Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking of You [and What Next]

There are plenty of signs your twin flame is thinking of you, and many of them you’ll realize are very familiar and even everyday occurrences. Once you’ll be able to identify these signs, you’ll realize your twin flame is a much bigger part of your energy and day-to-day life than you might have thought.

Whether you’re part of a twin flame relationship or not, you’re most likely used to feeling a very familiar presence in the back of your mind. You most likely have shared dreams with your twin flame too, whether you remember them or not once you wake up. Random spikes in emotion that don’t necessarily pertain to your situation are also signs of a spiritual connection with your twin flame.

Synchronicities will confirm and point out different things during your twin flame journey. You may even experience telepathy, once the twin flame soul bond becomes stronger and more consciously aware. Of course, the basis of your bond will always be energy exchange, whether it’s consciously aware or not yet.

Watching For the Signs

Before we get too far into this, I want to make something very clear. When you’re looking for signs (signs they’re thinking of you, signs they’re returning or signs they’re communicating with youthese are guidelines.

Not everybody will see these signs in the same order or even at all. If you see them, take them as the guidance they present but don’t panic just because you’re not seeing some or all of them.

A Familiar Presence

One of the signs we often ignore the easiest when it comes to our twin flame soul is their familiar energetic presence. It’s easy to lose sight of this sign because it’s something we’re so familiar with.

Our twin flame is with us in energy from the very moment we enter our current human experience. Twin flames are connected at the soul level, and their or our thinking about various things is going to create a connection even without us realizing it.

Shared Dreams With Your Twin Flame

I’ve covered twin flame dreams in more detail before because it’s one of the most exciting signs to me. Whether you’re in a twin flame relationship in the 3D or have yet to manifest that type of connection in your physical reality, your higher selves are always connected in the spiritual realm. More often than not, you’re interacting in your dreams a lot more than you might imagine, too.

Twin flames are naturally programmed to gravitate towards one another. When you’re asleep, your consciousness is freer from human experience conditioning and can thereby follow its natural instinct. When it comes to twin flames, that instinct is to be together.

You may or may not remember the dreams when you wake up. Sometimes your twin flame could come across as a familiar presence without a face you can recognize. In some cases, you see their faces, again and again, in others, they might show up in different ways but you will know deep down inside who they are.

You can also have dreams about your past life interactions, particularly if you’re in the midst of doing some significant shadow work.

The more connected to your day-to-day life or interactions the dreams are, the better the chance that your twin flame is reaching out intentionally through the dream realm. But their energetic body could also be reaching out instinctively, without their conscious intention.

Spike in Emotions

Every now and then, your twin flame connection could be flooded with emotions, positive or negative. It can be a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you personally if you’ve already connected in the 3D, or about you as their twin flame.

Emotions can be a bit more tricky as signs of your twin flame thinking about you, though. Because of your energetic soul bond, you will always feel the current of intense emotional spikes in your twin flame’s energetic field. So it may be their energy reaching out without them consciously thinking about it.

But when your twin is actively and consciously thinking about you, you’ll feel a flood of warm and fuzzy feels through your soul bond. The level of unconditional love that comes through your bond is unlike anything else.


Some of the most common signs that your twin flame is thinking about you are synchronicities. Angel numbers are often signs of twin flames thinking about each other.

If you keep seeing recurring numbers that relate either to the twin flame journey by and large or to your particular situation in a specific way, then the universe is telling you that your twin has you on their mind.

Synchronicities can also include words, scenes, scenarios that bring to mind your person or situation. If you’re in separation or close to reunion, you are likely to see a lot of these signs that let you know that your twin flame has you on their mind hardcore.

In some cases, the same sign is going to show up again and again as it’s trying to convey a message. Once you’ve gotten the message, it’s likely to appear time and time again to emphasize it.


Telepathy is likely to get stronger and stronger between twin flames the closer they get to union frequency. Once union or reunion is achieved, it’s very likely to grow exponentially, but it can be pretty heavily featured during times of separation as well.

This type of sign is more likely to show up when the soul of each twin flame is pretty evolved. That means that there has been a lot of work done, a lot of karma releasing, surrendering, growing, developing, and expanding consciousness.

A telepathic connection can be heavily featured in the twin flame relationship early on as well, but it’s more likely to be less intentional and more circumstantial at first. It is nonetheless a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you.

Once the soul bond is strong enough and both twin flames have done a lot of work, very likely when they’re close or in reunion frequency, their mental connection is going to expand exponentially. At that point, you can have entire conversations telepathically, not just receive signs that your twin flame has you on their mind.

I have covered twin flame telepathy in detail and if you haven’t read this already I heavily suggest you do. This is perhaps one of the strongest tools we have to help navigate the journey.

twin flame energy exchange

Twin Flame Energy Exchange

Instinctive and Intentional

Another sign that your twin flame has you heavily on their mind is an energy exchange. Granted, you and your twin are always exchanging energies, that’s part of your natural soul dynamic whether you’re part of a twin flame relationship or not yet.

Intentional energetic exchanges will be different to those instinctive ones, though. While your twin flame’s soul is naturally programmed to be in tune with yours, their consciousness is not. That’s why twin flame stories involve so many challenges, triggers, and work.

It takes time for the human experience consciousness to achieve the level of awareness that your soul has innately. Once it does, though, it will share energy in many different ways through your soul bond. You’ll feel a considerable spike in energy sharing when you’re close to union or reunion frequency because by then your souls will be heavily harmonized and synchronized and the sharing will be done with much more ease and efficiency.

Natural Dynamic

Exchanges can come through during different times of need for either one of the twin flames. They are signs of your twin flame feeling your distress or need on an emotional, mental, or even physical level and naturally reacting by supplying their own energetic resources.

While many things about the twin flame journey are quite dramatic and attention-grabbing at different points along the way, we might neglect the fact that twin flames are divine counterparts pretty much built to function as a dynamic. Their energies merge and exchange naturally, more so intentionally once the consciousness has caught up to the wisdom the soul comes with in the human experience.

When you’re feeling down, you might reach out telepathically to your twin flame and convey your distress. You might do that voluntarily or involuntarily, since being in constant energetic contact is the natural thing for your counterpart. In response, they will support you with their energetic resources. You might feel a sudden energetic boost and maybe even telepathic communication that offers you guidance and support, so you’ll know your twin flame is not only thinking about you but being fully there for you.

Further Guidance

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In Short

If you know where to look, you can see signs your twin flame is thinking of you at every step along the way towards union.

Some of these signs might convey the fact that their energetic body and soul reach out to you on an instinctive and thereby unconscious level, while other signs can easily convey the message that their human experience conscious awareness is actively reaching out to you and they have you on their mind.

You are very likely to feel their familiar presence and share dreams with them whether they’re awakened and consciously aware of your bond or not. Spikes in feelings, especially of the solidly positive unconditional love variety, are signs of you being on their mind. Synchronicities will come to confirm and convey messages from your twin, and telepathy can work wonders when it comes to achieving connections when they’re thinking about you. Your energetic exchanges will intensify and give you more and more support and guidance.

The deep and beautiful bond between twins is always present and active, but the more consciously aware the counterparts are, the more intentional and intense their exchanges become. This is usually a transition term between whatever other phase and the one preparing their union frequency and harmonization. Enjoy every moment of it, you’ve earned this bliss!

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