Twin Flame Quotes for Healing or Daily Mantras

These twin flame quotes can help to explain the divine love connection between two mirror souls or can be used as part of a daily mantra to help you through a difficult separation phase.

Remember (and I say this often) every twin flame journey is unique so perhaps not all of these quotes will feel like they apply to you. Feel free to use all, any or none of them as you see fit.

Twin Flame Divine Love Quotes

“If I knew where you were, then nothing would be lost.” Anonymous

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“Twin flames have the gift of finding the path that unites them” Cecilia Ahern

A phrase from the Irish novelist Cecilia Ahern. Two twin flames will instinctively know how to find the path that leads them to know each other.

Twin Flame Divine Love Quote

“Twin flames always meet because they have the same hiding place” Anonymous

Twin Flame Meaning Quote

This anonymous phrase indicates that two twin flames are made from the same energetic source. It is therefore inevitable that they will meet and understand each other.

“True love is a matter of souls, not bodies” Anonymous

This anonymous quote guides us to find our twin flame. We can feel great physical attraction for someone, but what indicates the authenticity of a love bond is the soul.

“I met you like anyone else without looking for anything and I ended up loving you like no one else, finding everything” Anonymous

This is one of the best twin flames quotes to explain the love behind this sacred bond. They find everything in each other and their lives take on a deep meaning.

“I trust my special person even if he is thousands of miles away from me” Anonymous

Twin flames transcend earthly limits. Therefore they are always together, even if they are physically in different places.

Twin Flame Meaning Quotes

Some twin flame quotes help to inspire you and help you better understand this sacred bond. Or to try and explain to someone else who just doesn’t understand how intense the twin flame connection is.

“Twin flames… two halves of the same soul uniting in the journey of life” Anonymous

This anonymous quote explains that indeed two twin flames are actually, one soul divided into two human bodies. Together they must experience life and reach the highest spiritual evolution.

“Love, when it flows in freedom, overcomes all obstacles” Brian Weiss

This phrase from American psychiatrist Brian Weiss highlights that freedom is what makes a love relationship work. This applies perfectly to the twin flame relationship since it is necessary to allow the energies to flow naturally so that everything goes well.

“There are no accidental encounters between two twin flames” Anonymous

This anonymous quote indicates that everything that concerns two twin flames is previously designed by the universe. There is nothing random.

“I like you because you are like me in a you version” Eric Leunam

A phrase from the Mexican psychoanalyst Eric Leunam. The phrase reminds us that two twin flames are like a mirror of each other. Both reflect the good and the bad that the other has.

“Before finding your twin flame, you must first know your own soul very well” Charles Glassman

A phrase from the American physician Charles Glassman. This is one of the best twin flame quotes that explains this type of relationship. You must first know yourself well and then find your twin flame and begin your spiritual journey.

“I like to think that someone is made for me, forever” Anonymous

This phrase explains what a twin flame is. The universe created two souls to be together forever.

“Twin flames are muses” Anonymous

This anonymous phrase reveals a great truth. Two twin flames are not only a couple. Each inspires the other to be a better individual in all areas.

“Your twin flame can be at the same time your bad shadow” Guillaume Musso

A phrase from the French writer Guillaume Musso explains the complexity of this union. The reality is that your twin flame also reflects the worst of yourself, which you must work to improve.

Twin Flame Separation Quotes

“I know that I am not the only one, it just feels like I am.” Anonymous

“All the reassurances in the world could not console me. All my faith had shattered into a thousand tiny pieces and there was no one to pick up these fragments but myself.” Anonymous

“I am ok with the emptiness because I know that he is there, somewhere.”  Anonymous

twin flame separation quote

“Sometimes two twin flames can spend a lifetime rejecting each other” Anonymous

This anonymous quote indicates that sometimes a twin flame bond does not materialize during this lifetime. Therefore that sacred relationship must manifest in the next incarnation.

4 thoughts on “Twin Flame Quotes for Healing or Daily Mantras”

  1. Be found.
    Because someone is waiting for you.
    And he can’t wait to hug you.
    To hold you.
    To reunite the other half
    of the heart…
    And takes you by the hand
    With all the tenderness in the world.
    And under a sky of stars it will tell you
    which is a lifetime
    that was waiting for you.

  2. As you are..
    Stronger than you think ..
    More beautiful than you think ..
    More Worthy than you think ..
    More loved than you can ever imagine ..
    Passionate about making a difference ..
    Burning when you protect those you love ..
    Learning, Crescendo. Not alone ..
    Heating .. Giving .. Generous ..
    Extravagant .. Sexy .. Funny .. Smart ..
    Spoiled .. Scared .. Brave ..
    And so, just like that, more ..
    Be strong .. Be confident .. Be you! 🌈

  3. Forgive me! I wanted to share some key moments in my story. The last two comments go back to before we met physically, he could see me perfectly even though he had never seen me! I have experienced many, really many significant events, but the amazement is always the same, everything is always perfect, punctual, wonderful!

  4. I arrived at you this afternoon, after having repeatedly stumbled upon sequences of 22: at 22:22, while I was driving, at kilometer 22 of provincial road 22, on the radio, when a speaker suggests taking a break of 2 minutes and 22 seconds! I was looking for a correlation between the symbolic meaning and the twin flames and it is yet another sign that tells me that we are finally here !!!
    I signed up for a reading but in telling myself I couldn’t be as clear as now.
    I apologize for coming down like a hurricane!
    Thank you so much. 🙏❤

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