Using Twin Flame Astrology (Properly)

Twin Flame Astrology

Twin flame astrology is a fascinating and very complex topic of discussion, from birth charts to synastry of the bond, to the chart of various moments along the journey. There are many relevant aspects of twin flame astrology involved in the twin flames journey. While there are no rules set in stone, each chart and … Read more

Do Both Twin Flames Know?

Do Both Twin Flames Know?

The nature of the twin flame attraction and energy is unlike any other, but do both twin flames know that they’re on track towards a twin flame union? If you’re wondering if both twin flames feel the same way about each other, on a core level, the answer is yes. But there are multiple layers … Read more

Twin Flame Meditation: The Most Important Tool

Twin Flame Meditation

Twin flame meditation is one of the strongest (and most often overlooked) tools we have to actually further our journey and improve things for the better. A guided twin flame meditation can be part of a group or personal practice to help you along your journey towards ascension and it’s probably one of the easiest … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Twin Flames?

What Does the Bible Say About Twin Flames?

Have you ever wondered what does the Bible say about twin flames? And the Bible is not the only holy text and Christianity, not the only religion that operates with the concept of a soul mate or twin flame, though they may not use the term per se. Instances of the concept of twin flame … Read more

My Twin Flame Is Married With Kids [Help!]

My Twin Flame Is Married With Kids

Help! My twin flame is married with kids! Why? What does it mean? Whether your twin flame met someone else before meeting you, or your twin flame met someone else after meeting you and rejecting the soul bond, the situation can be equally as painful and tough to manage. It might make you question your … Read more

Why Do Twin Flames Feel a Magnetic Pull?

Why Do Twin Flames Feel a Magnetic Pull?

If you’ve ever wondered why do twin flames feel a magnetic pull towards one another, then you’ve most likely witnessed it. You might be a twin soul yourself, in fact, trying to understand the twin flames dynamic. The fact that there’s a magnetic pull between twin flames is undeniable. It’s the nature of their harmonized … Read more

Twin Flame Communication in Dreams

Twin Flame Communication in Dreams

When it comes to twin flame communication in dreams, there are a lot of potential reasons and consequences to it. But what does it mean to have communication in dreams with your twin flame? It all very much depends on the stage of the twin flames journey that you’re at. Before having made 3D contact … Read more

Twin Flame Dating Someone Else [Why and What to Do]

Twin Flame Dating Someone Else

If you’re going through a situation of your twin flame dating someone else, or if you yourself are, things can get pretty confusing and frustrating. If you’ve become consciously aware of your twin flame destiny, you might be tempted to put your love life on hold in the hopes of hurrying union along. But it … Read more

My Twin Flame Doesn’t Recognize Me

My Twin Flame Doesn't Recognize Me

“Being on the twin flame journey is challenging enough without having to deal with the fact that my twin flame doesn’t recognize me” – I bet you thought about that every time you interacted with them in energy or in the 3D and realized that your twin flame doesn’t recognize who you really are. Though … Read more

Twin Flames vs Soul Mate [Understand This!]

Twin Flames Vs Soul Mate

When it comes to twin flames vs soul mate, there are significant similarities and differences that help you differentiate between the two. It’s important to really understand the nature of your soul bond to someone because if you do, you’ll navigate the connection better. There are significant similarities and notable differences between twin flames and … Read more

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