What Is a Twin Flame Reading?

Exactly what is a twin flame reading? How are they done and what can they do for your journey?

A twin flame reading is commonly performed with Tarot cards (though, there are variations) and gives insight and advice into the twin flame journey.

As with a lot of twin flame topics, the answer here involves a lot of those dreaded words it depends. I often find myself repeating this advice but I think it’s important and just as valid now as it was the first time I said it.

Beliefs and opinions of some aspects of the twin flame journey differ. Some believe a twin flame reading can’t tell you anything while others think the Tarot can give you confirmation of your twin flame and guide you from A to Z on the journey to union.

I’ve seen both expectations and promises of twin flame readings vary greatly. I’m not going to tell you one way or the other because there is no right answer. I can tell you I’ve seen a lot of people benefit from readings and (if you haven’t already read my story) I used the Tarot to guide me on my twin flame journey and I still use its guidance in other areas of my life.

How Can a Twin Flame Reading Help?

Will it guarantee you reach union? No.

Can it help? Absolutely.

Can a Twin Flame Reading Confirm a Real Twin Flame?

Opinions vary. Some think the only people who know for sure are you and your twin. Perhaps they’re right. I’d steer clear of anyone who speaks in certainties but I’d say at the least it’s able to give some guidance.

Trying to deal with a false twin flame is rarely easy but it’s an important part of the journey. Doubt is normal. The Tarot might give you some insight but we can’t box the cards into a simple yes or no question.

I’ve certainly seen spreads that paint a clear picture but I’m rarely looking for a simple confirmation. This leads me to the far more important part.

what are twin flame readings?

Can a Twin Flame Reading Help You Reach Union?

This is where I can speak with absolute certainty.

Something that’s sometimes rare on this journey.

When we don’t box the cards into a single yes or no answer, we allow them to give us guidance on where we should be focusing our time and energy. Readings can sometimes be clear, sometimes it can take time for the full meaning to become clear.

Remember, the journey towards union is not about sitting around waiting for it to happen. It’s a journey we need to progress and a reading can help guide us on where we should be focusing. Maybe there’s a blockage in our personal or spiritual path that we haven’t been paying attention to.

If our goal is to reach union back with our twin flame (I’m assuming that is since you’re here reading this) then, yes, I think it can absolutely help.

Getting a Twin Flame Reading

Again, there are no right or wrong answers here. Some people prefer to stick with a single source while others get as many opinions and readings as they can find.

Some prefer someone who is familiar with the twin flame journey, others just want someone who can interpret the messages from the cards.

Getting a Reading From Me

I offer free twin flame readings here. Just tell me about your journey so far.

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  • Doubt is a perfectly normal part of a twin flame journey. If you take a few moments to tell me about your journey so far, I'll send you a free twin flame reading to help guide you onward towards union.

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Can You Do a Twin Flame Reading Yourself?

Yes, of course! Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.

I certainly did this myself. I certainly made some mistakes (which I’ll touch on in a moment) but at the time I didn’t know if anyone else would understand what I was feeling. Nobody seemed to be talking about ‘twin flames‘.

The one warning I would give here is you need to be careful of letting bias creep into your readings. This isn’t just for the twin flame journey, but for any type of reading.

Be clear of your question before you do anything else and be honest with yourself about what you see. Sometimes we have a tendency to read what we want into the cards.

Getting a Reading Done

I don’t have a lot of great advice on how or where to get a reading done other than that. There are a lot of great, knowledgeable and empathetic people out there. There are also plenty of sources I wouldn’t personally use – but that’s down to personal beliefs and decisions.

I think the main thing to look for is someone who you agree with.

Note: I do not mean someone who tells you what you want to hear. Sometimes what you really need is the exact opposite.

Ask them questions before you begin. If you want someone familiar with the twin flame journey, ask about that. See if they have the same beliefs about the Tarot (or whichever medium for the reading you choose). That’s what I would find most important.


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