Twin Flame Affirmations [So Powerful!]

I absolutely love twin flame affirmations. I love anything which actively furthers the twin flame journey and leads you away from just sitting around waiting for things to “work out”. If you’ve read my own story, you’ll probably know that I was fairly skeptical of spiritual practices (until meeting my twin flame knocked me on my butt) and what originally attracted me to affirmations was their basis in both science and spirituality.

Using twin flame affirmations has to be one of the easiest and yet most effective ways to program your subconscious to constantly further your journey and bring meaningful change.

And it all starts with two of my favorite words in the English language.

I am…

What Are Twin Flame Affirmations?

People debate the true meaning of affirmations.

Some think they’re a form of the Law of Attraction and the universe will provide for you as you set your intention. Others believe the simple act of constantly reminding yourself of your goals will make it happen. Maybe it’s somewhere between the two.

Whatever the reason, affirmations are the process of affirming a goal internally.

Positive statements and goals that lead you away from negative mindsets and low vibration energy. Commonly done at the start of the day you’ll see affirmations featured in movies and TV shows with the main character talking to themselves in a bathroom mirror or screaming their goal from the top of a mountain.

In reality, it can be as simple as having a quick conversation with yourself internally when you start the day. Setting yourself up to take charge of your own destiny and further your journey toward union with your twin flame and not just accepting where you are.

Most of us already use affirmations, sometimes without knowing it.

On a bad day, we might tell ourselves things never go right, we always mess up or we just can’t catch a break. These are examples of negative affirmations. The same can happen on the twin flame journey.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • We’re never going to be together…
  • You’ll never understand how I feel…
  • I don’t see this working out…

As powerful as positive affirmations can be on furthering our twin flame journey, negative ones can hold us back. Sadly the twin flame journey is rarely smooth sailing and it’s incredibly easy to find yourself using negative affirmations without noticing it.

Why Are They So Useful?

First of all, consistent positive affirmations can prevent us from falling into the trap of using negative ones.

You might have heard this quote before.

Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both usually right.” – Confucius

I love this line so much because it perfectly sums up one of the common problems I constantly see in the twin flame journey. Mindset is important. It means everything. The reason I’m such a fan of people using affirmations, the Tarot, astral projection or twin flame meditations is it signifies a mindset of making it happen.

There’s a lot of different tools you can use here, but few of them can be done in under 60 seconds before your eyelids even open in the morning. People use affirmations in all aspects of their lives from the personal to the professional, the reason I like them on the twin flame journey so much is this simple act can have such a big impact.

At worst, it can help to keep you in the right mindset. At best, this subconscious reprogramming can help do some of the work for you.

Example Affirmations

twin flames affirmation

There are no hard-set rules in how or when you do affirmations. Some like to roll them into other practices like yoga or meditation, some hike to the top of a hill and scream their affirmations to the sky once a week.

Personally, I do mine the same way as I did when I first began my twin flame journey. In less than 60-seconds before I roll out of bed in the morning.

The whole process is incredibly personal. You might say them internally, out loud or write them down. The only rules I would stick to is:

  • Keep them positive.
  • Start with ‘I am….’
  • Keep them specific.

We’re not going to start our day with “I’m going to try and…”. Try something like:

  • “I am going to reach union.”
  • “I am moving towards you today.”
  • “I am furthering my journey toward you.”

I do have a recorded section of guided twin flame affirmations in the twin flame coaching. Some prefer to follow along with my voice but however you choose to do it, it’s the intent that really matters. Your affirmation could be in Pig-Latin scrawled in crayon as long as it puts your subconscious in the right frame of mind.

Furthering Your Twin Flame Journey

However, you choose to further your journey (and I really do believe you should use affirmations) if you’d like some guidance, tell me what you’re going through so far and I’ll send you a twin flame reading.

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  • Doubt is a perfectly normal part of a twin flame journey. If you take a few moments to tell me about your journey so far, I'll send you a free twin flame reading to help guide you onward towards union.

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2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Affirmations [So Powerful!]”

  1. Hello beautiful soul,
    Just to let you know that reading your articles give me so much insight and comfort. I’ve been on this journey most of my life without understanding I am a twin flame or that the relationship I have run from for years was my Devine right to claim.i have had so many dreams confirming this truth in the past and all through my life but i still did not understand. Thankfully I now do and am trying my best to do what it takes to reach where I must on the divinely guided journey though it’s been the most difficult thing ever. I am seeing the number 69 a lot for sometime now and am so comforted by your explanation of the meaning of this number as a lot of it resonates with me. I’ve done my best possible but it is still very daunting for me to say the least. I’ve tried to reach useful resources online but they are not affordable. I am glad I now understand the meaning of all I’ve been through for years and years and am so so grateful for the divine gift I have and am looking forward to the day it all comes to a grand successful conclusion for me and my counterpart. Each time it looks like everything is in place it all comes crashing down again. It gets me so confused coz am putting my best daily and am really tired of the pain. Overall it’s been a profoundly rewarding experience for me as I’ve been able to see my shadows and been trying hard to work on them as best I can. I know that I will get there in good time to be able to give the WORLD the gifts I’ve set out to give as my part of this Devine blessing we are given as twin flames.
    Thank you so much for all the good work you bring to the collective such good work from your own journeys experiences. Thank you for the depts of my dear heart and wish you light and profound love for always.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for the opportunity given me to read all your articles. It’s been a hill climbing journey but your articles have been so helpful. Looking forward to day all my hard work will pay off as am so waiting for the time I will be in reunion with my twin to be able to give back to the World all the gifts and blessings we are here to share as twin flames. I thank the collective for sharing their experiences to help others move forward with ease on their journey. Sending you all love and blessings for always.

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