What Happens When You Meet Your Twin Flame: How to Recognize the Signs

The twin flame journey is completely transformational to your life but (contrary to what you might think) this change happens long before you reach union with your twin. Just coming into contact will trigger a transformational journey for both of you. So what happens when you meet your twin flame?

Every twin flame journey is unique but when you meet your twin flame you’re immediately beginning a journey of self-improvement to prepare you both for union.

This journey begins long before you ever physically meet and whether you intentionally meant to attract your twin flame or not. Twin flames are constantly calling out to each other on the higher dimensions.

Preparation Before You Meet

I’ve written about how to find your twin flame if you’re actively trying to find your twin but this preparation can begin much earlier without you even knowing it.

Both twin flames will start preparing themselves before they ever physically meet. Often this will feel like a sense of loss or missing something important.

This is your twin soul reaching out into the higher dimensions to find their other half. Often they won’t be aware they’re doing this. Most of the readers here tend to be the more spiritually advanced twin which means your counterpart is probably not even aware of what a twin flame is.

Twin Flame Sense of Purpose

Your Sense of Purpose Will Explode

One of the first things which change when you meet your twin flame is your sense of purpose. Often we have a feeling of missing something (or someone) and we can feel adrift at the start of the twin flame journey.

When you meet your twin flame, your sense of purpose will become clearer. Suddenly you have a direction and your life can start to feel more meaningful.

This is because twin flames usually share the same purpose in this lifetime, if not always during their lifetimes together. This is not always an exact match with your twin but you’ll often see many overlaps. Twin flames are often excited to share their interests through the telepathic connection and this becomes stronger and clearer when you first meet.

Your sense of mission will also become stronger as you work with your counterpart on something which matters to both of you deeply.

Twin Flames improve each other. While earlier stages of the journey can involve separation and things don’t always go as easily as we’d like the connection is one of growth and healing. When twin flames meet they’ll both push each other toward improvement and bettering themselves.

Twin flames will often match each other’s energy in various ways. This might be professional, personal or even just waves of emotions you weren’t expecting to feel. This is one of the (many) reasons a twin flame connection is so much different from a normal relationship.

You Love Your Twin and Yourself

As your sense of purpose and direction grows, so will the love of yourself. Remember, your twin flame is another part of your soul. As you fall deeper in love with them, you’re also falling deeper in love with yourself.

This sense of self-love and self-acceptance is an important part of your journey back towards union and wholeness.

You might notice that every time you have a negative thought about yourself your twin has the same one or vice versa. This is an exact example of mirroring between twin flames and this is often what people focus on.

However, each twin flame carries half of the other’s soul and often reflects back to them what their counterpart believes in themselves. While it is true negative feelings sometimes travel through this connection – so does this growing love.

When you meet your twin flame you’ll fall in love. Not just with them, but with yourself which is even more beautiful.

Instant Recognition of a Twin Flame

Twin flame meetings are rarely going to go as you might expect. Every single twin flame journey is going to be unique however one of the main signs is that instant recognition.

Sometimes this will be a feeling in the gut. An energy that’s been around for years and you finally feel at home again or even sudden breakouts of laughter – especially if they make jokes about something you’ve never found funny before meeting them.

You just know on some level they are right for you.

The first meeting is a moment of recognition. Twin flames feel an instantaneous, deep connection to each other and know they have found their life’s partner without needing any more information than that initial feeling. Sometimes we’ll know exactly what that means. Sometimes we won’t.

Now that said you don’t always instantly fall in love with your twin. It’s rare but sometimes neither twin will know how what to do with this kind of energy and you might even hate each other when you first meet.

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate. The only thing you can be sure of is the high energy when you meet your twin.

Things Will Align For You

While most of the signs go unnoticed (consciously at least) you’ll start to see twin flame number patterns like angel numbers around you. The universe will send you signs that you’re on the right path to push you forward.

You’ll notice things in your life aligning, even when you don’t consciously think about it. It might seem like you’re having a stroke of luck or things are just going well for you. Sometimes this alignment will be clearly pointed towards your twin flame and sometimes it might seem entirely unrelated.

You might notice a huge spike of coincidences and things starting to improve right after you first meet your twin flame or consistently afterward. As if that wasn’t enough to tip us off we also have our intuition which will be screaming at us to reunite with our twin flame.

Sometimes these signs from the universe will be clearer than others. You’ll receive messages of confirmation and guidance telling you what you need to do next. Trust your intuition and follow that inner voice.

Beyond the Physical Intimacy

Twin flames have many physical signs and there’s the powerful connection of twin flames sexual energy – but we can’t overlook the other benefits of the journey.

Twin flames go far, far beyond simple physical intimacy. The connection is emotional and spiritual. While you might have a physical crush on a false twin flame like a karmic partner – nobody will ignite this kind of connection.

You’ll feel lighter, more empowered and spurred to do more for yourself and those in your life. The connection to a twin flame is motivational and healing on every level.

You Become Unafraid

Leave behind anxiety, worry and any past hurt (from this life or another). The twin flame journey will make you feel safe and secure.

You’ll become more passionate with your twin and yourself.

The twin flame journey is all about letting go of the past and embracing the future. There’s a new sense of passion that we might not have felt since childhood. We’ll be meeting our destiny, which will bring us to an exciting place where everything is possible again.

You’ll become unafraid of being hurt (though keep in mind doubt is still normal in the earlier stages). You’ll be able to move on from things that were previously holding you back.

There Are Nearly Unlimited Benefits to Meeting Your Twin Flame

I hate when I see the twin flame journey is compared to just ‘finding the perfect relationship‘. A twin flame is not just a relationship, it’s not just about finding love. It’s life-changing.

Technically, it’s life-changing across multiple lives.

The twin flame journey is about finding oneself and becoming the best version of themselves. It’s about uniting at a soul level to bring each other up, not down.

It’s so easy to identify in others when you’re on your own twin flame journey because there are nearly unlimited benefits that come from meeting your twin flame.

You might see turbulence. You might go through rough patches on the road to union (remember these serve a purpose in allowing you both to heal). Meeting your twin flame will always move you towards better things.

Further Your Journey

Whether you’ve already met your twin flame on the 3D or not – tell me about your journey so far and I’ll do my best to provide guidance.

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