The Purpose of Twin Flames: The Soul Reunification

Twin Flame Purpose

The purpose of twin flames is often overlooked and misunderstood, but the truth is that there is a lot more to the twin flame relationship than just finding love, marriage or getting off a dating app. Twin flames are two halves of the same soul who have been split apart for lifetimes in order to … Read more

Twin Flame Intense Attraction: Spiritual and Overpowering

Twin Flame Intense Attraction

Have you ever been so attracted to somebody that it felt like they were literally pulling at your heartstrings? We use that term far too easily sometimes (much the same way as we throw the term soulmate around) but twin flame intense attraction can literally feel like they’re pulling on your heart. The twin flame intense attraction is … Read more

The History and Twin Flame Origin

Twin Flame Origin and History

The twin flame origin (much like most of the twin flame journey) is a topic that has been debated for years. Now with the internet and social media, the hype around the twin flame journey is more popular than ever but where did it all begin? Historic references won’t use the term ‘twin flame’ but … Read more

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