What Is a Twin Flame [and How to Spot Yours]

You might have heard the term “twin flame” thrown around the spiritual community or mentioned on various YouTube channels, but what is a twin flame anyways?

To put it simply, a twin flame is a soul that’s forever linked to yours. Your soul and that soul are part of a larger higher dimensional entity. Two parts of the same soul that have split and now have an opportunity to come back together again. It’s a relationship unlike any other you’re going to experience.

But how can you tell when you’ve met your twin flame? Are there physical signs that make it easier to tell? There are some signs, though not necessarily physical in nature – more behavior and habits based, lifestyle, tastes, past experiences. You’ll have dream experiences together and experience telepathic communication. Synchronicities will jump out at you. It also helps to know a bit about false twin flames and what that’s all about. In the end, your soul will know – it always does. And if you listen to it, it will tell you.

Important note: There’s a lot of conflicting information out there on twin flames and the twin flame journey. What you read here might differ from opinions elsewhere and that’s okay. I’d steer clear of anyone who speaks with complete certainty. What we know about the twin flame journey is pieced together with our own experiences and that of others. I feel like I’m in a unique position to hear from thousands of people going through their own twin flame journey but I’m still completely open to being wrong about some details.

Some (for example) say the connection is only romantic and while that seems to be the case 99% of the time I’ve seen enough evidence to think it isn’t a hard set rule. Don’t get too bogged down in the details. The important aspects of the journey are widely agreed on and that’s where you should focus your time and energy. If you’re looking for guidance on your own journey, take a moment to get a twin flame reading.

Different Types of Twin Flames?

You’ve probably read or heard about the twin flames thing and there seems to be a hype around that notion. It seems like the idea gets twisted with every new person offering their advice and while I’m open to different opinions, it becomes a problem when we start trying to confine an idea and telling others they’re wrong.

Outsiders may see it as just another “happily ever after” type of romanticized type of relationship. But the twin flames soul connection is actually not about romance at all, not at its core. It’s a soul contract between segments of one soul that are split into two or more bodies. In essence, twin flames are like segments of a larger higher-dimensional entity or soul, segments into which it has been divided which are working on spiritual growth in order to get back together.

So two bodies (and many others) end up housing segments of one soul. Though you might think of it as one soul split into two bodies, that’s a simplified understanding of it. It’s a soul split into multiple bodies, which work on reuniting through spiritual growth and frequency harmonizing.

The key link in this connection is higher-dimensional love or high-frequency love, unconditional love similar to the kind of which the divine has for us all, for instance. These segments of the higher dimensional entity love one another in that high-frequency way only after they’ve achieved significant spiritual growth on their own, each of them.

Once they achieve a certain level of spiritual growth and thereby raise their frequency, they call in a twin flame through the soulbond or energy bond which has all twin flames from the same higher-dimensional entity in connection to one another. They rehearse or play out different types of twin flame relationships and push each other to grow so they can achieve union.

The ultimate goal of twin flames is not to have a “happily ever after” type of romance, but to achieve twin flame union and merge into one fragment of that higher dimensional self. And step by step, the connection pushes the twin flames to unite until they connect into that higher dimensional entity from which their soul fragments came.

What Is a Twin Flame Relationship Like?

Twin flame relationships cover a wide variety of blueprints or types of connections. While they are all based on love, by and large, the types of love manifestation cover a few patterns while the basis is always unconditional love.

Why Do Twin Flames Feel Drawn to One Another?

The basis of the twin flame connection is the soulbond or energy cord that connects the twin flames. Since they are parts of the same soul, they feel pulled to one another in order to resolve their shadows and karma and ultimately achieve that divine union.

That pull is based on unconditional love and will manifest into various types of twin flame relationships. Depending on the karma of the bond and of each twin flame, the twin flames will feel drawn to one another in order to resolve shadows and overcome energy blockages so they can achieve that divine union at some point, during this human experience or one of the next ones.

Twin Flame Relationship Blueprints

Romantic Twin Flames


The romantic twin flame relationship is one of the first things that some people think about when they hear about twin flames.

For some, there’s a misconception that twin flame relationships mean romantic connections that result in “happily ever after”; while the divine wants you and your twin flame to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled, the life purpose of twin flames is to grow spiritually and ascend. That could involve some romance, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, it might not have anything at all to do with it, in some cases.

So if and when you’ve found your twin flame, you may or may not play out a romantic twin flame relationship, but it’s not going to be a fairy tale sort of experience. It’s triggering, it demands a lot of personal, emotional, and spiritual development, and it could result in a lot of heartbreak either before that happy ending or instead of it.


Some twin flame relationships are based on the blueprint of camaraderie or friendship. Your twin flame might be your best friend, for instance, during some human experiences.

The type of unconditional love you feel for your best friend makes that relationship a deeply grounding and supportive type of connection. It gives you the solid basis on which to grow in all possible ways, and if it’s based on a twin flame soul bond, your friendship is pretty much meant to be.

In some cases, that relationship might grow into more than a friendship – like romantic love. But it doesn’t mean that you haven’t found your twin flame unless you become a couple.

Filial, Fraternal or Parental

In some cases, the twin flame relationship based on unconditional love is of the filial, fraternal or parental sort, meaning your twin flame could be your child, sibling or parent.

In these types of twin flame connections, there are some specific dynamics that pertain more to the filial, fraternal or parental blueprint because they involve different types of power dynamics. As a result, they bring out different shadows and karmic issues and heal different types of traumas in your dynamic.

In some human experiences, a twin flame might have the filial role and in the next the parental or fraternal role, and so forth. Roles are likely to change and shift as the energy body of each twin flame does its healing at its own pace.


Some twin flame relationship blueprints involve a mentoring type of dynamic, where your twin flame is not a family member, friend or lover but rather a teacher, boss, or inspirational model.

It usually involves someone who is very inspiring, encouraging, and generally wiser or more balanced in their energy. You may not even have any personal interaction with your twin flame during such a relationship blueprint, but they’re going to have a massive influence on your growth and development.

In fact, it could be someone who’s famous and lived sometime before your current human experience, too. That’s how energy works – it transcends time and space.

How Do I Know If I’ve Found My Twin Flame?

It could be tricky to tell if you’ve met your twin flame or not. In some cases, people base the notion on the fact that they’re madly in love with someone, for instance – they’re extremely attracted to this person, the passion was intense, so they become convinced it has to be a twin flame relationship because twin flames are surely meant to end up together, right? Not really, as we’ve discussed. But we’ll talk about that more in the false twin section.

The truth is that while you can see signs that someone is your twin flame, the truth of having met them will always be in your heart. But knowing what sort of signs you might be seeing can be a lot of help.

Physical Signs

In some cases, having the twin flames in front of you might make you notice that there are some physical similarities in twin flames. It’s important to understand that these similarities are not so much a way to tell that this person is your twin flame, as much as a confirmation after you’ve had that epiphany about them. And if you don’t see these signs, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is not your twin flame.

Eyes: The Windows to the Soul

You might notice that you and your twin flame have a striking similarity when it comes to your gaze more so than to your eyes in terms of shape, size or color. In fact, you might have entirely different traits when it comes to your eyes, and people seeing you together could still say: “Wow, you look so much alike! It’s in the eyes!”.

That’s because there’s a lot of your personality that is expressed through your eyes. People also perceive a lot of energetic cues through their eyes and the eyes of others, though may or may not be consciously aware of it – that’s where the “The eyes are windows to the soul” saying comes from.

Facial Similarities

People might also feel like there’s a great facial similarity between you and your twin flame, even though you may look nothing like one another when it comes to your facial traits.

That comes from the similarity of facial expressions rather than from your actual facial traits. Your facial expressions are also a way to express your personality, and your personality and that of your twin flame will always have some serious similarities going on. That’s part of what makes a twin flame relationship so challenging, at times.

This is one of those similarities which will give you the sense that you’ve met this person before even if you have never actually seen them face to face in the 3D. You’ll in fact recognize yourself in the facial expressions of your twin flame.

Physical Similarities

There could also be a sense of having a lot of physical similarities with your twin flame in terms of general appearance. More often than not, that’s going to be a result of having similar personalities, behaviors, and habits, though.

Behaviors and Habits in Common

One of the seriously similar areas between you and your twin flame is most likely going to be in the behaviors and habits area. It’s the main aspect that is actually based on your personality similarities, and it can influence a lot of the other types of similarities as a result.

When you meet your twin flame, you’ll most likely realize that you have a huge lot in common, from personal history to issues you might have dealt with, traumatic events, reactions to those events, and so on. Many of your values and standards will most likely be eerily similar.

You might realize you’re both into a particular type of workout and not just going to the gym, or that you both love to job at the same time of day or night. You could both take your coffee the same way and love to have it while having the same type of snack with it. You’ll most likely love the same less-popular song of the same artist or have a soft spot for the same not-so-popular movie or actor. You may feel the same way about a particular poem or have the same type of food allergy.

Body Sensations

When you meet your twin flame, you’re likely to experience some physical sensations that might alert you to the real relationship going on between your souls.

Since energy feels and knows energy while the human experience self may need some time to catch on and catch up to what the soul already knows so clearly, your energy is likely to tell you that you’ve met your twin flame through some signs like having heart palpitations in their near vicinity or when seeing them. You might start to suddenly get lightheaded or really dizzy and experience a sense of losing your balance.

Interacting with your twin flame can also cause signs like having aches, even intense ones, or pressure in various parts of your body, feeling tingly or numb out of the blue, or experiencing sudden body temperature changes.

Because your energies will interact in a special way that is going to be new to your human experience self, you are likely to get a sense of fatigue or even exhaustion during or after interacting with them. In some cases, the body might be overly energized though, so you might feel a sudden buzz or sense of agitation, or even experience a sudden and intense spike of lust. In some cases, interacting with a twin flame during a romantic blueprint type of human experience could even lead to a spontaneous climax.

Dream Communication and Telepathy

Once your higher selves have made contact in the higher dimensions, you are likely to start experiencing twin flame dream encounters and communication.

These dreams can fall in a wide variety of categories, from the types that play out your current relationship blueprint to those that play out other relationship blueprints that you’ll embark on during other lifetimes.

You could relive past life experiences with your twin flame during your dreams, or see prophetic visions of your current or future interactions.

Telepathy might work better in your dreams, especially more towards the beginning of your journey, when your energies are still harmonizing with one another.


Right before or after you’ve met your twin flame you are very likely to notice lots of synchronicities.

Some of these synchronicities might include things like angel numbers repeating themselves all over at different times during your journey or as your relationship unfolds, hearing particular words, songs, or movie lines which pertain to your relationship or situation, and generally seeing repeating coincidences which have a particular meaning for you and your twin flame.

False Twin Flames

If you are a twin flame, you might be under the wrong impression that you’ve met your twin flame when in fact you haven’t. That false twin flame is going to reveal itself not to be your true twin flame at some point during your interaction or relationship, and you shouldn’t take that to mean that you don’t have a twin flame out there.

Think of it as a false positive on a test. You’re on the right track, but this just wasn’t the right stop along the way. Don’t let that deter you from going forward on your life purpose journey!

Guidance on Your Journey

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In Short

Now that you have a better idea of what is a twin flame and how you can tell if you’ve met yours or not yet, you’re better prepared to deal with a false twin flame or clarify the type of relationship you’ve got with your true twin flame.

Some or a lot of these signs might be present for you and your twin flame, but they might also not be there. That doesn’t mean that the person you’re considering is not your twin flame. Keep in mind that these signs are based on experiences many people have in common on the journey, but not everyone goes through the same ones or perceives them in the same way.

In the end, your soul knows the truth of your bond, and it will let you know one way or another.

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