make Contact When Your Twin Flame Ignores You

Can you reach out when they’re ignoring you? Should you?

I don’t like the idea of hard set rules on the twin flame journey and I always take these opinions with a pinch of salt. That said, in this situation, I’d always suggest caution.

If you’re ever unsure what to do on your twin flame journey then you should always trust your intuition. If your gut tells you to reach out and contact them – go for it.

But be patient with them. Don’t push them or it could end up backfiring especially if they’re dealing with overwhelming soul shock.

If they haven’t talked to you in a while then wait it out, trust your intuition and try not to take things personally – even if the silence is starting to affect how you feel about them. You have no idea what’s going on with them or what could be happening in their life that means contact is impossible for now.

Generally, I’d suggest trying to keep emotion out of the communication and just making sure they know you’re available. It can be as simple as “I’m here if you need to talk“.

There’s always a lot more being said in the non-verbal communication through dreams and your connection but in the 3D you can keep it as simple as this.

Get Help Moving Forward

If you’re feeling stuck and you’re not sure how to move past a period of being ignored by your twin flame, tell me what you’re going through and I’ll try my best to help, starting with a twin flame reading.

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Spot the Signs They Want to Communicate Again

For various reasons your twin might want to communicate but they’re not yet ready to reach out themselves to initiate.

There are signs your twin flame is thinking of you, for example, but it could be anything.

  • They might write, email or text you something that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
  • You can sense them in your environment and know they’re close by but not speaking to you.
  • They may show up for a random reason like bumping into you on the street if there’s unfinished business between you.

It could be something more overt or the signs might be external instead (such as twin flame number patterns).

Does My Twin Flame Miss Me?

Even if your twin flame doesn’t talk that doesn’t mean they’re completely unaware of the connection. On some level, twin flames always communicate through the telepathic bond.

On the 3D however, this can manifest very differently and it can certainly seem like your twin flame has no interest in you. While this is frustrating and painful it’s all part of the journey and there’s a reason for it.

On a higher level, your twin flame always misses you. They’re constantly calling to you to guide you both back together. On that same level, they know there’s a reason for the silence and its part of the process the two of you need to take.

Reaching out Through Telepathy When They’re Ignoring You

If they are not answering text messages and phone calls, you can reach out telepathically. This connection is always ongoing subconsciously but (with practice) you can do it intentionally. I do have a more complete guide on how to talk to your twin flame telepathically.

You could use this to trigger the healing process and get them to contact you in the 3D. You don’t technically need to do this as it will always happen automatically once you reach that stage of the journey.

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