Is He My Twin Flame? [Telling the Truth]

If you met someone and you’re wondering “Is he my Twin Flame?”, you at least have reason to suspect that you have indeed met your twin flame. Whether it’s this particular person or not, it’s very likely that you do have a twin flame out there.

If you’ve connected with your twin flame, the floodgates of unconditional love are going to open for you as part of this soul connection. Your inner universe will mirror theirs, the spiritual bond will be unbreakable, and whether you wanted to be part of a twin flame connection or not, you’re on your way towards twin flame union in this human experience or in the next ones. Your souls can go through the different stages at their own pace, but it’s only a matter of time before you and your twin soul will achieve the state of union.

Have You Found Your Twin Flame?

If you’re wondering whether you’ve met your true twin or not, you’re most likely on the twin flame journey. It may or may not be with this particular soul, though.

When twin flames connect, the flame activates within them. It’s usually a very triggering experience, and you may feel resurface issues you thought were long-resolved. That’s your soul purging remnants of stale energy and processing whatever is still left there. In a way, when you connect with your twin flame, you’ll first be able to tell because you’ll be feeling kind of lousy, honestly, while also getting a strange sense of belonging, of finally being home, of finally being able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The twin flame relationship tends to be very intense, super passionate, and often times plagued by various shadows. Twin flames come together to process their energetic bodies and purge so they can support each other in going further on their path towards ascension.

It’s not going to be an easy process. This person will attract you like no one else, comfort you like no one else, frustrate you and even overwhelm you like no one else. It’s all part of the process of the yin and yang energies, feminine and masculine energies getting harmonized within each of you and within the twin flame connection.

Do Both Twin Flames Know?

Once you’ve made contact, you and your twin flame will feel things you’ve never felt before – that you will both know for sure. Whether or not both of you can tell what it is you’re feeling, that depends on a lot of details pertaining to the journey of each of the twin flames.

The twin flame relationship awakens both twins, but it could do so at different times and on different timelines. You might become aware of your twin flame connection before they do or you might both become aware of your bond after you’ve had a relationship, for instance. Your true twin flame relationship means awareness on both parts, but simply being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily make you both aware of the nature of the bond right then. Complicated and sometimes frustrating, I know.

It might be hard to tell whether your twin flame is actually aware of the nature of your bond. Some signs that they are aware can include their telepathic or energetic presence as part of consciously aware interactions, giving and asking for feedback or guidance and support, making surprise appearances in your life at the precise time you were needing something that only your twin might offer.

What If We’re in Separation or No Contact?

twin flame separation

Pulling off a sudden disappearance act can also mean that your twin flame is aware of your connection. It’s ironic, but their sudden absence can mean they’ve realized what sort of path you’re on and it could have triggered them so much that they’ve become overwhelmed.

Suddenly going silent or missing in action could be a sign that they’re off doing their own personal growth and development, which is an essential part of the twin flames union. I know, it’s frustrating to feel them pull away, but think of it as training for a race. You’re in the long game here, don’t let one stage become the be all, end all part of the journey.

The no contact phase can be particularly frustrating, but try to see it as part of the larger picture: you’re always in spiritual contact. Your twin’s refusal to communicate in the 3D doesn’t mean that your energies aren’t going to communicate any longer. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The Twin Flame Bond Has No Off Switch

While twin flame relationships can go on hiatus, be put on hold with the intent of being over – which they never are! – or go through endless on-again, off-again cycles, it can never actually be broken.

If you aren’t in union yet, then you’re on your way there. It’s a path on which you’ll keep walking, during this human experience and the next ones. You can’t break that soul bond or tear it apart. The most you can do is try to put it on mute for a while, and even that might be very hard to achieve.

Your souls are indissolubly linked to one another. They instinctively gravitate towards one another and rush in to offer support and love every chance they get. While not both twins might be aware of it if they’ve not made that much progress along their path towards ascension, there will always be a tiny part of each of your hearts that will reach out and touch base with their counterparts. That’s simply how it is, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

Separation Is a Third Dimensional Aspect

If you are in separation, keep in mind that you’re only in physical separation. Your energetic bodies are always going to be linked to one another, and there’s no way to break that bond.

In a sense, there’s no real separation between twin flames, only taking a longer or shorter timeout from the interaction. If you feel you’ve truly broken the energetic bond with someone, then that was not your true twin flame.

Even when you are in separation, you’re very likely to be in contact through dreams, for sure in the spiritual realm, and even through telepathy. In fact, the more time you spend in separation in the 3D, the more your souls will gravitate towards one another in realms where they are freer from your conscious awareness conditioning.

So you’ll end up dreaming about each other even more than you did before, connecting through telepathy even more often and deeper than you did prior to the separation phase.

It’s Only a Matter of Time and Working on Yourselves

Because of all the work on your shadows, growth and development towards ascension, getting on the right frequency to achieve union is only a matter of time.

During this process of working on yourselves, your twin flame’s soul will mirror soul progress you’ve made and vice versa. That also means that the more work you do yourself, the more you’re supporting your twin while they’re doing their work. You can’t do it all for the both of you, but doing your part helps a lot.

Sooner or later, you will achieve that state of connection through high frequency. If one of you wants to get off the twin flame journey, you can exercise your free will and put the journey on hold indefinitely during this human experience. But the journey doesn’t end until you’ve reached the point of union and merging.

It could take you one or more human experiences of interaction and growth, and that’s perfectly fine. The universe and the divine don’t work in months or years as we do. There’s always more than enough time to do the work and get the magic going.

In Short

There are signs from the universe you can use to guide you. Some twin flames have physical similarities for example. If you’re wondering “Is he my twin flame?” it’s quite possible that he is. Even if he is not, it’s very likely that you do have a twin flame out there which you may or may not have met yet. The simple fact that you’re drawn to the notion shows that you’re involved in the process.

The intensity of your connection is going to be one solid sign that this is not your average relationship. You’ll feel things you’ve never felt before and the connection is very likely going to trigger many of your shadows, giving you the chance to pinpoint them and work on them to ease your way towards ascension and union.

While there are some signs you can use as guidelines for making sure that you’ve met your twin or not, the truth is that this unique and divine connection is a fascinating mystery. The only real experts on your twin flame connection are going to be you and your twin flame, pretty much. While it may sound vague, if you’ve met your true twin flame, you’ll know it in your heart.

If the connection is driving you almost nuts, becoming overwhelming and a huge lot of work, and pushing you to overcome your limits and grow on an emotional and spiritual level, you’ve most likely met your true twin flame. Congrats! Let the work begin.

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