Twin Flame Characteristics

Twin flames are unique and special souls. Each time they have a human experience, they bring higher frequencies into the world around them. While every journey is different, there are some twin flame characteristics that we see time and time again.

Having spoken to many twin flames over the years, I never entirely rely on single characteristics or external signs, but it’s hard not to see common patterns. These are some of the more common ones, but we’ll get deeper into the various things you might want to look for, specifically for your journey.

  • Feeling ‘lost‘. One of the earliest twin flame stages involves this feeling of loss. Knowing something is out there but not quite knowing what. When they do meet their true mirror soul, they often describe it as ‘coming home’. Like they’ve known that person their entire life.
  • Complete Harmony and Ability. As twin flames progress through the journey, it’s more than just a relationship. Twin flames are uniquely capable of manifesting real change in any aspect of their lives. The closer you are to union, the more noticeable this ability becomes as you work together in sync.
  • Unbound. Twin flames are widely seen as a connection of never-ending, unconditional love with no temporal or spatial boundaries. What the world considers normal doesn’t apply to them.

Again, remember that these characteristics are not necessarily unique to twin flame relationships, and they’re not a hard set rule. We’ll get into more specific traits for different types of connections.

Important: You might be able to spot your own mirror soul or understand your journey more deeply with the use of these characteristics but you can’t just base your decisions or your path to union on these traits. Allow your intuition to guide you, not a checklist of characteristics. If you’re still not sure then follow these up with a twin flame reading.

Characteristics Of Twin Flames

You might not be able to tell at first glance who is or isn’t a twin flame unless it’s your own twin. In that case, you’re likely to experience instant recognition. But some twin flame characteristics you could notice might relate to the profound wisdom their souls radiate.

Old Souls

Twin souls are very old and wise. Their soul connection travels through time, space, and dimensions.

They are likely to be called old souls ever since early childhood. It could mean they show signs of uncanny knowledge or understanding of situations, feelings, or connections at very young ages.

Twin Flame Mirroring

Some see twin flames as one soul split into two bodies or monadic twin flames. Or in other words, the twin souls are two souls coming from the same soul source or higher dimensional entity.

Because these mirror souls come from the same source, they have the same vibration of shared energy. You’re going to see you and your other half have many traits in common. That’s part of the reason why you’re called mirror souls, in fact.

When you’re part of a twin flame connection, you and your twin are alike in a profound way. You mirror each other. Once you’ve met your twin flame, you’ll come to realize that they had similar life experiences to your own experiences. It’s part of the reason why you’ll experience some degree of instant recognition and instant connection when you find each other.

You’ll likely realize you share character traits. Your tastes in style, music, food, and even hobbies or travel might very well be almost eerily similar. Your thinking and behavioral patterns could be very similar as well. You could even find yourselves saying the same thing at the same time. You’ll feel like you’ve found your long-longed-for home or your other half. Connecting with your twin flame is likely to bring you the highest level of fulfillment and bliss.

Twin Flame Love

The twin flame love is the highest vibrational type, unconditional love. It’s the love that your higher power has for its creation, the love that Mother Gaia has for her children.

Sometimes, you can sense that couples are twin flames because of their twin flame love. The high vibe of unconditional love radiates warmth and joy like an energetic Sun.

Empathic souls could very well sense their presence due to that high vibe of love that twin flames exude. Their love will always be the basis of a healthy relationship. It’s going to power profound growth and transformation. The twin flame relationship is like a spiritual academy. That’s why you can sometimes tell that someone is a twin by the level of astounding growth and development they undergo as a result of such a connection.

Drivers Of Change And Growth

Due to the nature of their twin flame relationships, you’ll find twin flames are generally very determined people. The twin flame journey involves a lot of growth and development at a personal level and also at the level of the connection.

As a result, twin flames end up being highly motivated and motivational people. That’s going to land them in social, political, economic, and spiritual positions that drive change and, ultimately, growth.

Serving A Higher Calling

Another common trait of twin flames is the fact that they serve a higher calling. In fact, they serve more than one.

Their mere presence in our reality raises the frequency of everything in existence. The more spiritual progress they make, the more they raise their vibration. The twin flame relationship is a powerful driver of spiritual growth and development. And the more twin flames raise their vibration, the more they raise the vibration of all existence.

Part of a twin flame’s higher calling is achieving divine union with their twin mirror soul. But they’re also likely to fulfill various other missions along their way to union and merging.

You can often find twin flames in highly spiritual settings. They’re naturally attracted to spirituality or religion since they’re such high-vibe souls.

So it’s very possible to run into twin flames in spiritual or religious organizations, groups, and gatherings.

But they’ll probably gravitate also towards movements and groups that work towards serving the higher good. It can mean impactful volunteer work and outreach in various areas and ecologic, human rights, and animal rights initiatives.

Twin Flame Energy Versus Soul Mate Energy Traits

Before twin flames have their true twin flame relationship, they’re likely to experience connections to various soul mates. Twin flame characteristics include drawing in high-vibe souls. A soul mate or more will find you time and time again.

For some, that can make it tougher to pinpoint their true twin soul ties.

As a twin, you can have a romantic relationship with a soul mate. It’s going to be a different person to your twin and not a mirror image of your soul. The other’s energy won’t be the same as yours, but complementary.

Your interaction with soulmates is likely to be very harmonious from the get-go. It’s because, as soulmates, you’re not usually triggering presence for each other like you and your twin are.

Soulmate bonds are more like smooth sailing, while twin flame bonds are more like navigating stormy seas in the beginning.

How can you tell if you’re twin flame soulmates or true twin souls? Well, it’s going to come down to your intuition and how well you communicate with your spiritual team. They can help you distinguish between twin flames versus soul mates.

In some cases, you might be unsure about what your intuition is telling you. Other relationships could be similar to what you see as a twin flame perfect match, for instance, especially if you haven’t made 3D contact with your true twin flame yet.

There’s a solid reason for that: your love comes from the same place. When you connect to someone, you’re likely to build a strong bond because you’re a twin. But they won’t necessarily be your twin souls.

Twin flame soulmates are wonderful partners for twin flames. They can help you grow spiritually and raise your vibration. That’s going to bring you closer to your actual twin, in fact.

Soulmate relationships are high vibe and help you make your way towards your ultimate twin flame relationships.

False Twin Flame Characteristics

False Twin Flame CharacteristicsAs an authentic twin soul, you might find yourself becoming part of a false twin flame relationship. You must undergo a lot of growth as part of your own life. At some point, you experience your personal awakening and realize you’re a twin flame.

Sometimes we can get a little too distracted by the smaller details of the journey or the physical relationship, but it’s important to remember the big picture too. A true twin flame connection means two souls coming together. No other connection, however energetic, can compare.

You can connect deeply to some important person in your love life because you operate based on unconditional love. In fact, you could love them so deeply that you can become misled to think they’re your true twin flame mirror soul when they’re not.

Some twins mistake connections for authentic flame ones because of their intensity and on-again/off-again nature. In some cases, it’s easier to identify the false twin flame bond. If it’s an unhealthy relationship, if you feel threatened or coerced, even faintly, at any point, it’s the first sign the bond is not a twin flame relationship.

Authentic twin flame relationships are high vibe, constructive, and deeply spiritual. Anything that’s even faintly abusive is NOT a flame bond.

If it encourages or cultivates unhealthy attachments, thinking patterns, or behavior patterns, it’s a false twin bond.

Twin Flame Relationship Roles

Twin souls have polarized roles in their relationships. Their interaction as part of their relationship is going to be based on the twin flame Yin and Yang or Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles.

Without the support of the Divine Masculine spark of action, Divine Feminine energy runs the risk of becoming stagnant or hesitant. And without the deep insight and intuition of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine twin flames run the risk of acting recklessly or uninspiredly.

When we talk about these twin flame characteristics, gender plays no role in the equation. Divine energies are not related to gender at all. Sure, it can happen that a female twin flame plays a Divine Feminine role in the connection at one point or overall. Or the male twin flame could play a Divine Masculine role. But it can also be the other way around.

And anyone, regardless of their gender or how they identify, has both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in their soul and energetic body.

The roles are not about gender, and they’re not fixed. Energy is the essence of life, and it’s always fluid. Twin flame energy always changes, adapts, and grows. The same twin can play alternating roles during the same human experience or as part of various lifetimes.

The roles influence how the two souls interact and harmonize in order to achieve divine union. It’s all about how they help each other to achieve the merging stage.

Divine Masculine Twin Flame Characteristics

Divine Masculine Twin Flame CharacteristicsDivine Masculine twin flame energy is a force of nature.

This energy can become extremely intense. If it’s not put to good work, it can become restless, agitated, anxious, or even edgy. They’re structured to seek action and often operate based on the hero instinct. It’s likely to find them in first responder jobs like the army, the police force, or the fire department.

Divine Masculine twin flames are usually go-getters, ice-breakers, and sometimes over-achievers. These twin flames are all about making things happen in their own lives and in the lives of everyone around them.

You are likely to run into them in areas that involve intense and competitive activities like sports, races, and competitions. Divine Masculine brings the fire to the table. They can also gravitate towards areas of industry that fabricate or engineer things. They’re builders, constructors, executives, problem-solvers, or fixers.

Twin flame masculine energy is extremely determined. These twin flames have the power to overcome anything and find quick solutions.

They tend to be self-starters and highly motivated people. You can run into them in the motivational environment as speakers or personal coaches encouraging action.

These twin flames tend to realize their true self a bit later in life. They’re so high-energy and action-prone that they can find it difficult to take breaks.

That’s why they need their divine counterparts so much to bring balance, healing, and recovery into their potentially frenzied pace of life.

Divine Feminine Twin Flame Characteristics

Divine Feminine twin flame energy is the nurturing and abundant bosom of nature.

They radiate the positive energy of intuition, fertility, growth, development, healing, analysis and self-analysis, introspection, and deep-level exploration.

You’re likely to run into these twin flames in areas that involve natural growth and abundance, like cultivating or gardening. It’s likely you’ll run into Divine Feminine energies in areas that involve research in all fields.

Natural healers and supporters, these twin flames tend to work in areas like healing, recovery, and health in all regards. They shine as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and therapists. They’ll understand personal and relationship psychology better than anyone.

The highly creative and inspired energy of Divine Feminine twin flames makes them amazing artists and inventors. You can find them in areas of entrepreneurship or powerful self-expression through art.

Divine Feminine energy is innately attracted to the sense of balance and fairness. That means they’ll naturally gravitate towards anything that beautifies or upgrades the essence and aesthetics of life.

But you’ll also run into these twin flames in areas connected to the idea of justice of all kinds. They’ll be highly motivated prosecutors, lawyers, judges, social workers, rights activists, and overall humanitarians.

The deep level of insight and understanding of their nature and of the nature of people can make them fantastic philosophers and spiritual leaders. They’ll be the ones to hack spirit connections and high-vibe development.

Psychics, mediums, and tarot readers have very strong Divine Feminine energy. Divine Feminine twin flames are very likely to gravitate toward these areas.

You can also run into these twin flames in motivational environments. They’re likely to be the motivational speakers that encourage introspection as a path towards growth.

In real life, these twin flames can become so focused that they risk detaching from what might come across to them as menial or meaningless pursuits and activities. They need their Divine Masculine counterparts to spark up and keep going with the mechanisms of everyday life.

Dynamics In Twin Flame Relationships

When twin flames cross paths in the spiritual and/or in the 3D, their flame is going to ignite.

The twin flames awakening starts to connect their energies at a more consciously aware level. That intense energy activates them spiritually. It can also cause massive and obvious changes in their own lives.

The dynamic energy exchange that happens during the flame awakening can be very triggering.

Some twin flames are ready, and welcome the changes coming. But others might find this new concept overwhelming at a particular point in their journey through life.

That’s why when the flame ignites, some twins can become runners and others chasers. The runners try to avoid or run away from their flame journey. The chasers try to welcome and manifest their journey making progress at a faster pace.

Before reaching the surrender stage, twin flames can alternate between these roles throughout one lifetime or more of them.

Twin Flame Chaser Characteristics

Twin Flame Chaser CharacteristicsThe twin flame chaser is the one prepared to embrace the unconditional love and deep connection of the twin flames bond. It can often feel like a difficult separation phase is completely on the shoulders of the chaser, but, in reality, you both struggle with it in different ways.

Chasers tend to be Divine Feminine energies. It’s not a rule, but it’s common for it to happen that way. It’s because they’re the twin flames, more intuitive, prone towards self-introspection, analysis, and spiritual pursuits resulting in spiritual growth.

You can see why this causes an imbalance. The Divine Feminine energy is not a doer by nature. That’s the Masculine’s natural energy.

So when the Divine Feminine first engages in the runner and chaser dynamic, it’s a sign and cause of energetic imbalance in the pair. This stage needs to be resolved before they can both move toward a reunion.

That’s why I like to think of chasers as two separate categories: actual chasers and what I call embracers.


Sometimes, chasers can display signs of a more shadowy, unhealed, or lower-vibe nature.

The feeling of missing their twin can drive them to feel lonely or isolated. It can activate their fear of abandonment.

If they’re struggling with their own inner balance, they can even become somewhat co-dependent. The longing for their twin can take the front seat, creating a need to reunite that clouds their higher-vibe nature.

They can become overly determined, adamant, or obstinate about the quest to pursue their twin. These are signs of spiritual issues that they still need to address.

At this stage, they take on the active role of chasing, which enforces their twin’s instinct to run.

The chase is motivated by a lack mentality rather than an abundance mentality and true unconditional love. It’s more of an unconditional need at this point of their growth.

The necessary separation phase is still in full effect. It’s going to help both twins overcome their issues and grow toward achieving a harmonious union.


Some of these twin flames have made more spiritual progress throughout their lives. They’ll be more in touch with their inner truth.

It’s likely their spiritual growth will show in their 3D life. These twins will be the wise friend everyone goes to for advice.

They’re usually radiating energy on the frequencies of balance. They display higher vibe emotions, behaviors, and thinking patterns.

You can count on them to be optimistic, open-minded, willing, and eager to communicate authentically. A powerful characteristic of these twins is their deep respect for someone else’s space and divine timing.

These so-called chasers feel connected at a more consciously aware level to their twin. The prospect of an intense relationship with them comes as a relief they welcome into their lives.

They know they’re going to reunite when the time is right. It’s not the lack of mentality that drives them, but the abundance of unconditional love. The driving force behind them embracing the path comes from the point of balance and spiritual growth.

They’re entering the surrender stage and embracing the journey. This manifestation of a union is the one likelier to lead to the end of the separation phase, especially when the so-called chaser was the Divine Feminine energy.

Twin Flame Runner Characteristics

The twin flame runner is the one who avoids or refuses the deep connection to their twin soul.

It’s not a rule, but they’re more likely to be Divine Masculine energies. Their natural inclination is towards pursuing activities and staying busy. Being still and doing introspection might prove to be more elusive at the beginning of their journey. So they’re often not as spiritually evolved as their counterparts.

Much in the same way as with the chasers, there are two types of twin flame runners: actual runners and postponers.


Actual runners reject the journey. Often, twin flame runners deny their feelings or even the existence of this type of bond. Especially when they’re masculine energies, they’re activating their shadow masculine energy to actively reject the twin flames bond and the journey it entails.

Any attempt to get closer to them only irritates those sore spots. It pushes them to be all the more active in rejecting and denying. They’re not able to deal with the overwhelming feeling of soul-deep connection. The idea of being physically separated might bring them comfort because it doesn’t trigger their low-vibe feelings.

These runners are often radiating energy that translates into fear. They tend to be less interested in spiritual life in general.

They’d rather focus on the simple matters of 3D life. They might be comfortable at best with the notions of physical connection and physical attraction. But a deeper bond than that might send them into panic mode.

These twin flames tend to suffer from commitment issues, various inner child issues, and many shadows still to be healed, resolved and integrated. They still have a considerable way to go before they’ve grown and evolved enough to accept their true nature and embrace their destiny.

These actual runners tend to be dynamic with the actual chasers. These are the beginning stages of the twin flames finding harmony within and among themselves.


I call these runners Postponers because they’ve grown beyond the phase of denying their flame relationship or the existence of their counterpart. These twin flames are self-aware and have grown spiritually to some extent. They’re also consciously aware of the issues they still have to work on.

In their mind, the twin flame reunion isn’t something to scare them or escape from. But it’s something they know they’re not yet ready for. Because they still have some issues to resolve, they might work on them independently. They often feel that they might burden their twin if they include them in the growth process.

As masculine energies, it’s a part of the process where the hero instinct can be activated. It makes the masculine want to protect their feminine counterpart from the mess the masculine thinks they’d bring to the table.

Even though they’re still technically running, they’ve activated higher vibrations of their dynamic. They’re working together with their counterpart, but they’re not consciously aware of that yet.

The Postponer stage connects very well with the Embracer in order to bring the separation phase to its end.

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In Short

Knowing more about twin flame characteristics can be helpful in different situations. But don’t let the voice of these traits ring louder than the voice of your soul’s truth. Your twin flame journey is not about checking boxes. It’s a deeply spiritual and profoundly transformational experience. And it’s unique to you and your twin.

Always follow your intuition and your unique insight when it comes to knowing your authentic truth.

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