Twin Flame Birth Charts: Guiding Your Connection

Birth charts can give us all kinds of guidance in different areas of our lives but they can be especially useful for twin flames because they’re more attuned and working at a higher vibration. Analyzing the birth charts of twin flames can help them make tremendous progress on their journey.

Twin flame birth charts can give you guidance on what you need to do to reach union but they do have to be followed carefully. As with most twin flame signs, use them as guidance and a nudge in the right direction – not hard set rules.

What is a Birth Chart?

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A birth chart or a natal chart is an astrological chart based on a snapshot of the skies based on your birth time and the place of your birth. It describes the placement of all the planets at the time of your birth, as well as the various placements within each of the twelve houses and what planetary aspects there are between them.

Your birth chart is based on your birth time and place. That means that two people born on the same day, even if they were born in the same town or even the same hospital, will have different natal astrology charts if they were born a couple of hours apart even if they might have the same Sun sign.

Your chart involves the twelve astrological houses:

  • The 1st house of self which also speaks about your Rising or Ascendant sign (Aries energy),
  • The 2nd house of resources and possessions (Taurus energy),
  • The 3rd house of communication and exchanges (Gemini energy),
  • The 4th house of home and family (Cancer energy),
  • The 5th house of pleasure (Leo energy),
  • The 6th house of health and well-being (Virgo energy),
  • The 7th house of partnership (Libra energy),
  • The 8th house of sex, death, and transformations (Scorpio energy),
  • The 9th house of philosophy (Sagittarius energy),
  • The 10th house of social status (Capricorn energy),
  • The 11th house of friends and social concerns (Aquarius energy),
  • The 12th house of the unconscious and spirituality (Pisces energy).

At the time of your birth, each of the planets, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, was placed in one of the twelve houses and made planetary aspects with other planets. All of these astrological elements and the nature of the energetic interactions between houses and planets determine what your birth chart says about you.

When it comes to zodiac signs, the basic level of astrological understanding is the Sun sign, but there’s so much more to your chart. Your Rising or Ascendant sign, your Moon sign, your North Node, South Node, Part of Fortune, and various planetary placements or aspects of your transit charts are very relevant regarding your twin flame journey and your life in general.

External factors like moon phases for twin flames can have a larger impact on your journey than you might expect, but I’m always advocating for taking personal responsibility for your journey. Birth charts, moon phases or… anything really can give you guidance on your path ahead but you always need to take active responsibility.

Now I know that beliefs are going to vary greatly here. I’ve talked about using twin flame astrology a little, but I say it with caution, and it’s very rarely my first suggestion for guidance. Given how individual anyone is, let alone a twin flame, I prefer something like the tarot for twin flames.

Astrology birth charts are often generated by a birth chart calculator. But once you get the chart of the houses, placements of the planets, and potentially the planetary aspects going on, you still need to truly interpret that chart. You can certainly learn to do this yourself (it takes some work, but it can unlock some real guidance in your life.

You can also use a service like this, which specifically focuses on breaking down your birth chart and what it can mean for your twin flame journey.

birth charts for twin falmes

How Does a Birth Chart Help the Twin Flame Journey?

Your twin flame journey involves a lot of significant aspects which can be seen in your birth chart. Major aspects that relate to a block in life, your soul’s mission or life purpose, the challenging energies, and the complementary energy in your overall inner dynamics, skills, talents, weakness – all of that can be seen in your chart. And all of that is an integral part of your destiny, which as a twin flame also involves your twin flame journey.

When you put together the charts of two people you can get a combined chart and there are many things that come up at a closer look at that. A spiritual connection such as a twin flame relationship or a karmic relationship or a soulmate bond can stand out among other romantic connection types, though it’s not a must to see particular astrological elements to designate one or the other. But those elements aren’t the true power of your astrology birth charts as twins.

The true power of using your chart and that of your twin is the fact that you can take a detailed look at all the relevant aspects of yourself and of your twin to put together a map of your overall dating experience and twin flame relationship and how you can improve it to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Your charts give you the map of how you can improve your continued journey together and what you can do to reconcile or manage opposing aspects while emphasizing any compatible element at every turn.

Twin Flame Natal Chart Aspects

When it comes to natal chart aspects for twin flame relationships, there’s no set-in-stone aspect that validates or confirms the energy cord.

Planetary Aspects

In some cases, you can see opposition aspects in common or conjunction aspects in common. In other cases, you might see mirrored aspects between counterpart energy planets.

For instance, Venus represents divine feminine energy, and Jupiter represents divine masculine energy. You might see a Venus conjunct Saturn in one twin’s chart and a Jupiter conjunct Saturn aspect in the other twin’s chart. At the same time, in the case of another twin flame relationship, you might see the same aspect related to a Saturn conjunct Pluto, for instance.

We could see the same thing happen with planets and houses. For instance, for one twin we might see Venus in the 8th house of transformations, and for the other twin, we might see Jupiter in the 8th house of transformations. Or both twins might have the same planet in the 8th house, for instance, Mercury (ruler of Gemini).

The Houses

When it comes to twin flame relationships and the astrological houses, we might see some aspects in common or some mirrored aspects going on, especially when it comes to the 3rd house, the 7th house, the 8th house, and the 12th house.

Just like in the case of the planetary aspects, we may see divine counterpart energies play out either in complementary situations or in mirrored situations. For instance, one twin might have Venus in the 7th house and the other one might have Jupiter in the 7th house.

Or they could both have a significant planet like Saturn, the Lord of Karma, in the 8th or in the 12th house. (It’s not a must, but it can happen.)

Astrological Signs

The sign of Gemini is often associated with twin flames. Pisces is also often associated with the twin flame journey. It’s somewhat easy to see why: their symbols include twins or doubles.

It does happen pretty often that twin flames would have important houses, planets, or aspects that involve Gemini or Pisces. They might be Sun signs of the twins, or their Rising or Ascendant signs. But they can also have a Moon or a Venus in Pisces, or a Saturn or a Jupiter in Gemini, or both, or any combination thereof.

You might find that the twins have signs, houses, planets, or aspects in mirroring signs on the zodiac wheel. If you look at the signs when represented on the wheel of the year, you’ll notice that each sign has a “mirrored” counterpart: Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, Virgo-Pisces.

Whether it’s Sun signs, Ascendants, Moons, Venus, Jupiters, or a combination of them, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these mirrored signs being involved in the charts of the twins or playing a significant role in their connection.

Further Guidance

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Can Astrology Predict Twin Flames?

To be clear, you can’t decide if a strong connection is or isn’t part of the twin flame relationships category simply by looking at the charts. Some astrologers feel that this particular type of deep connection shows up in specific ways when it comes to the seventh house, the eighth house, or the twelfth house.

As someone with actual experience in using birth chart compatibility to analyze astrological energies involved in someone’s interaction with a romantic partner and to see what positive aspect they might benefit from, I can tell you that there’s no hard-set rule for “reading” whether or not two people have twin flame relationships in their astrology birth charts.

You might see some recurring patterns of elements, opposition aspects between particular planets, conjunction aspects between others, but you can’t take these things as a rule just because we see them from time to time. I can’t stress this enough: your chart won’t give you the definitive answer to whether or not you are a twin flame or whether or not someone is your twin flame divine counterpart. Your soul knows the truth of that, and that’s the only confirmation that you need.

How twin flame birth charts can truly help your journey is through analyzing natal chart compatibility between the twins, looking at transit charts to see what they might be dealing with in terms of hardships and supporting aspects. Astrological compatibility is not a “yes” or “no” answer to the question: “Can this relationship work out?” It’s a map to navigate that connection so that it does work out!

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