Twin Flame Angel Number 33: Approaching Union!

Are you seeing angel number 33 on your twin flame journey? What does 33 mean for twin flames?

Twin Flame Angel Number 33 means twin flames are on the same page and it’s a very strong sign of approaching union. It’s a sign that a runner twin flame has healed and is ready to take the next step.

Twin Flames who see this angel number should feel relieved. Downright ecstatic. Your journey has taken huge strides and if you’re seeing angel number 33 then you might be right around the corner from true union.

Angel number 33 is a very special number pattern for twin flames and it might mean there’s still one thing left to do but there’s no stronger combination and few better signs than this.

What does angel number 33 mean for twin flames? Why do you see it? Is 33 a twin flame number?

What Does 33 Mean for Twin Flames?

Angel Number 33 is the twin flame number for spiritual growth and service. It’s a sign that both you and your mirror soul have worked on their journey and are moving forward.

It’s going to herald a period of high energy and you’re likely to see a lot of changes in the near future. Most of these are good but there might be a few small hiccups along the road.

You will become more sensitive and empathic than before and it’s possible that some people around you might not like this new development in your personality. This could lead to conflicts with friends or family members who do not understand why your behavior has changed so much. Especially from anyone who has had a hard time understanding your twin flame journey before this stage.

When twin flames see angel number 33, they are being told that they have finally reached a point in their twin flame journey where they are ready to move forward.

Union is a reward for healing. It’s the next step to true one-ness.

This is because twin flames with this number have worked at it and grown spiritually. I absolutely love to see people seeing this sign. It means you’ve been avoiding the common twin flame trap of just waiting for it to happen. Angel number 33 heralds an increase in energy levels which will lead to many changes for the twin flame who sees themself as having this sign.

What Should You Do When Seeing 33?

The double number ‘3’ appearing twice is a sign that anything you do right now to further your twin flame journey is going to be magnified. A little bit of effort here might be enough to get you over this finish line.

Angel Number 33 is a sign to twin flames that anything they do now will be magnified. A little bit of effort might just push them over the finish line.

Angel number 33 is an indication that your twin flame journey is coming to an end, and you are reaching completion. It’s time to take stock of everything you have learned about yourself and your twin flame throughout this process, as well as what has been revealed to you through insights or synchronicities.

Angel number 33 suggests it’s time for some introspection. What has been working for you? What have you outgrown and can now leave behind?

It can also mean that there are still lessons left for you to learn about yourself, or unresolved issues in regards to healing from past relationships. If this is the case then now is the time to focus on them. Strike when the spiritual iron is hot and you’re going to have an easier time working with this newfound energy.

This is an important moment for your journey. If you want further guidance, let me do a twin flame reading for you.

Is 33 a Twin Flame Number?

Twin Flames Seeing 33

While not exclusive to twin flames, angel number 33 is absolute confirmation of a twin flame connection. If you were dealing with doubt and looking for some confirmation then this is absolutely a screaming yes from the universe.

Any double numbers as an angel number symbol is a good sign. A balanced yin and yang destined to meet in this lifetime. These two energies combined to form wholeness, balance and ultimate happiness.

Seeing 33 When in Separation With Your Twin Flame

Often when angel number 33 appears it’s going to be after a long period of twin flame separation. It arrives after work has been done and perhaps right before something big changes.

You might look at the clock just in time to see 03:03 or pay $3.3 for something. The date might be the 3/3 or you just see 33 as part of other numbers constantly. It might even be more blatant than that with angel number 33 arriving in your dreams to steer you.

Angel numbers are one of the biggest forms of guidance we get on the twin flame journey. I’ve seen them called spiritual GPS which seems pretty accurate. They tell us what we need to do, not just herald of the future.

33 for twin flames means they’re on the right path but you should be paying attention to both yourself and your twin at the moment. Has anything changed recently? Perhaps something that you’ve held onto all this time no longer has a place in your life?

This is more than just confirmation of separation coming to an end, there might be guidance here as to what you need to do before you can move to that next stage.

Do Both Twin Flames Get Signs Like 33?


While twin flame numbers are often more visible to the spiritually awakened twin, if you’re at the stage where you’re frequently seeing angel number 33 then your twin is too.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they know why they’re seeing it but this number will be flowing around their lives intensely. It will still guide them even if they don’t know they’re even seeing it.

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Related Angel Numbers for Twin Flames

Twin flame number combinations are very specific. Since angel number 33 is confirmation that things are going well, if you see them in combination with another number pattern then your guidance is a little more specific.

It becomes: You will reach the next stage as long as you follow the guidance the other number is pointing you towards.

  • Angel Number 811: 811 for twin flames is a call for help from your twin. It’s a sign they need something from you whether that’s energy or direct assistance in the 3D. In combination with number 33, it means they need your help with the last hurdle of the journey.
  • Angel Number 666: twin flames see angel number 666 when they come together. It’s a sign that everything is in place and you need to start taking action. With 33, this means you should take a leap now.
  • Angel Number 606: 606 for twin flames is a symbol of confirmation and manifestation. With angel number 33, this means you’re close but you need to focus on your spiritual path and ignore the physical to move to the next step.
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