Twin Flame Heart Chakra Pain

Twin flame heart chakra pain is one of the physical symptoms of the twin flame journey but it can also be a powerful tool to help union if you pay careful attention to it.

The heart chakra pain signals an important milestone in the twin flame connection and the spiritual journey towards the twin flame union.

Why Do Twin Flames Experience Heart Chakra Pain?

We’ve talked briefly about the twin flame body sensations you can expect to go through as part of the twin flame stages of your energetic connection manifesting into the 3D and making progress towards a flame permanent union.

The Energy-Body Connection

It’s important to understand that there’s a direct connection between your auric field and your physical body. Your energy field isn’t a separate thing from your soul and thereby your twin flame soul bond or soul contract. When you feel emotional pain, you often feel physical pain or experience issues in the related spot in your physical body.

The path of spiritual growth involves some painful points along the way, as a healing process involves bringing the issue to the surface first so you can then mend it. The home of your twin flame connection is your twin flame heart chakra cord. That’s one of the points where you’re connected as part of your twin flame journey. It’s not the only spot, but it’s a very active and sensitive one.

As part of your twin flame relationship growth process, you’ll heal all the connection points throughout your bodies and in your energetic centers. You’ll most likely experience twin flame pain at every level, from your Crown Chakra to your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Ascension Symptom

As a twin flame, you’re going to experience an activation aka ascension process starting point. It can happen when you first make contact with your twin at the spiritual level, when you first make 3D contact, or when you actually begin your twin flame relationship.

There’s no set-in-stone rule about when you’re going to feel one ascension symptom or more of them. But one of the physical symptoms you’ll experience as part of your symptoms is going to be the heart center activation energy. It can bring on tense feelings, be it negative or positive ones, to begin with, depending on the commitment issues. attachment issues, and trust issues that you may or may not have started to work on already by this point.

The activation of your heart chakra as part of your mirror soul experience is going to attract an intense healing session for you and your twin, be it together or separately, depending on where you are with your growth process and your healing journey.

The actual process of healing is not fun. In fact, it can involve pretty heavy intense emotions. Those intense feelings can get scary sometimes because they are issues at the ego level. Growing pains are a natural part of a growth process, though.

Your Twin Flames Ascension Symptom

If you’ve done your shadow and inner child work or if it’s an ongoing process for you, but you suddenly feel heart chakra pain that doesn’t relate to your own healing journey, then you can be sure that it’s twin flame chest pain related to your twin beginning their own path to healing their energy centers or chakras.

If that’s the case, your twin soul is likely experiencing some negative emotions associated with the soul journey towards healing their energetic centers and embarking on their emotional ascension during this human experience.

If you are dealing with separation pain and would like me to try and help – tell me about your journey so far and let me do a twin flame reading for you.

Twin Flame Separation Pain

The twin flame separation stage of the journey is one of the most triggering and difficult, thereby one of the most painful.

You’re likely to experience flame heart chakra pain at this stage because your twin flame relationship energy is very tested at this point of your healing process, and because each one of you two is very tested on a personal level.

Unfortunately, the flame heart chakra pain caused by the separation phase can last all the while until you get into reunion frequency, but it might not. When you and your twin soul make enough progress with your personal healing journey, the strain on each of your hearts might ease so the overall strain on your twin soul bond can ease too.

The good thing about this type of pain, if there is a good thing to pain at any point, is that once it stops, it’s a sign that you and your twin soul have both made some good progress with your growth process.

How to Relieve Heart Chakra Pain

How to Relieve Heart Chakra Pain

When it comes to relieving the heart chakra pain, it’s a matter of addressing the root cause of why you and your twin soul felt it in the first place. Of course, you can also take some alleviating measures, but you’d only be treating the symptom, and not the actual issue causing it to manifest.

I’ve talked about clearing twin flame blockages with energy work before and if you’re feeling pain in the heart chakra, now would be a good time to start some energy work (or maybe step it up if you already have).

Focus on Your Growth Process

The number 1 thing you can do is make as much authentic progress as you can with your own healing journey.

That’s going to work on your own heart chakra and on the heart chakra connection with your twin soul, helping and supporting you both in overcoming the painful stage you’re at.

Each of you has to do your own part of healing and growing, and you can only do your own part of this journey. But if you focus on doing your part as well as you can, you’re also helping our twin soul to do their part as best as they can.


Twin flame meditation is a powerful tool in overcoming heart chakra pain and in your overall twin soul experience.

It spurs on your growth process and optimizes your energy centers, supporting healing and ascension.

Energy Healing

Twin flame energy healing is a magnificent tool to address your heart chakra pain. You can get twin flame Reiki done, do it yourself if you’re initiated, and/or use any other energy healing method you know of.

By addressing the root cause of the twin flame heart chakra pain and working on your ascension process, you’ll resolve the cause of the low-frequency feelings and resolve them so your journey will proceed in a smoother and less taxing manner.

It’s all about team effort. Twin flame teamwork makes the union dream work, after all!

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