Twin Flame Runner Return Signs and Guidance

These twin flame runner return signs can not only give you reassurance on the journey, they can steer you towards making it happen sooner. If you’re experiencing the twin flame journey, you most likely have already gotten to the separation phase of the connection. If you haven’t yet, spoiler alert: it’s very likely that you will. It’s not a mandatory part of the twin flame relationship, but it’s very likely that you and your twin flame will experience that part of the connection too.

The good news is that it’s generally followed by the return of your twin flame, however long it may take them. This divine spiritual soul bond includes a lot of ups and downs, confronting shadows and healing, spiritual awakening, and ascension towards fifth-dimensional unconditional love. It’s not an easy journey by any means!

Please remember: even if you are seeing twin flame runner return signs it is not a time to just sit back and wait for it to happen. It’s a very positive sign but continue to focus on your twin flame healing and further your journey.

How Long Does It Take for Twin Flames to Reunite?

Once you’ve gotten to the separation phase, exactly how long it takes for the runner to return depends on a lot of very personal details of your situations.

Before getting to the twin flame reunion phase, there’s a lot of dealing with each of your shadows, healing, growing, forgiving yourselves and each other, and ascending to higher and higher frequencies. All of that takes each twin flame more or less time, depending on all of the factors involved.

It’s important to keep in mind that whatever inner progress you make will also help support the energy of your twin, and vice versa. In that sense, you’re going to be a team whether you’re in an official union or not. The nature of the twin soul is going to remain the same, regardless of the milestone along your journey where you’re at: your soul is built to work in tandem with your twin flame counterpart, and you’ll see signs and synchronicities and confirmations of that fact time and time again.

Common Signs

A quick run-down of the common signs you’ll often hear people talk about.

  • Surges of excitement (or other emotions).
  • A better sense of self.
  • Increase in number patterns or twin flame telepathy.
  • Feel a ‘pull’ towards a specific place.
  • Thinking about each other more than usual.
  • Patterns suggesting new beginnings.
  • A calmness. A feeling like you’ve already re-runited.

What Are the Physical Signs That Twin Flame Union Is Near?

When you’ve gone through that separation phase, you’re much stronger on an individual level and as a twin flame love unit. The twin flame lovers who come into twin flame reunion as part of that kind of journey are likely to experience a lot of signs that their paths are close to merging.

Part of that is because they’ve most likely spent a lot of time in a state of conscious awareness of their twin flame soul bond, and they’re much more in tune with the energy of the connection and each other. Some can even feel the physical nearness of their twin, without having seen their face yet, for instance. Feeling their energy much closer than before can be another sign that you’re more and more in tune and nearing the union phase.

You can feel tingles in your palms, feet, or third eye, for instance. It’s not uncommon for twin flames to feel their chakras activating and sense a stronger current of energy coursing through their body. You could experience anything from goosebumps, tingles, butterflies in your stomach, headaches and even nausea. The sudden shift in energy can affect each twin flame differently.

You are also very likely to experience the Kundalini awakening as part of your twin flame reunion or union phase if you haven’t experienced it already. It can come with some physical symptoms like spasms, intense energetic activation of the centers at the root of your spine, nausea, dizziness, even sudden surges of sexual drive. It’s not mandatory though, and you are likely to have already experienced that awakening before you actually go into union or reunion, so if you’re not feeling those symptoms, don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t mean that you’re that much further from the union phase.

Should I Reach out to My Runner Twin Flame?

Your soul is constantly reaching out to your twin flame, runner or not. Simply put, both of your souls can’t help but be in constant contact with each other. It may happen through your dreams or the spiritual realm, and thereby you and your twin flame might be less consciously aware of it. But your soul is always connected to their soul, it’s the nature of the bond between you.

So if you’re afraid that by not speaking or texting or seeing each other you’re out of sight, out of mind, don’t be alarmed. You’re never out of sight or out of mind when it comes to your twin flame. While you or they might go through phases during which you’re consciously ignoring the bond, the nature of the connection is unbreakable and way subtler than what meets the eye or ear. You’re never out of contact, in spiritual and energetic terms.

If your twin flame has taken a break from the journey though, or if they’ve decided through their free will to get off the roller-coaster for a while, you need to respect their space and their decision. Forcing them to face the intensity of your connection is not going to help at that point – they’re taking a break from it because they’re most likely overwhelmed. Give your twin flame the time and space to heal themselves and grow enough to not be overwhelmed anymore.

You’ll feel or maybe even see signs that they’re needing a bit of break. It could be alarming to you if you’re used to them being very present in your energy. But you’ll also receive signs that this is a stepping stone phase, not the end of the road for your connection. You need to trust your twin flame and respect their decisions and timing as much as they need to respect yours.

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Why Is It Taking So Long for Our Twin Flame Union or Reunion to Finally Happen?

The twin flame reunion process is a very demanding and complex part of the journey because at that point there’s clear conscious awareness of the connection and most likely of the joint mission of the twin flames. It’s something sacred and not taken lightly, and as a result, it triggers a lot of profound changes in the lives of the twins.

It may take longer than you’d like, particularly if you’ve been diligently doing the work and may receive signs every now and then that perhaps your twin is a bit slower than you are or is having more difficulty with making progress. That’s precisely when the deep spiritual bond between you is going to work some of its sacred magic, healing both twins as a result of at least one doing a lot of the work needed. One can’t do it all for the both of them, though – it’s teamwork that makes the twin flame reunion dream work.

Divine timing is at play here, in the sense that each one of the twins is going to have a tougher or easier time doing the self-work and growth needed. If you’re going to find it surprisingly easy to cross one threshold, for instance, it might be one of the signs that your counterpart has already done their work in that regard.

When things feel like they’re going too slow, focus all the more on your own part of the growth and ascension process. Your frequency contributes to your counterpart’s frequency and vice versa. The slower they seem to be moving, the more unconditional love and support you need to pour into your bond.

Never forget that this journey is all about you two giving the collective your sacred energy as a unified high-frequency front. It’s a spiritual path towards ascension to high frequencies while you’re having a human experience. You’ve taken on this journey because you’re a tireless and sacred warrior of the light, and the whole collective is here to offer you love and support along the way. Lean on the collective and allow it to love and support you when you’re feeling tired during this complicated journey.

Further Guidance on Your Journey

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In Short

Once the runner has done their running, meaning they’ve done the work of growth and spiritual ascension to higher frequencies, the chase will finally shift into the harmony of true union.

You’re going to feel and see signs along the way that will keep you updated on the phase your counterpart is at, even if you’re in no physical, verbal or written contact. The whole collective is by your side while you’re working your way towards union, and you’ll feel that unconditional high vibe love coming from the collective in your time of need.

The collective and your twin’s higher self know perfectly well that this is not a journey for the faint of heart – keep that in mind at all times, too. When either you or your counterpart might be moving along a bit slower than either of you might like or want to, keep in mind you’ve done a tremendous amount of work already and there’s so, so much you’re giving of yourself and of your light to your twin and the entire collective.

Never forget just how much you’ve already given of yourself and of your love – don’t be too hard on yourself or on your counterpart. The sacred work you’re doing is no small feat, and it takes time and patience to fulfill such a sacred mission as the one you’ve taken on during this human experience.

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