My Twin Flame Is Married With Kids [Help!]

Help! My twin flame is married with kids! Why? What does it mean?

Whether your twin flame met someone else before meeting you, or your twin flame met someone else after meeting you and rejecting the soul bond, the situation can be equally as painful and tough to manage.

It might make you question your soul contract and what the universe has in mind for you and your married twin. Can your twin really love someone else? There’s a significant difference between divine or 5D love and earthly or 3D love, and one does not in fact mean the other doesn’t exist. If it’s a matter of questioning who your twin flame really loves, then the short answer might very well be both. What you can do if your twin is married to someone else is to focus on practicing some strong self-loving, radiating unconditional love, and zeroing in on your ascension process then let the chips fall where they may.

Can My Twin Flame Love Someone Else?

It’s perfectly natural for you to ask yourself that question, more so if your twin s already married when you meet them or they get married to someone else after you’ve met. The twin flame journey is often littered with obstacles and self-doubt. What does this all mean for your soul contract?

Divine Love

The core of your twin flames bond is the 5D high-frequency unconditional love. While it’s often understood or perceived as a romantic type of love, it’s not necessarily that. In fact, high-frequency 5D love is way beyond the notion of romantic love – which is a very 3D type of love.

While we may perceive and understand love through our 3D perspective as part of our human experience, unconditional love can be manifested through a variety of relationship blueprints, including romantic, fraternal, filial, camaraderie. Twin flames can be spouses, children and parents, best friends. In all of those instances, there is a strong 5D love bond between the twin flames. The nature of the blueprint doesn’t lessen the nature of the love, but strengthens it.

The reality of divine love is that it’s not superior to the 3D version but rather a much larger scale. It encompasses the 3D loves and goes way beyond that, coming from a place of higher self rather than human experience self. A key component of the twin flame journey, it comes from a place of loving selflessly and unconditionally, a true love on a divine scale of the universe.

3D Love

The 3D love our human experience vessels encounter during their time in the human world is not a lesser love than the 5D, simply one instance of it on a different scale.

That doesn’t make the 3D love any less of a true love situation. Your twin could very well truly love their spouse, admire them, want to protect them. It doesn’t lessen the divine nature of their 5D love for their divine counterpart, though it does make it pretty awkward for everyone involved.

The nature of the 3D love could also have some karmic components mixed in, while 5D love is by definition above such frequencies. But if your twin flame isn’t awakened yet, then they will start experiencing the 3D love vibe rather than the 5D to begin with, and slowly grow from there as they evolve spiritually.

Who Does My Twin Flame Really Love?

The unfortunate or frustrating truth in this matter is that your twin flame might very well love you and their spouse too. It’s simply a matter of having different types of love for different types of people.

One love does not lessen the importance of the other, though their existence during the same time is terribly confusing and can get pretty frustrating and triggering for everyone involved. It becomes a matter of free will on the part of your twin flame counterpart at this point.

Will their 3D love shift and make room for them to grow and evolve, pushing them to end their partnership with their spouse? It very well might. But you need to brace yourself for the possibility that they might choose to stick by their initial choice and put the twin flame journey on hold temporarily or indefinitely. It could be very painful if they choose to do that, and it may make you feel that your twin flame is rejecting you.

In such matters, free will is king.

What Should I Do If My Twin Flame Is Married to Someone Else?

Though it may not be what you’d like to hear, under these circumstances the truth of the matter is that it’s not up to you what is going to happen. This is going to be a choice made by your twin flame, and it will rely heavily on the core values and principles your twin flame’s human experience vessel has.

Whatever they choose to do with their lives, you need to choose to do what’s right for you and do what’s best for your journey.

Practice Self Love

The first thing you should be focusing on is loving yourself fully and basking in that love. While twin flames can experience intense connections and grow tremendously as a couple, their growth and energetic interaction aren’t conditioned by a 3D relationship.

Your growth as a spiritual power couple won’t be limited by the fact that you’re not a thing in the 3D. Keep that in mind. As a result, whatever work you do on yourself is going to reflect on your bond and your twin as well.

Keep showering yourself with love and devotion, because that’s what your twin flame’s higher self wants you to do and what it’s doing too.

Radiate Unconditional Love

The basis of the twin flames bond is unconditional love. It’s the glue that holds your souls together and the core truth of your souls.

Depending on how close to being awakened you each are, you radiate that frequency all around you by your very presence. Both of you elevate the vibe of everyone and everything you touch with your spiritual and physical presence.

By radiating unconditional love, you might help your twin flame to process whatever karma and shadows they might still be dealing with, and in doing so you could trigger their awakening or decide on what to do next. But it must come from a place of selfless love and not as an attempt to gain your twin flames heart.

Trying to lure a twin your way is low vibe and will trigger some unpleasant energies, so don’t fall in that trap. They are meant to make their way towards you, and if you’ve connected, they will or they will choose not to. Love them regardless.

Focus on Your Ascension

The best thing you can do for yourself and your twin is to focus on your own ascension process. Don’t forget that your twin flame bond is based on growth and development on your way towards ascension and union.

The more work you get done on your own end, the more helpful high vibe energy you send to your twin flame through your twin flame energy bond. While you can’t do the work for them, you can help your twin flame shed some lower frequencies by the power of your own high frequency.

Be mindful that doing so must also come from a place of 5D unconditional love, and not as an attempt to attain some sort of shift or change of mind. Falling into that trap is going to lower your vibe and ruin your own progress and that of your twin flame too!

Your progress towards ascensions and that of your twin flame are going to help you find the best possible solutions to whatever issues or challenges you run into along the way. In some cases, obstacles are simply going to resolve themselves, even.

Furthering Your Journey Together

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In Short

If you’re thinking “My twin flame is married with kids”, then you’re in a bit of a tough spot, I’ll admit. There might be a lot of guilt within your own heart and within theirs, if you connect or reconnect after they’ve made a life for themselves.

But don’t take things at face value in such situations. The love they have for their spouse may be a karmic bond or simply a step along their path towards ascension and growth. It could also mean the temporary or long-term hiatus from their twin flame path, and you must be able to embrace, accept, and love that too.

Whatever the details of the situation, the best path forward is to focus on your own growth and development and getting your own frequency higher and higher. That will help you but also your twin, driving them to make more progress along their own path. As you both make progress towards ascension, barriers and challenges are going to be resolved in the best possible way because the universe is pretty much going to conspire to help you both make all the progress you can on this journey.

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