22 Twin Flame Characteristics for Runners and Chasers

While every twin flame (and every journey) is incredibly unique there are characteristics you can use to help you understand your journey. I roped in my own twin (we call him John) again on this one to help give a look at both sides of the journey.

One of the reasons he doesn’t like talking on here is that he finds aspects of the path too difficult to put into words. I get that. I think part of the reason people misunderstand what twin flames are is because they can be so hard to explain.

I often find myself reminding people of this warning, but it’s important:

Do not judge yourself, your twin or the journey you share entirely on signs or characteristics. We only see the tip of the iceberg on this journey and these should be guidelines and not rules.

You might see some of these characteristics, you might see all of them or you might not be consciously aware of any of them. Guidelines. Not rules.

Twin Flame Chaser Characteristics

Twin Flame Chaser CharacteristicsThere are some common characteristics I see in twin flame chasers.

A twin flame chaser is often the awakened twin. The one who understands, at least on some level, the bond between the two of you and deals with the tough emotions of their mirror soul not seeing what they see.

As a general rule most of my readers are the more spiritually aware chaser but (contrary to popular belief) I don’t think they have it any harder than the runner. We’ll get to that later.

One of a Kind

The chaser is often the square peg in the round hole. They don’t fit in with the rest of the world and they know it. They are often the misfits and this energy stands out to others even if they don’t know why.

This actually serves as a purpose to find that sense of home and belonging. Finding the other half of your soul that they fit into.

They’re Awake

The awakened twin is often the chaser. They are the one who has felt the calling, even if they don’t know what they’re being called to.

Twin flames have been around for a lot longer than we’ve had websites like this or used the term. That hasn’t stopped the chasers from following the pull of… something. A sense that there’s something greater for them.

In the later stages (and rarely) early on the runner is also consciously awakened to this journey too.

They Can’t Ignore The Call

The call is loud and clear for the chaser. Sometimes overwhelmingly so. Sometimes it can become an obstacle to focusing on the everyday things as it’s in their very nature to search for what they’ve lost – even when they don’t know what (or who) that is.

They are often called to service in some way which can manifest as a strong desire to help others or an inner knowing that they are here for a higher purpose.

They’re Driven

The chaser is often driven by their intuition and gut feelings. Even when they don’t know exactly what they want to do – the universe gets out of their way. True twin flames are incredibly capable of manifesting real change and furthering their own growth.

Part of this is to help them prepare for union and this can help further their goals in other aspects of their life but it can also manifest as single-mindedness towards a single goal at times.

Spiritually Attuned

Beyond simply being aware of their twin flame path the chaser tends to be more in tune with the spiritual realm in general.

Often they have a keen interest in spiritual practices (Tarot cards, astral projection or meditation or example) but sometimes they have no conscious interest because they’re not challenged by it. Their attunement allows them to manifest real change better than most.

They’re Emotionally Intelligent

The chaser is often emotionally intelligent which can manifest in a few different ways. Have you ever been described as an old soul?

They might be good at reading and understanding people, they might be able to communicate their feelings effectively or they might be able to manage and understand their own emotions better than most.

Subconsciously others around them will notice this and be drawn to them, especially in tough times.

They’re Creative

The chaser is often creative in other areas of their life. They may be an artist, they may have a knack for writing or they may be able to think of new solutions that others miss.

This creative streak allows them to think outside of the box and, combined with their intuition, they are able to drive their creative urges into manifestation.

Not Materialistic

Their drive and ability certainly give the chaser the option of physical wealth and material abundance but this is often more of a byproduct than the focus.

Perhaps one of the more common characteristics is they’re not as interested in material things and this can sometimes manifest as being generous with what they do have or a lack of interest in money and possessions.

They’re Drawn to Adventure

One of the most distinctive characteristics of twin flame chasers is their insatiable desire for adventure. While they lack a desire for physical items they’re often incredibly drawn to experiences and adventure. The sense of feeling something greater is out there for them manifests as a sense of wanderlust.

This can lead them to travel, trying new things and meeting new people. Experiences are a big part of their lives and they often seek out ways to make them more exciting.

They are often drawn to far-flung places and exotic cultures, and they thrive on challenges and new experiences. This restlessness can sometimes be interpreted as a lack of commitment, but for twin flame chasers, it is simply a deep yearning for growth and transformation.

Their quest for adventure is not about escapism or recklessness; rather, it is a search for something that they know is missing in their lives.

They Face Obstacles Head-on

Driven more by a sense of destiny than simple adrenaline the chasers are not afraid of obstacles and face them head-on.

This might manifest as being unafraid of physical danger, taking on tough challenges or simply not backing down from a fight. They know their path and they know what’s required of them to get there.

Whatever the challenge is (whether getting out of bed on a Monday morning or flinging themselves across the world into a new career) chasers push forwards while still dealing with internal doubt. They’ll still push themselves out of their comfort zones.

They’re Loyal

Loyalty is one of the most admirable twin flame chaser characteristics. Once they’ve committed to someone or something, they are there for life. They are not fickle and their loyalty is unshakable.

They are loyal to their ideals, their friends and their own path. They’re fiercely loyal to their own progression and others will see this in them even when self-doubt prevents them from seeing it in themselves.

Are You The Chaser?

Whether you spot these characteristics in yourself or your intuition already knows, this can be a tough position to be in. The standard advice I always give (and I stand by) is to focus on your own path and development.

That can be easier said than done, if you’d like some more detailed advice then let me help with a twin flame reading.

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Twin Flame Runner Characteristics

Twin Flame Runner CharacteristicsThe runner is the one… well, running. Usually not literally but they’re the ones putting emotional and physical distance between the two of you.

I’m constantly telling readers to try and understand the runner’s feelings. They’re not intentionally trying to hurt you and they’re struggling as well. The main difference is at least you know why you’re struggling.

The runner is often left to just figure it out by themselves and that often means they try to frame energy they don’t understand into a worldview they already know. This often doesn’t help.

There are also some common characteristics I see in twin flame runners.

They’re Asleep

A runner is often the more unconscious twin. The one who is still asleep to the true nature of their connection and usually asleep to their spiritual side almost entirely.

They may still believe in the concept of soul mates in a general sense (because of what they’ve seen in a Hollywood movie) but they don’t see this specific connection as anything other than two people who fell in love.

And they certainly don’t see the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame.

They’re Avoidant

The runner is often avoidant in nature. This avoidance can manifest in different ways and the common one is putting physical and emotional distance between the two of you.

They don’t do this to hurt you (more on that in a moment) but they do avoid doing anything that might cause them pain. This usually means they’ll avoid any kind of conflict or confrontation and will go to great lengths to keep the peace.

Ironically, sometimes this means starting a fight so they have an ‘excuse’ to physically separate themselves.

The Divine Masculine

I want to stress this one very carefully.

We often use the terms divine masculine and male twin flame interchangeably but the divine feminine can absolutely be the runner and the divine masculine is not always biologically male.

As a general characteristic, the divine masculine tends to be the runner. Often the one to disconnect first and act in response to fear. I have several theories on this but I don’t think we really understand enough to say exactly why they tend to be the runners.

They’re Driven by Fear

The runner is often driven by fear – usually without knowing it. They might try to frame it in a way that makes sense to them and their understanding of what a relationship is.

For example, they might say “I’m not ready for a relationship” when what they’re really afraid of is getting hurt. Or they’ll say “I need some space” when what they’re really doing is running from the fear of intimacy.

Remember, they’re not afraid of you. They’re dealing with their own healing process and that often means confronting past hurt which affects them in the present.

Unconscious of The Pain They Cause

The runner is often unaware of the pain they’re causing because, to them, it’s not about hurting the other person. It’s about protecting themselves from hurt and they’re still framing this connection as if it was a normal relationship.

They’re not trying to be mean or hurtful – they just don’t see it from your perspective. They don’t see a reason to.

This doesn’t automatically make it easier for you. Emotional pain is still pain. If you can try and understand their actions, sometimes we can act more out of compassion than lashing out in pain.

They’re Reactive

The runner is also reactive in nature. They’re the ones who are constantly reacting to the actions of their twin flame chaser.

The problem is they often don’t react in a way that makes sense to the chaser. For example, the runner might get really angry over something small or insignificant. Or they might withdraw and shut down completely.

They Struggle with Change

The runner twin is often the one who struggles most with change. This can manifest differently but they’ll go out of their way to keep things the same.

They might have a rigid view of what a relationship should be or they might seem resistant to overcoming addiction, improving their professional lives or basically things that would seem like common sense to the chaser.

Again, this isn’t always easy for the chaser who wants things to move forward. What the chaser see’s as stagnation and delays, the runner perceives as safety.

They Hurt Too

This is one we often overlook and I think doing so can really slow down your journey. The twin flame runner feels pain even though we don’t give them credit for it.

They’re often seen as the ones causing the pain and that can build up resentment from the chaser.

The reality is they struggle too, it just manifests differently. In some ways, it can be worse for them because at least the chaser can speak to people about the journey and understand where this energy comes from.

The runner has none of that. They’re often completely alone in their pain and they have to find a way to cope with it.

They Long for Union Too

Twin Flame Runner Coming BackDon’t forget this characteristic either. The runner is still guided by their higher selves.

The fact you are separated is all part of the plan that both of you had agreed on. Separation happens for a reason and the runner longs for union just as much as you do.

They just don’t consciously know what it is they long for.

While this causes short-term pain, in the long term it gives both of you exactly the opportunity you need to prepare yourself for union. The kinds of practices in the Twin Flame Union companion are ideally done when you both have the space to work on yourselves before coming back together.

They’re Protective

This one can get a little… tricky.

The runner is protective over the chaser but this one can be incredibly hard to see. Sometimes it manifests as them reaching out even during separation. I see that in maybe 30% of the people I speak to.

Even when they’re not physically being protective over you, they’re often keeping apart because inwardly they know you’re both not ready for union. Coming other now would cause short-term relief but long-term pain.

They’re protecting you from that.

They’re also protective of themselves and are often dealing with past hurt that was never healed. This is one of the biggest problems with runners – they often don’t deal with their pain and it just builds up over time.

It’s part of the journey.

They Struggle with Self-Love

This is a big one. Perhaps the characteristic that slows you both down the most.

The twin flame chaser often struggles with self-love and forgiveness. Even when they can appear cool and collected they’ll often doubt their own self-worth and this puts them through a lot of pain and doubt.

Speaking to runners after union (including John, in my case) one of the common things I hear is that they didn’t feel worthy of being loved by another and I hear fairly often that a chaser has been told they’re too good for them.

Again, this is part of the runner’s healing process. They need to be happy with themselves before they can accept you will be happy with them.

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