What Happens After Twin Flame Awakening: 3 Stories

When I get questions like what happens after awakening or other stages of the journey, for that matter, I have a hard time with these topics. For those of you who know my story, I am in union with my twin. I also hear many stories from twin flames at various stages of their journey.

But even if I covered every variation I see repeated, who is to say your experience will be the same? The twin flame journey is incredibly unique. Perhaps the most unique experience on Earth.

While I do talk about my own journey and experiences often, I wanted to share a few stories from others to give you different experiences and opinions. Some of these stories were submitted and sent to me, while others have been posted publicly. Nothing that is shared with me in private is ever shared.

Spending so much time in the twin flame community, I think it can be a little too easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the hard parts. I’m not blaming you. I know I’ve done it.

When I shared a recent twin flame success story, it wasn’t to make anyone feel bad or jealous. It was to try and inspire you. These experiences talk of awakening and the different experiences people have with it. Some experience it as an overnight change, while others see a more gradual shift.

Hi Danielle,

I’ll keep my story short. Like most twin flame chasers I just knew that my divine masculine didn’t understand the journey. He had no interest in anything spiritual. He had come along to a few of my yoga classes but I knew it just wasn’t his thing.

When we separated, I was heartbroken. We agreed to take a 3-week break to work on ourselves and our careers. 3-weeks turned into 3-months. Then six. He kept saying he needed more time. The excuses started to make less and less sense. I was hit with all these emotions I just didn’t understand.

I was broken.

I already was a spiritual person. I knew there was something about our connection that wasn’t normal. My own personal awakening seemed to come quickly within the first weeks. I knew exactly what we were to eachother. I felt like I had known the whole time I just didn’t have the words for it.

twin flame storyTwin flames.

As our separation phase dragged on, my focus started to change. I didn’t let go of him. I couldn’t. I thought about him constantly. I would day dream about him. Have conversations with him in my head. Constantly focused on the silence between us.

Maybe this is where we slow ourselves down. Not accepting that the worst parts we see in the runner are really our own flaws being mirrored at us. We don’t know how to accept it.

I know I didn’t

I resisted. I told myself it was all his fault. I told myself if I just waited long enough he would come around. He’d stop making these stupid excuses and we could go back to being… us.

I felt like I was here. I was ready.

I don’t really know what triggered my awakening. It was during a powerful surge of emotion in our separation that it just hit me. I wasn’t ready either. I was spiritually awakened but I hadn’t confronted anything from my past. I hadn’t really focused on the things I needed to.

I pushed the important things to be the back of my mind. Ignored them. Convinced myself I was doing the right thing by working on other areas of my life.

I just stopped focusing on the pain of being apart and the space that was between us. I started to focus on healing through the past hurt and openly confronted all the things he was mirroring right back at me. I focused on the uncomfortable things that I really didn’t want to focus on.

Things I would make excuses for.

After I accepted it, his own awakening seemed to come fast.

He didn’t tell me himself. His best friend told me he was at a meditation retreat. That surprised me. He’d always laughed when I had meditated in the mornings. Things after that become a whirlwind. I had always wondered how I was going to explain what a twin flame was without him laughing or being scared away.

Next thing I know, he sends me a letter. He tells me that he thinks we’re twin flames.

The last couple of months have been an experience like no other. I don’t pretend to know what lies ahead of us but we’ve moved in together and it has been like no other relationship. We inspire eachother, we’ve both taken up new spiritual pursuits but this new energy seeps into our professional lives as well.

We’ve started to look at emigrating together. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

Twin Flame Awakening

We’ve all heard this advice. The twin flame journey is nothing if not a path of self-discovery and improvement. Yes, our reward at the end is a relationship unlike any other, but it doesn’t just happen out of thin air. It’s not uncommon to experience this gap between you when one is awakened, and the other is not.

I do love to hear that the runner’s awakening came quickly afterward, but this isn’t always the case. There are twin flame runner awakening signs you can watch out for, but sometimes you won’t see it coming. Often, these changes seem to come when we least expect them.

Not every awakening process means you’re instantly ready for union, however.

The next story was posted by Desmond Robins:

My awakening (and I think my twin flames also) started when we first met. The meeting itself was electric. There was the physical push, pull. Separation then reunion. Then the current (second) separation. Each time, the feeling was profound, and the reunion after the first separation was beautiful. But only for a comparatively short time.

In the current separation, my awakening has really taken off. It was due to this separation that I was driven to research and discover everything I now know about twin flames. Indeed, it was discovering twin flames due to separation from my own twin flame. Prior to that, we thought we were soul mates. The only other term either of us knew how we felt.

So the awakening is not an event. It’s a process. It starts with the first indication that there is something more profound than the physical (3D) realm. It progresses with experiences either alone or in conjunction with your twin flame (or perhaps soul mates) to the point you realize that there is an underlying structure to everything in the universe.

That all our souls are meant for a higher purpose. It’s during this awakening that you discover your higher purpose and that of your twin flame if they are present in your life during this awakening.

They may not awaken when you do, but that hasn’t stopped my awakening. I’m now aware that I’m on the path to ascension, and I’m fine with that. I’m a bit sad that my twin isn’t by my side, but she is young (the “student”) and I’m quite a lot older (the “teacher”) and it’s not her time yet.

I’m encouraged by literature that says the unawakened twin, when they do awaken, catches up fast.

This is a story a lot of us can probably understand. Twin flames often don’t meet when they’re both ready, and only one twin flame is awakened.

Looking at the awakening as a process and not an event is a great way of looking at it.

The final story is from Karthik:

twin flame self loveThe fact is, you don’t know when you feel awakened. It’s like walking through a door only to look back and see the door has disappeared. Did you really walk through the door or was it all just an illusion? I don’t know, I may still not know. When I look back, I know I have learned something but down the line, after say 10 years I may laugh at my younger self.

When you awaken you drop everything you were taught. Dropping the “this is how it is” life.

This means unlearning and remembering. When you awaken, you remember what the truth actually is and not just what you were told it is. Our parents meant well when they raised us. They were doing what they thought was right at that moment.

Awakening is really discovering how powerful you really are. And getting in touch with your higher self, which is universal consciousness.

If we do nothing but focus on the pitfalls like false twin flames and twin flame separation, we’re just creating a whole new pitfall for ourselves. I know this is easier said than done. I’m not saying you can completely shut off your emotions.

This is exactly why we do things like the twin flame readings and guided meditations. To move your focus forward. It’s a simple (but effective) manifestation technique showing the universe our intention. Telling the universe that we’re moving forward and towards union. Everything else can just get out of the way.

So when I share this next story, it’s for the same reason.

Your journey is unique. Don’t hold yourself, your twin or the path you’re on to the standards of another.