14 Signs Your Twin Flame is Sending You Love

If you get signs your twin flame is sending you to love, you’re on the right track toward divine union. Twin flames can communicate in various ways to express their feelings and offer support and guidance.

Once you see these signs, you’ll know that your twin flame is sending you their unconditional love.

Can Twin Flames Communicate Before Meeting In The 3D?

The twin flame connection is much more complex and layered than what meets the eye in the 3D. Twin flame souls are connected at a deep spiritual level. They exchange energy constantly throughout their numerous lifetimes. As a result, twin flames have special ways of communicating even before they connect in the 3D.

There can be dreams, telepathic messages, intuitive and psychic messages, and even 3D contact via the energy cord. Before you’ve experienced your flame awakening, much of this communication can be confusing or even jarring. Some twin flames don’t become consciously aware of their constant energetic and spiritual contact until later in the journey.

Regardless of where you are on your own twin flame relationship, don’t worry about whether or not you and your twin seem to be communicating. You are in contact and exchanging energy at all times. It’s only a matter of time before you both become consciously aware of it.

And once you are both aware, or at least one half of the flame couple is, you can begin to communicate intentionally via dreams or telepathy. If you’re struggling to understand the external signs and messages, you could dig into them deeper with a twin flame reading.

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Sending Your Love

If you don’t see these particular signs, it doesn’t mean that your twin isn’t sending you their love. It just means they have different ways of expressing their feelings to you. Always follow your intuition in interpreting signs and synchronicities coming your way. Ultimately, the best guide is your authentic inner truth and flame connection.

You Dream About A Familiar Presence Being Affectionate

is your twin flame sending love to youYour twin flame could appear as a familiar presence, a person with a blurry face, or simply as a spiritual presence.

You might be unable to make out clear features of the real person they are currently in the 3D. But the familiar presence of their true self will stand out to you within just a few minutes or seconds.

That’s because you have timeless energetic family ties. Not in the sense of being part of the same family line, though. In the sense of being part of the same soul.

However they show up, they’ll give you a sense of comfort, joy, and excitement.

You Dream About Romantic Places

When the two halves feel drawn to each other, the unique connection ignites. Other relationships can’t hold a candle to your twin flame connection.

When your twin flame is communicating via dreams to send love, it can take the form of visiting romantic places. They could be places you’ve been to together if you’ve connected already in the 3D.

But these places can also be your favorite spots or places you’ve never been to. Your twin flame is taking you there on a sort of spiritual date. They want to share the beauty of the world with you.

They could also share the beauty of other worlds, though. As long as it’s a fascinating or intriguing place in the astral world and you have your twin flame by your side, you’ll be thrilled.

You Feel A Comforting Spiritual Presence

You might have had limited personal experience with spirituality up to this point. And yet, your soul is aware that your twin will express their unconditional love and send positive energy through spiritual presence all the time.

As we mentioned earlier, the familiarity will be undeniable. And the warmth and comforting presence will be their expression of pure love.

The more you grow spiritually, the more consciously aware you’ll become of their spiritual presence and the messages they’re sending you.

You Sense A Warm Touch

Sometimes, your twin flame sends you the feeling of being touched affectionately.

It can result in actual physical sensations as a result of the love and deep inner longing between your souls. One twin flame or both could be consciously aware of the bond at this point. But there’s always the chance that your twin flame is communicating in an unaware way at this point.

You Experience Spiritual Sexual Encounters In Your Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame connection is a spiritual journey, first and foremost. But let’s get the elephant out of the way: it can also get pretty hot and heavy. Real twin flame energy burns bright hot. You’re not called “flames” for nothing, after all. You have intense twin flame sexual energy.

You might experience an overwhelming feeling of making love and having made love to your divine counterpart. If that’s the case, it’s your twin flame communicating their love and desire.

You Receive Support And Advice In Dreams During Your Separation

When you’re going through a tough time, your twin flame is communicating with you more than ever.

They might be expressing their love as support and giving you advice in your dreams. There’s a powerful spiritual significance to the signs twin flame is sending. These signs of love are even more likely to come when you’re going through the separation phase. It’s a confirmation that your intense connection is never gone.

Something Guides You To Safety In Rough Situations

does my twin flame know i love himYou might be going through a tough patch of your human experience. Twin flame relationships tend to mean difficult experiences. Whatever happens in your life, you are likely to find yourself being guided back to safety time and time again.

That’s how your twin flame is communicating their love in your time of need. They are always by your side, trying to help you make the best of whatever comes your way.

You Intuitively Know About Major Events In Their Life

Let’s take all the guesswork out of the way. Twin flames are part of each other’s lives even before they connect in the 3D or “real life“. Your twin is going to communicate their love by making you a part of their major life events, even if in spirit, for a while.

You’ll experience their joy or fulfillment. And you’ll feel proud of their progress, just like they will of yours.

You Feel Their Scent When They’re Not Around

The twin flame relationship is a deep bond. There’s a constant deep longing for each other, even before you make 3D contact. But even before making contact, you can exchange important bits of information. You might receive the information of your twin flame’s scent as a sign of their love for you.

Then, you could suddenly feel their scent right there, where you are. You’ll know deep down that your other half is present as a sign of their love.

You Hear Their Voice In Telepathic Messages

The twin flame spiritual connection often involves a lot of telepathy. Most of it goes on without the twin flames actually being aware of it. They might find themselves having the same emotions at the same time without being sure why. Telepathy is at work, especially during intense life changes, but also on an everyday basis.

You’re likely to hear your twin’s voice saying “I love you” once the telepathy becomes intentional. It’s a sign of their love, whether you’ve already connected in the 3D. If you haven’t, it’s going to make it easier to connect when you do meet. Simply hearing their voice is going to bring in all of their love, like an energy rush going through your whole body.

You Keep Hearing The Same Romantic Song

You might find yourself experiencing an unexplainable connection to a particular romantic song. It’s your twin flame sending you love messages through music. It could be a song about their strong sense of being one soul. Or it could bring up the importance of self-love in your quest to evolve spiritually.

But you’ll know deep down that it’s a song from your beloved twin flame. And you’ll be thrilled to hear it.

You Keep Seeing The Same Romantic Movie

You may find yourself running into the same romantic movie repeatedly. Without looking for it, the title or lines from that movie could come up constantly. It could have your best friend convinced that you’re secretly obsessed with the movie. But in fact, it’s all your twin’s work.

The twin flame connection can magnetize relevant and meaningful things to you. And your twin can send you their love messages through romantic movies.

You Receive Psychic Messages

Psychic messages are often exchanged between twin flames. They can be delivered directly between the mirror souls. But they can also come through via emissaries. A love reading can give you tailor-made advice and decipher powerful signs from your twin. It can share some unique insight and be genuinely helpful to your life path.

Whether the messages come through a world-renowned shaman or a professional psychic artist drawing a portrait, your twin can get psychic love messages across.

You Meet And Instantly Feel Elated

The ultimate message of love from your twin is connecting in real life. You’ll feel right at home as soon as you make contact, the same way you feel right at home in your dreams or astral travels together. If you’re worried about confusing a soul mate with your mirror soul, don’t be. You share the same soul and the same values as your twin.

There’ll be no confusion about the intense emotions and instant connection of meeting your twin in real life. Soul mates are wonderful, but the spiritual, emotional, and physical high of meeting your twin will be impossible to confuse with anything else.

You’ll feel like you’ve fulfilled a strong desire to do some crazy thing like rock climbing or skydiving. You’ll feel on top of the world.

What Should You Do If You’re Getting Signs Of Your Twin Flame’s Love?

rare twin flame signsTwin flame relationships are complex. They involve a lot of spiritual work. When you receive signs your twin flame loves you, you should respond in kind in a consciously aware manner. You’ve been responding in kind without being aware of it for your whole life.

But when you reach out intentionally and in a consciously aware way, your twin flame will know it and appreciate it all the more. There are several ways in which you can send out your own messages of love to your twin flame.


Meditate on your twin flame, sensing your love for them. Visualize them sensing it, seeing it, hearing it, being enveloped in it. This can be a powerful tool in any area of your life (I’m a huge fan), and we’ve put together a lot of specific twin flame meditations exactly for this purpose.

The practice can help ground you and keep you more aware of your unspoken connection, allowing you to not only be more aware of it but also to trigger it when needed.


Your intention is the most powerful force in the Universe. Manifest the love message being delivered. There are many types of manifestation techniques and terminology, but the specifics here don’t really matter. Connecting the intention of connecting with your mirror soul with the action of manifesting this connection is the most important element.


You can send your twin flame telepathic messages of love of your own. If you’re just starting out with twin flame telepathy, be patient about it. Reach out with your mind and express your love. The message will get across.

I’ve spoken a bit in the past about using this ability when you need to reach out. My best advice here is to allow your intuition to guide you.

Ask Your Spiritual Team To Deliver The Message

Another way for you to express your love to your twin flame is with the help of your spiritual team. Twin flame relationships are sprinkled with multiple signs from spirit.

Ask them to help you get your love message across. They will organize synchronicities that will deliver your love note.

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Final Thoughts

You might have heard me say this before, but there are no hard-set rules on the twin flame journey. When we talk about external signs, I don’t want you judging yourself, your twin or the path you’re on because you’re not seeing certain signs that others do.

You *might* see the kind of signs we use as examples but remember that these are guidelines. Not rules. At the end of the day, your own intuition and following your inner guidance system are the strongest confirmation we have.

The twin flames are souls that are mirror images in the spiritual realm. They are always in contact. When you and your twin flame cross paths spiritually, you’ll always send love to each other. Even if you might be a bit skeptical at the beginning of your twin flame journey, soon enough, you’ll know the truth in your heart.

You won’t need a psychic robot to decode the messages of love and longing from your twin. Things will naturally flow, and you’ll gain that insight at the deepest soul level.

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