Kissing your Twin Flame

Can you imagine anything sweeter than kissing your twin flame? While first kisses are always sweet and meaningful, your first kiss with your twin flame is going to be something, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You might have already experienced one type of twin flame first kiss, whether your twin flame connection has reached the phase of meeting in person or not.

Due to the intense nature of your soul bond, you are always in a spiritual connection to your twin flame. That type of connection can manifest as telepathic kisses or what you’d telepathically perceive as a kiss. If you’re about to reach the physical manifestation phase of your soul bond, you have your first kiss to look forward to. And if you’ve already experienced it, you know it’s an experience unlike any other in your entire life.

Twin Flame Telepathic Kiss

Twin Flame Telepathy

You might have already experienced this or at least heard of it: twin flames see each other in the spiritual, astral or dream realm, whether they’ve met in the 3D or not. I’ve covered twin flame telepathy fully before but the telepathic kiss is a very specific experience.

The energetic bodies of twin flames are always in contact. It’s part of their soul bond. In fact, if they haven’t connected in the physical realm, then they’re even more likely to have these spiritual or dream dates. Their energies gravitate towards each other, it’s an instinctive need to be in your twin flame’s energy.

Because of those repeated connections and their energetic bond, they develop telepathy. The more time they spend in one another’s energetic presence, the more consciously aware they become about that telepathic bond. With enough practice, they learn to control it enough to get across messages and receive information while they’re wide awake.

Telepathic Tenderness

twin flames kiss

Because of that intense twin flame relationship which often leads to building an aware telepathic bond, you are very likely to manifest tenderness, affection, and that high-frequency bond of unconditional love through what our human experience minds would perceive as physical gestures of tenderness, like a kiss, a caress, and embrace.

When you and your twin flame express that kind of energy, your 3D mind will interpret it as a sort of telepathic kiss. In that sense, you’ve already experienced your first telepathic kiss with your twin flame when they first expressed that energy of unconditional love towards you through telepathy.

In some cases, when the telepathy is strong enough and both twins are very gifted, they can get across the actual feeling of being touched, kissed, caressed or even embraced. It’s a level people usually work up to, so it’s unlikely you’ll be suddenly surprised by the feeling of lips on yours without having been in a lot of telepathic contact with your twin.

Twin Flame First Kiss

If you haven’t experienced it yet, you might wonder why is the twin flame first kiss so magical.

Energetic Intimacy

When twin flames connect in the physical reality, it’s a manifestation of a bond that has already expressed itself through dreams, astral traveling, and telepathy.

The relationship takes off almost immediately because you’ve already been in each other’s energy for lifetimes, and for a long while in this human experience as well. Each twin becomes consciously aware of that energetic presence, at the very least.

More often than not, a twin is not only aware of the energy, but they’re used to being in their twin’s energy and for their twin to be in theirs. Those energy exchanges are frequent, and so they become very familiar by the time you actually meet in the 3D. So by then, there’s already an established energetic intimacy.

Long-awaited Manifestation

By the time the twins actually connect in the 3D, they’ll have established a solid spiritual connection and bond. That’s part of the reason why when you meet your twin flame in the 3D, you feel like you’ve known them all your life – you have known their energy for most if not all of your conscious aware life, and for numerous other lifetimes.

That’s part of the reason why that first physical contact, the first kiss, the first caress, the first embrace all feel so incredibly special. They are things your energy has been yearning for pretty much for your whole life, and it comes as the long-awaited 3D manifestation of feelings that have already been expressed through telepathy and energy.

In some cases, that face to face contact has been in the making for lifetimes. Can you imagine the amount of longing those souls have gathered? Well, if you’re a twin you don’t have to imagine it; you’ve been living with it your whole entire life.

Flame Passion

Another aspect that makes twin flames experiences in the 3D so incredible is the twin flame passion.

The type of chemistry and passion you experience with your twin is going to be unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. For some twins, it’s so special that nothing else compares even remotely to what they feel when they’re interacting with their counterpart.

Kissing your twin won’t ever be at the level some lip action with any other partner was or will be. Kissing your twin is a full-soul experience, aside the full-body one. It’s energy fields connecting, energies intertwining, deep yearnings getting a glorious sense of relief. Kissing your twin is almost like making love, in some sense. It’s that way more intense than anything else.

In some cases, the intensity of that passion can become triggering to one or both of the flames. Because it’s so unique, it can easily become heady. Some shadows can creep up on you and get in the way of your flame bond, be prepared for that.

In Short

It’s very likely that by the time you’re expressing and enjoying your passion in the 3D you’ll have started doing some serious energy exchanges on the energetic level.

You’re most likely going to be kissing your twin flame through telepathy first, and then in the 3D. Both experiences are going to be amazing, and they’ll both contribute to your bond growing ever stronger.

If first kisses are always sweet, twin flame first kisses are more along the lines of legendary – and that’s only the beginning of your human experience together. Enjoy!

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